Roadway Insurance: Full Product Review


Are you searching for an insurance agency that would offer you cheap, credible, and comprehensive coverage? Then Roadway Insurance is your sure bet.

Roadway Insurance is a prominent auto insurance company in Maryland that offers one of the fairest insurance quotes in the insurance industry.

Furthermore, their insurance premiums are one of the cheapest, most affordable, and definitely the best in the region.

As a result, this piece hives a comprehensive review of the products and services rendered by Roadway insurance. It also details the advantages of choosing Roadway Insurance.

Roadway Insurance Services and Products

Listed below are the products and services rendered by the Roadway Insurance agency.

  • Auto Insurance
  • Uber and Lyft Auto Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Emergency Roadside Services
  • Tag & Title Agency Services
  • MAIF Insurance

Maryland Roadway Auto Insurance

Roadway Insurance has enabled motorists in Maryland and Washington DC to conserve thousands of dollars on car, truck, and motorcycle insurance.

Roadway Insurance company is one of the biggest auto insurance companies in Baltimore Washington Metropolitan, yet it provides essential customer service and also provides great support when you buy online, by phone, or at one of their office.

Furthermore, You will get the fairest car insurance at the most convenient price in all of Maryland. Similarly, Roadway provides various policies from which you will find the one that best suits your needs.

Although, Roadway Insurance is an expert in automobile insurance. The company works with different insurers to provide more alternatives than any other local auto insurance company in Maryland or DC.

Therefore, they have insurance specialists and offer a wide range of products through their interconnection with other insurance companies.

Spikes Of Roadway Insurance

Roadway insurance agency provides guaranteed license and coverage. Thus, You can be optimistic that you are insured against any circumstance that may occur in your automobile.

All Drivers cared for – Roadway insurance receives all drivers, regardless of their driving record. Also, Outstanding drivers will save more by getting the fairest rates for automobile insurance in Maryland and DC.

New drivers were taken– If dismissed or rejected by another insurance company, Roadway insurance provides support for My MD Auto Insurance.

Besides, The Maryland Auto Insurance Fund offers MAIF auto insurance to individuals who cannot get insurance from private companies.

FR-19 & SR-22 Requests

Roadway insurance offers both FR-19 and SR-22 insurance papers for drivers who want them. Insurance agencies often compel these certificates from “high-risk” drivers. Moreover, they are stored in files as insurance proof.

Roadway insurance catalogs this certificate for their customers if needed. The Maryland Auto Insurance Fund policy may also request these papers from people with poor driving history.

The company can assist you with your FR–19 and SR–22 needs.

  • FR-19 is a Maryland insurance policy mandated when registering or renewing a vehicle. This certificate guarantees that you meet the least vehicle liability requirements.
  • SR-22, also known as a Certificate of financial responsibility (CFR), is an authorized Maryland status certificate to prove that you have vehicle insurance liability coverage.

CFR is generally asked by State for certain driving violations, such as DUI conviction, reckless behavior, and accidents induced by uninsured drivers.

Though, Roadway insurance only retain these documents in files for 3 years, unless there are other breaches.

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Roadway Auto Insurance for Uber and Lyft Drivers

You must acquire a car insurance policy that insures you and your passengers if you operate a Rideshare. However, the ordinary auto insurance policy may be insufficient in the Rideshare market.

Thus, roadway insurance agents can help you to examine your choices and find sufficient security for the vehicle.

Ridesharing is gradually becoming a popular way to commute around the city. Although this is an excellent chance for drivers and notorists, there is a risk.

For instance, one risk is that if it is not your vehicle, you may not have personal auto insurance on that car. Find out what category of ridesharing insurance can cover your car so you can drive safely and with peace of mind.

The Importance of Rideshare Coverage

Maryland expects car insurance according to the law. While Uber and Lyft offer some fundamental coverage, it is not extensive.

Furthermore, If you have a personal auto insurance policy, it may cover rideshare drivers who use their cars for transport. However, such policy might be too conventional or is not sufficient for your need.

Usually, we divide the rideshare journey into three stages. In many cases, the basic coverage only applies to phases 2 and phase 3.

