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rockingham insurance review
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Rockingham Insurance is a subsidiary of the Rockingham Mutual Group. This insurance company has been in existence for 150 years and has helped to solve the problems of the people of Virginia and Pennsylvania.

 Below is detailed information about the company, and the types of personal and commercial insurance they provide.


Rockingham Home Mutual was formed in 1869 when community members cover to protect their properties in the Port Republic Virginia in 1872 West Rockingham mutual fire was formed and the two formed an association in 1910. 

In 1968, the Rockingham Mutual Fire was formed. Other mergers followed with Virginia mutual compares. 

In 2000, the company expanded in Pennsylvania under the name Rockingham Casualty Company then came Rockingham Specialty in 2012 that completing the group of companies existing today.

What is Rockingham Insurance?

 Rockingham Insurance was established in 1869 and is based in Virginia and Pennsylvania.

It is a subsidiary of the Rockingham Mutual Group inc likewise the Rockingham Casualty Company, Rockingham Mutual service agency inc, and Rockingham specialty.

 This family company aims to meet the needs of the current and future customers which they accomplish using specific strategies 


Auto Insurance-

Rockingham Insurance offers auto and home insurance alongside business and farm insurance with a line of personal and specialty products.

The company offers a comprehensive auto insurance program such as the standard liability coverage and the normal basic options.

The company also offers some options meant for larger companies or small companies. 

These include accident forgiveness and the Smart Wheel Drive program, a telemetrics program that allows drivers to earn discounts based on the information returned by the system about their driving habits.

There’s also the Roadside Assistance Plus add-on option that covers all vehicles on the policy nationwide for a flat annual fee of $15.

They also have Plus One Replacement, which is essentially a new car replacement option that covers certain model years for replacement cost, rather than the depreciated value.

There is the availability of special and common discounts. This includes a new family discount, loyalty discount, and accident prevention discounts.

Home Insurance

 Apart from the traditional homeowners, there’s also coverage for mobile homes and rental homes. 

They allow for a changeable and adjustable standard home policy giving room for the addition of basic structure, personal property, and liability coverage such as equipment breakdown, identity theft, increased replacement and coverage of water and sewer backup, and so on.

There are also several discounts offered for home insurance.

Farm Insurance

 Rockingham provides policies for full-time family farms and hobby farms. The company provides farmers with upright and adjustable coverage to cater to the needs of every farmer.

 The available options are equipment breakdown, identity theft coverage, and even an add-on specifically for loss of income due to avian flu amongst others.

There are also several discounts offered for home insurance, including multi-policy and a new mortgage discount.

Other coverages

Business Insurance

There is little information on the business insurance side of Rockingham, but they appear to offer standard commercial package policies, with several add-ons available to customize the package.

These include specific types of liability, and the Choice Enhancement Endorsement, which is an additional package of extra coverage.

Specialty Coverage

Through Rockingham Specialty, a branch of the main company, specialty products are available in two main categories. These are niche commercial insurance and coastal property coverage.

The specialty areas of commercial insurance include artisan contractors, while the coastal property coverage is designed for the unique needs of properties on the Eastern Seaboard, where insurance can be difficult to obtain.

Car insurance coverages

  • Liability Coverage– For injury sustained to others caused by you or a relative 
  • Comprehensive coverage– This takes care of the physical damage your car caused by fire, theft, flood, and vandalism.
  • Rental Reimburse Coverage– This company covers rental charges in the case where your vehicle becomes unusable due to a collision or comprehensive 
  • Medical Coverage– This coverage takes care of medical expenses for you and your family members who live with you in the case of injury regardless of who is at fault

Pros And Cons

 Rockingham provides home insurance, auto insurance, farm, business, and so many others. With the help of independent agents, they can cater to the needs of the people in both states.


  • A Great Team– Rockingham Insurance has a great team of independent agents that helps facilitate the services provided. They take their time to enlighten you on the policies available.
  • Growth In Culture– This company keeps coming up with new ways to get the job done better than it was. The shift in culture allows for the emergence of a better society
  • Pay– Responsible pay and adequate benefits for its workers.
  • Open Door Policy– Rockingham Insurance CEO interacts with the employees leaving room for transparency. They leave the door for interaction
  • Healthy working environment


  • Inadequate Staffing– Staff complains of being overworked and work negligence in the workplace.
  • The conflict between VP and managers

Rockingham Home Insurance

The company helps you to protect you against the loss of your home and personal belongings. It is very customizable depending on the coverage you need.

