West Bend Insurance: Complete Product Review


Providing an Insurance policy for just about everything under one policy and premium is an outstanding feature of the West Bend insurance company.

West bend insurance company offers coverage for both personal and business aspects of everyday human living. Thus assuring the home, vehicle, and life security every individual desires. 

The Policies provided unlike other insurance agencies’ packages, insure everything under one coverage. Thereby, cutting the cost of Insurance purchase.

In light of these, This copy gives a comprehensive review of the West Bend insurance company, its Products, and coverage. It also details the various types of businesses insured.

What is West Bend Insurance?

West bend home and Highway insurance preserves practically all you possess from your home, condominium, or rent, as well as automobiles, boat, jewelry, etc.

Moreover, the insurance company insures everything in a policy, through an agency and a premium.

West Bend Insurance Contact Information

Detailed here are the avenues and ways through which you can contact West Bend Insurance.

Phone: 1-800-236-5010 (Toll Free Automated Agent)

Customer Service: 1-262-334-5571 (Monday – Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm CST.)

Address: 1900 S. 18th Avenue West Bend, WI 53095

Fax Number: 1-262-334-9109

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Personal Insurance Coverage

People insure their homes, belongings, and properties with personal insurance for various purposes.

West Bend Auto Insurance

West bend Auto insurance operates unlike other insurance agencies, they offer auto insurance with home insurance in one coverage.

There is usually more coverage for your automobiles than you’ll find in an independent auto policy.

Since the company insures all personal effects under one policy, thus, you get to pay only one premium.

Furthermore, an effective mode and process of payment options allow for the premium payment only once.

Being a West Bend Home & Road insurance holder, you can acquire supplementary insurance to cover you and your family when you travel.

The West Bend insurance company employs TravelNet as its deluxe all-day highway emergency aid.

Condo Owners Insurance

West bend Condominium insurance policy offers owners the same standard coverage as Homeowners. They also provide other specific coverages peculiar to condo owners, such as:

  • Loss Assessment. If you stay in a condominium or community union and the property jointly owned by the union member is damaged by a covered risk, or your league is responsible for personal injury loss. Furthermore, Westbend insurance offers compensation of $5,000 for your lot in the value of the damage.
  • All Risk. This is property insurance of $50,000, which is part of your division such as devices and equipment. This range also concerns all types of hazards except otherwise stated in the policy.

Furthermore, your car and other private property are covered under the Residential and highway policy.

Homeowners Insurance

At west bend insurance, your home is covered on the same policy as your autos and other precious individual properties. The coverage includes:

  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost: This implies that if your house is damaged by an insured loss, West bend insurance foots the replacement bill, even if the execution fee is more than your policy Premium.
  • Blanket Coverage: Many home insurance policies have individual insurance restrictions on separated buildings such as sheds and garages, as well as the loss of personal property or use of the property. However, with West bend insurance, there is full coverage, or a limitation, for every one of them.

Hence, West bend insurance provides more home coverage. Many policies are automatically added while others can be purchased for a fair extra fee.


Some protector coverage is naturally included on your insurance package at no extra charges.

Inflation Guard Protection

This automatically covers your home insurance limit to take note of the usual rise in construction material and labor costs with time.

  • Jewelry: You also receive a $5,000 indemnity to insure your jewelry against further losses which is not contained in a fundamental insurance policy.
  • Go Green: In the case of home damage or destruction, west bend insurance offers extra coverage to rehabilitation or reconstruction with more environmentally compatible materials.
  • Pet Aid: West bend insurance also makes provision for a family’s pet involved in a covered casualty, your home, and highway policy will automatically offer some coverage of the costs.

Also, it covers logical and essential veterinary expenses or the cost of a new pet, in the case of adoption. Hence, If your dog or cat does other animals, you will die from their injuries.

  • Loss Assessment. If you stay in a condominium or community union, the insurance offers compensation of $5,000 for your lot in the value of the damage. Especially when the property jointly owned by the union member is damaged by a covered risk, or your association is held accountable for personal injury loss,
Protector Plus

Protector Plus combines four policies at the fairest premium. As a result, this is cheaper than buying them individually.

  • Sump pump overflow/sewer backup. If the drainage pump bursts or is backed up by the sewer, then West bend will offer compensation for flood damage to the cellar and the property therein.
  • Open Peril Coverage for Personal Property. This covers the types of losses that aren’t covered by west bends fundamental homes and highways insurance policy, such as spilling paint on the rug or mistakenly throwing the controller into the TV.
  • Mortgage Extra Expense. Peradventure you want to renovate your house due to a covered loss, this policy will expend the variation in the mortgage price if the new rate is greater than that.
  • Identity Protection Program
Protector Grand

Protector Grand offers even greater coverage for the house for just an extra nominal fee! Here are some great protective capsules:

  • Sports or Hobby Equipment. There’s an extra $1000 coverage to insure your recreations and hobby equipment from most types of losses.
  • Traveling Deductible Waived. West bend further waive deductibles when you lose your personal effects while traveling.
  • Freezer/Refrigerator Power Loss. West bend offers the supplementary coverage of $500 for foodstuffs or other personal effects stocked in the freezer or refrigerator that gets spoiled if the house loses power.
  • Golf Cart. There is a $2,500 indemnity to protect your golf cart against lots of loss.

