Ascendant Insurance Best Product Review 2023


Finding the right insurance company for you and your business in Florida can be overwhelming. This is because very few insurance agencies combine personal and business insurance. However, Ascendant insurance solution bridges the gap.

Being a licensed Insurance company that offers both commercial (business) and personal lines insurance products. Thus, Ascendant Insurance company is the best choice of insurance for any individual or organization.

Therefore, you will learn about every product and policy offered by the Ascendant insurance company in this comprehensive review. Also, you will find an insurance directory of each business sector covered by ascendant insurance.

What is Ascendant Insurance Solutions?

Ascendant Insurance Solutions is a licensed Florida agency specializing in the provision of commercial and personal lines of insurance.

Furthermore, Ascendant represents licensed and unlicensed insurers with a strong existence in the individual and business insurance market.

Ascendant Insurance Main Office

Ascendant Insurance Solutions P.O. Box 141368 Coral Gables, FL 33144

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Ascendant Commercial Insurance

These are Ascendant insurance policies meant for business owners and organizations.

Workers’ Compensation

Ascendant insurance company offers a policy that provides wage alternatives and medical services to employees wounded in the employment process.

The policy is in exchange for a waiver of the worker’s right to sue the employer for negligence tort.

Commercial Auto (Liability & Physical Damage)

Ascendant Commercial car insurance is the responsibility and protection of property. Such property includes vehicles, such as cars, trucks, and vans, used for businesses against havoc.

Besides, Utility vehicles need a different policy because they are generally venerable to more risks than personal automobiles

Commercial Auto (Physical Damage Only)

Physical havoc insurance safeguards a company from financial expenses caused by damage to the car it owns or leases.

Commercial Auto Hard to Place

Commercial vehicle policies are for those dangerous or unusual threats that are classified as difficult to place. This is due to the experience of inadequacy, low frequency/gravity, wrong preliminary/ cancellation, or lack of market accessibility.

List of covered commercial vehicles include: 

  • Extra Heavy Trucks
  • Fleets
  • Land Recreational Vehicles 
  • Long Haul Trucking
  • Non Hired/Hired/Drive Other Car
  • Non-Owned Hired Auto
  • Rental and Leasing Vehicle Companies
  • Tow Trucks
  • Garbage Carrier
  • Motor Truck Cargo

Also, this is an internal policy that insures assets during transit either by common conveyance or by the insured-owned vehicles.

Furthermore, this Ascendant insurance policy Safeguards carriers of legal liability after damage, robbery, or destruction of load in transit, including loading and unloading.

Businessowners’ Policy (BOP)

Ascendant insurance Business owners Policy is packages property, liability, and all policies needed by entrepreneurs into one policy.

The insurance is usually purchased at a lower price than the individual cost of each coverage.

Commercial Package Policy

This is a type of Ascendant insurance policy that offers both asset and liability coverage for companies and businesses.

The policy contains several ranges and thresholds, enabling businesses further flexibility to adjust the coverage to its specific needs.

Bars & Taverns

This is an Ascendant Commercial insurance policy adapted to hospitality sector companies. Such companies include hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, taverns, and discos.

Restaurants & Cafes

Commercial Package Policy tailored for businesses in the hospitality industry such as hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, taverns, and nightclubs.


A package insurance policy that provides both liability and property coverage for businesses and other organizations.

Moreover, this policy has a range of coverages, allowing a business additional flexibility in tailoring its coverage to its specific needs.

Lessor’s Risk

A policy designed to provide liability and property protection for building owners who lease their building.

Also, it is an Ascendant insurance policy that takes responsibility and offers property coverage for companies and other organizations.

Hence, the insurance package contains several coverages and thresholds, allowing additional flexibility to adapt the coverage to its particular needs.

Coverage is designed for owners of commercial property, such as;

  • warehouses
  • Shopping centers
  • office space
  • apartment buildings and other building types.

General Liability

Ascendant General Liability policy is granted to commercial institutions to insure it from claims for personnel’s physical injury and property damage.

The damages may result from facilities, products, and completed operations. It also includes promotion and personal injury disservice.

Excess Liability

This is a type of insurance program that offers coverage that surpasses basic liability insurance.

Ascendant Garage Insurance 

Ascendant Garage insurance is intended for the automotive industry. The policy insures property damage and body lesions resulting from automotive activities, car parks and garage operators, tow-trucks operations, trailer operators, gas stations, repair shops, and Other associated automotive companies.

Besides, GarageKeepers Legal responsibility can be added to safeguard the customer’s vehicle when in possession and management of the business owner.

Also, Open retailers can be added to the commission and non-commission auto retailers to ensure the coverage of physical damage to vehicles belonging to the concession.

List of Business Types:

  • Non-Dealer
  • Used Car Dealer

Excess Dealers Open Lot

This agreement offers limits beyond the scope of basic physical damage to dealer-owned vehicles that are kept on the list for resale.

This ascendant insurance policy offers coverages higher than that of the basic garage. Hence, it is developed for automotive service risk, such as car repair shops, painting and bodywork workshops, etc.

Also, It protects the customer’s vehicle in the business owner’s possession, control, and maintenance in a covered service place.