Personal liability coverage helps to protect your assets if someone is injured on your property It is very customizable depending on the coverage you need 

  • Earthquake Coverage- This is a coverage that attends to the physical loss 2 property caused by the earthquake. There is a variety of deductibles available.
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage- This coverage takes care of the repair and replacement of appliances and equipment due to mechanical faults.
  • Fraud Scout- This entails credit and identity monitoring service
  • Green Option- Covers the additional cost of replacing the covered property with equipment that is better than the damaged ones
  • Identity theft life stage- Offers resolution services and expense reimbursement 
  • Utility service line coverage- Covers damages to underground piping, wiring, valves, or attached devices that connect a name to a public utility service provided.
  • Valuable Coverage- For Jewelry, Collectibles, Cameras, And Other Special Belongings

Rockingham Insurance Review

 Rockingham is not Better Business Bureau accredited but holds an ‘A’ Excellent Rating with A.M Best company.

AM Best is an American credit agency that has been empowered to give financial strength ratings measuring insurance companies’ ability to pay claims.

 Another well-deserved award to this organization that has spent years ensuring the people in the Business Insurance Best Place to work. This award recognizes employees’ steadfastness and growth in the company over the years.


  • Multi-Policy Discount– 10-15% discount when you bundle your auto and property policy with us.
  • New Family Discount– Save 15% on your VA auto policy. Discount applies to policyholders with children under the age of 6. *certain restrictions apply
  • Pay Plan Discount– Sign up for a no-fee monthly EFT pay plan to enjoy premium discounts based on how you pay:
  •   7% for paying annually
  •   5% for paying semiannually
  •   3% for paying quarterly.
  • Advanced Quote Discount– Save 7% when you quote your auto with us 7 or more days before the renewal of your current policy. Reduces 1% at each renewal as the loyal customer discount kicks in.
  • Accident Prevention Discount– Drivers over the age of 55 may qualify for a 5% discount on liability and collision premium for completing an accident prevention course.
  • Good Student Discount– A 5% discount for 16-18-year-olds without accidents or violations, and lower rates for students in high school or college with a 3.0 GPA or higher.
  • Loyalty Customer Discount– Receive a 1% discount each year a policy is renewed, up to 10% with continuous coverage.
  • Continuous Coverage Discount-3% discount applies for 3 or more years of loyalty to your prior carrier, up to 10% (works in conjunction with Loyal Customer Discount)
  • Safety Credits– The latest model-year vehicles are equipped with multiple safety features. Ask your agent which safety credits apply.


How To Report A Claim?

To report a claim you can log on to the website or call (800)662-5246 but in case you’ve suffered a great loss caused by fire, water, or fatal accident call (800)662-5246 option 2.

Is Roadside Assistance Available?

Absolutely. You will be assisted if you are stranded by the roadside all you need to do is call (866) 319-4824. The available coverage includes: 

  • 1 Rated Tow Network 
  • Realtime tracking update
  • Industry-leading responding time 
  • 100% custom service confirmation 24/7
  • $15/year covers all drivers and vehicle auto policy 

How does Auto Insurance Work?

There are two types of car insurance costs. The premium and deductible 

  • Premium auto insurance differs according to age, gender, driving experience and moving violation history, and other factors. It is the cost of keeping your auto insurance valid. It can be paid in six months but most insurers prefer three months or a one-month premium.
  • A deductible is literally out of pocket payment. It is the cost of the layout of your pocket on a claim before the intervention of your insurance

What does homeowners insurance cover?

The typical homeowner’s policy has two main sections: Section I covers the property of the insured and Section II provides personal liability coverage for the insured.

Almost anyone who owns or leases property needs this type of insurance.

Usually, homeowners insurance is required by the lender to obtain a mortgage

What factors should I consider when purchasing homeowners insurance?

  • Define the amount and type of insurance that you need. 

The coverage limit of your house should equal 100% of its replacement cost. If your policy limit is less than 80%, any payment from your insurance company will be reduced- the full cost to replace your home you’ll have to pay the rest out of your pocket.

  • Determine which, if any, additional endorsements you want to add to your policy

Once you have decided on the coverage you want in your homeowner’s insurance policy, let the agency know and, explain the details of the policy’s exclusions and limitations as well as recommend an insurance company that will live up to your expectations.


With Rockingham insurance, there is a wide list of coverage and insurance types to choose from. Be sure to call the company for inquiries or more information.



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