  • First Phase: Rideshare driver registers and waits for a ride bid
  • Second Phase: Rideshare driver acknowledges ride request is on the way to pick up the passenger
  • Third Phase: Rideshare driver is now taking the passenger to their preferred destination.

Rideshare insurance can assist drivers to cover the cost of damage during an emergency.

Roadway Auto Insurance can assist Uber and Lyft drivers in getting the security they require with Progressive Auto Insurance. So they can insure what their ridesharing company does not cover.

How Does Rideshare Insurance Work?

As a Uber or Lyft driver, your existing insurance has its limitations until you accept the ride bid. Although many drivers have personal auto insurance, it can be excluded relying on the type of coverage.

However, In many cases, personal insurance does not include ridesharing. Roadway rideshare insurance will cover the gap.

What is the average cost of a rideshare insurance policy?

The average cost of a commercial vehicle rideshare policy is around $500 per year, with a small deduction of less than $500 per case. This covers expenses such as towing and car rental in the event of an accident.

RoadWay Motorcycle Insurance

Roadway auto insurance facilitates the purchase of the fairest rates for motorcycle insurance in Maryland and Washington DC.

As one of the prominent car insurance providers in the region, they also provide a variety of motorcycle insurance options to cover all kinds of bikes and riders.

Roadway Insurance is expert in My MD Auto insurance. Their agents are very helpful when you need them. Whether your driving record is immaculate, you are a new driver or you have been rejected by other insurance companies, you can get motorcycle insurance at the rate you can afford.

Discount Motorcycle Insurance

Roadway Auto Insurance provides the most satisfactory motorcycle insurance. You can also get a discount when you insure multiple vehicles with roadway insurance. Similarly, when you maintain a good driving history and pay your premiums timely.

Some discounts offered include;

  • Cautious Driver Discount
  • Discount for Completing the Motorcycle Safety program
  • Driving Group Member Discount
  • Garage Kept Motorcycle Discount

And More

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Roadway Insurance provides motorcycle insurance for all varieties of motorcycles. This comprises street bikes, custom bikes, choppers, cruisers, dirt bikes, and more. 

Furthermore, Roadway motorcycle insurance experts can offer you a free motorcycle insurance quote for the policy that’s best for you.

Maryland Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

Maryland requires every driver to have minimum motorcycle liability insurance.

Maryland’s car insurance fees require 30/60/15. Moreover, Liability insures you from destruction to others, including physical or property damage. Liability insurance also includes legal costs if necessary.

  • “The physical damage liability” pays medical costs, pain, suffering, and lost earnings.
  • “Property damage liability” reimburses to fix or restore the damaged property.

This minimum prerequisite is 30-60-15:

  • $30,000 for physical injury per individual
  • $60,000 for physical injury for two or more people
  • $15,000 for property destruction.

Is motorcycle insurance expensive?

Motorcycle insurance fees are generally higher than car insurance due to chances of greater hazard. As a result, the insurance cost for a motorcycle mishap is more than that of a car.

Although you have some exceptions, most states need motorcycle riders to get both accident and responsibility insurance.

Eligibility for motorcycle insurance?

Motorcycle insurance is not insurance that everyone can claim. First, you need to make sure you are the right age, have a fair driving history, a motorcycle of the expected size to be insured. But, If you have had auto insurance in the past, you may get insured by an insurance agency.

Roadway Car insurance offers low-cost motorcycle insurance with instantaneous coverage. The insurance companies is also Maryland and DC dominant auto and motorcycle insurance providers with suitable locations to serve you better.

Roadway auto insurance is proud to serve all Maryland and Washington, including Annapolis, Baltimore, Capitol Heights, Columbia, Federico, Hyattsville, Laurel, living Spring, as well as the Maryland eastern shore.

Emergency Roadside Services

Roadway Insurance provides automobile insurance with elective emergency roadside services. As a result, they operate with National Safe Drivers to provide cheap roadside assistance and towing services that you can add to your policies.