Identity Theft Coverage

The West Bend Home and Highway insurance policy offer a solution to the dilemmas caused by identity theft. The policy is an Identity insurance scheme and is available to you at an additional paltry price. The program includes:

  • Admission to personal information security services that help you prevent the theft of your personal information in various situations, such as journeying, moving, marriage, and after a disaster.
  • Quick and efficient personal guide to assist solve identity theft issues.
  • A total of $3000 to cover lawyers fees, lost remuneration, and telephone taxes for distance calls.

Furthermore, the West Bends Identity Protection Program offers admission to extensive services for alternative living conditions, including these prevalent threats:

  • Email Compromise Assist
  • Social Media Compromise Assist
  • Phish Assist
  • Appliance Compromise Assist
  • Infringement Assist

Furthermore, West Bend identity insurance services offer precious services in all phases of life.

Personal Umbrella Insurance

Lots of individuals trust their basic insurance policy to insure them in legal cases. However, the main coverages, such as home and cars insurance do not cover you at some level.

Thus, west bend insurance comes to play. Since the insurance company offers a policy that extends beyond the regular home and auto coverage.

Hence, This is done by offering a higher level of liability insurance than most basic home, auto, boat, and other personal effect insurance.

Furthermore, the West bend umbrella premium is $1,000,000. Though, Higher plans are obtainable. Yet, Your autonomous insurance broker can assist you to choose the best coverage you need.

Renters Insurance

You need not have a house or condo to benefit from west bend home and highway insurance. The company also offers a tenant program. 

Similar to standard Home and Highway policy, you receive excellent coverage for your properties, as well as automobiles, on a single extensive policy.

Roadside Assistance from TravelNet

TraveNet is all-day situational assistance available on the west bend home and highway insurance policy. They also cover every West bend policyholder living in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Indiana.

Thus, it uses TravelNet as coverage to ensure you and your family are safe whiles on the road.

Moreover, TravelNet company offers a 24 hours emergency roadside assistance throughout the whole day, round the year in all US and Canada.

Hence, all you need to do is call a toll-free number to get help from a competent expert from a network of over 26,000 service providers.

Policyholders select from certain thresholds to get service coverage such as towing, repair of flat tires, fuel delivery, battery issue, and other trivial repairs.

TravelNet offers assistance for:

  • Towing
  • Flat tires
  • Gasoline delivery
  • Battery jumpstarts
  • Lockouts
  • Other trivial repairs at the station of disablement

Travelnet also includes travel costs up to $250 per delay when an accident or deactivation causes you to lodge more than 100 miles from your house. Thus, The expenses covered are accommodation, meals, and bus or taxi costs.

Sport and Recreational Vehicles

Insuring your sports and recreational Automobiles should be made as important as your recreational activities.

West Bend insurance helps you with a policy to cover your leisure vehicles such as:

  • Motorcycles
  • RVs, including snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, golf carts, and other automobiles built for recreational purposes and not permitted for use on public roads.
  • Boat
  • Trailers

West Bend Business Insurance Solutions

West Bend has been offering insurance to companies since 1894. They provide a suitable insurance blend to safeguard almost all types of businesses.


Property insurance safeguards concrete (physical) and immaterial assets such as edifices, office appliances, inventory, copyright, and loss of property use due to disasters.

West Bend Liability Insurance

Liability insurance offers you legal liability for expenses for which your business is held accountable. These expenses are occurrences like slide and fall on your estate. Also, it could be your product that wounds someone. Liability is often referred to as Casualty.

Business Auto

Commercial vehicle insurance covers land automobiles that can cause or sustain damage, such as cars, trucks, and trailers.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is purchased by your employer to reimburse for employees’ medical expenses, lost wages, and/or death benefits due to suffering from work-related injuries and illnesses.

West Bend Crime Insurance

Crime coverage ensures losses iqnduced by theft or burglar of real assets, money, and securities, both on-site and outside the company.

Mobile Equipment

Portable equipment insurance includes machines, such as those used in buildings or factories, they are not authorized or made for use on the road. Examples include Bulldozer, forklift, etc.

West Bend Business Umbrella Insurance

Business Umbrella Insurance protects companies by enhancing the basic insurance limits. This “umbrella” coverage generally enhances car coverage, general liability, and employer’s responsibility.

Surety Bonds

Bonds are not insurance. It is rather treaties that offer reimbursement for a third party if there are no actions taken by the insured at a specified time.

E&O (Errors and Omissions)

Errors and omissions insurance insures against loss due to assertions for insured fault, error, or omission.

EPLI (Employment Practices Liability Insurance)

EPLI insurance covers companies, directors, officers, and workers against lawsuits arising from unlawful dismissal, discrimination, sexual harassment, unlawful disciplinary action, and failure to hire or promote.

D&O (Directors and Officers)

Directors and Officers insurance offer liability coverage for torts of the board of directors of a company or nonprofit organization.

Types of Business Insured

Listed Below are some of the businesses covered by West bend insurance.


West bend insurance is the ideal company for anyone who wishes to have complete coverage at the fairest premiums possible.

The insurance companys premiums are budget friendly and also covers just about anything from your Autos to your home pets.

Furthermore, West bend insurance ensures your business lacks no coverage from security and operational threats.

FAQs On West Bend Insurance

What is West Bend Insurance Phone number?


What are the Roadside Assistance offered by West bend through Travel Net?

  • Towing
  • Flat tires
  • Gasoline delivery
  • Battery jumpstarts
  • Lockouts
  • Other trivial repairs at the station of disablement

Does West Bend insurance help with Identity theft?

Yes, the insurance company makes provision for identity protection under Personal Insurance.



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