Furthermore, Roadside assistance and towing services are suggested for customers who have older vehicles that might break down unexpectedly or drivers who have long journeys.

Thus, his type of service provides a 24-hour “peace” in an emergency and guarantee that you will be saved and brought to the closest workshop to fix your mechanical problem.

Roadway insurance roadside services option includes the following key benefits:

  • Route mapping: useful for vacation trip, you can bid for a precise path to your destination
  • Missing key or lockout assistance: comes handy in those unsuitable times that you lock yourself out of your car
  • Battery service: tightening of wires, trivial alternator adjustments, and jumpstarts
  • Tire changing service: free tire change with a spare
  • Mechanical assistance: superficial roadside mechanical service (such as repairing hoses) to get your vehicle moving (you are accountable for the price of parts)

For more information and negotiation, reach your Roadway insurance representative.

For towing assistance call: 1-800-745-5791

Comprehensive Auto Insurance Coverage

Maryland Roadway auto insurance law does not compel full auto insurance coverage, but many drivers have this additional coverage.

Furthermore, Comprehensive auto insurance insures you against accidents not caused by vehicle collisions or rollovers. Such include:

  • Fire
  • Natural Disaster
  • Vandalism
  • Theft

Though, If necessary, complete automobile insurance will pay you the real cash value of your vehicle. Therefore, remember the higher your premium, the lower the auto insurance, and vice versa.

Collision Auto Coverage

Collision auto insurance compensates for vehicle damage due to predefined accidents.

Therefore, the collision range can pay a vehicle repair or if the vehicle is destroyed, the collision coverage will pay the vehicle’s actual cost less deducted.

Besides, the Full coverage is a mixture of liability, comprehensive, and collision auto insurance.

Tag and Title Agency Services

Beneath is a link to find suppliers in your area to help in the tag, title, check-in, and all MVA necessities.

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My MD Auto Insurance (Formerly MAIF)

As Maryland’s “My MD Auto’s insurance” primary provider, Roadway Insurance offers affordable insurance to all Maryland drivers who cannot afford auto insurance in the private market.

Roadway Insurance customer Services.

Shopping for MAIF Auto Insurance is easy! Get started today: online, by phone, or in person.

  • Laurel & Beltsville



  • Landover & Capitol Heights



  • Temple Hills & Suitland



  • Largo & Upper Marlboro



  • Silver Spring & Takoma Park



  • Forestville & District Heights



  • Hyattsville & Riverdale



  • Washington, DC



  • Maryland Eastern Shore



  • Western Maryland



  • Central Maryland



Advantages of Roadway for MAIF Auto Insurance

Some advantages of Roadway insurance are; 

  • We make it Easy
  • Immediate Coverage
  • Affordable MAIF Insurance

#1. We make it Easy

Roadway insurance company offers a hassle-free service. They also provide free quotes for MAIF Auto Insurance.

Though you can start with your phone, online or physically. The company specializes in car insurance and their agents can also assist you to choose the best MAIF car insurance coverage to get the fairest value for your money.

#2. Immediate Coverage

Maryland law compels drivers to have a minimum automobile liability insurance. Moreover, Roadside insurance offers instant and cheap My MD Auto insurance quote. No one is refuse.

#3. Affordable MAIF Insurance

Because road insurance is the main supplier of MAIF car insurance. Thus, they provide the best quotes on my MD Auto insurance with adjustable payment options.


Roadway insurance is an insurance agency based in Maryland, which provides Maryland drivers with cheap auto insurance.

Furthermore, their coverage ensures that every request is managed diligently, while their dutiful agents make sure that you will receive the best insurance for your money.

FAQs on RoadWay Insurance.

Does Roadway insurance cover other mishaps other than Vehincle related accidents?

  • Fire
  • Natural Disaster
  • Vandalism
  • Theft

What is the average cost of a rideshare insurance policy?

The average cost of a commercial vehicle rideshare policy is around $500 per year.

What services/Products do Roadway Insurance offer?

  • Car Insurance
  • Uber and Lyft Car Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Emergency Roadside Services
  • Tag & Title Agency Services
  • MAIF Insurance



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