For Hire Transportation

Ascendant insurance agency also offers corporate car policies for companies carrying charged passengers. The most popular types of companies include; Taxi, Black sedans/Limousine, Airport cabs, School Bus and Rideshare.

List of For-Hire vehincles: 

  • Airport Bus Service (9+ Passengers)
  • Airport Shuttle Service (Sedans, Mini-Vans, SUVs – No Full-Size Vans)
  • Charter Bus
  • Limo/Black Car Service
  • Paratransit
  • School Buses
  • Taxi
  • Uber/Lyft

Cyber Liability

Ascendant Cyber liability insurance includes financial expenses resulting from data violations and other cybernetic occurrences.

Also, Many policies cover both the first party and third party. The first-party coverages pertain to losses that are maintained by your company directly.

While third-party coverages refer to lawsuits against the companies by injured persons due to their actions or Inactions.

Management Liability Solution including Crime

This is a combination of various policies intended for the company’s protection, its directors, and its leaders.

The package comprises; Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability insurance, Employment Practices Liability (EPL) insurance, Fiduciary Liability insurance, and Crime insurance

These policies can also be written as autonomous insurance policies.

Directors’ & Officers’ Liability (D&O)

Ascendant Directors and Officers liability insurance ensure complaints against them at the time of serving the board of directors and/or as an officer.

Moreover, The D&O civil liability insurance can be used to cover administrators and for-profit business leaders, private organizations, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions.

Thus, this program works as “management mistakes and omission liability insurance”, including management decisions with unfavorable financial effects.

Fiduciary Liability

Protects the activities of companies and employers against claims related to confidence for the accusation of employee benefits projects.

Employer Practices Liability Insurance 

Employment liability insurance covers employers against employees’ claims and lawsuits resulting from unlawful termination, discrimination, workplace harassment, retaliation, refusal to hire or promote an employee, and similar other allegations.

Non-profit D&O Liability

Non-profit Directors and Officers liability insurance cover the costs of defense, regulations, and sentences resulting from judicial processes and accusations against non-profit organizations’ illegal acts.

Nonprofit Organization

A specialized policy that provides coverages on general liability, commercial cars, umbrellas, directors, and sexual exploitation to ensure that all parts of non-profit organizations are protected.

This protection is offered against the risk that threatens organizations’ security in the implementation of the organization’s mission. 

Professional Liability

This Ascendant Liability insurance provides coverage for legal specialists (accounting, lawyers) and quasi-professionals (for example, real estate brokers, consultants) against liability resulting from errors and omissions when “executing their legal duties.

Lumber Specialty

A full package policy for companies dealing with the Limber sector. The coverage pertains to retailers of construction materials, hardware materials, and primary and secondary wood manufacturers.

Builders Risk

Ascendant builder’s risk insurance offers coverage for a person or business coverable interests in the case of “loss and damage to materials, and devices.

These are materials or devices utilized or installed during a new establishment or reconstruction (restructuring) of a building or structure if these elements suffer losses of covered hazard.

Contractor Equipment Floater

A feature of property insurance that safeguards loss or havoc on equipment that is frequently driven from place to place.

Commercial Monoline Property

Insurance policy for corporations and establishments that covers damage to their buildings and content because of an insured cause of loss.

Stock Throughput

The alternative capacity policy covers the risks for goods all over the world, both in transit, deposit, or third party subcontractors, in a stock throughput principle.

Financial Institutions

This policy is suitable for small and medium-sized financial institutions. Hence, Complete coverage is particularly adapted to the needs of small to medium financial establishments.

Aviation Insurance

Companies chosen to use private aircraft in their undertakings must acquire special insurance to cover the exposure to the aircraft liability loss.

It is often ensured to offer coverage for third-party aircraft, which also includes coatings (physical damage) and medical fees. Air aircraft policies are not normalized and differ significantly.

Some insurers provide policies that collaborate the aircraft liability and the hull with other aviation coverages, such as aircraft products, airport, general land liability, and Hangar keeper liability.

Lawyers Professional Liability

Ascendant insurance offer coverages designed to safeguard lawyers from liability resulting from mistakes and omissions in their performance of their legal responsibilities.

Umbrella Insurance

Extra liability insurance coverage goes beyond the limits of the insured’s underlying liability policy.

Furthermore, It provides an additional layer of security to those who are at risk for being sued for damages to others’ property or bodily injury to others in an accident.

Ascendant Personal Insurance

These are Ascendant insurance products meant for individuals.


Ascendant Package insurance offers coverage for liability and companies property. This program has a series of policies and limits that allow more flexibility to adapt their coverage to the company’s specific needs.

Hurricane Protection Plan

A residential hurricane insurance policy covers homeowners, mobile homes, tenants, renters, vacant positions, seasonal and residential apartments. The premium ranges between $1000 to $60,000. It could be Residential or Commercial.

#1. Residential Policy

it covers payment that is normally not covered by the owner’s policy; Elimination of trees and pollutants, swimming pool damage, evacuation costs, and all other hurricane fees.

The policy can be bought by people with a homeowner policy or uninsured homes.

#2. Commercial Policy

It covers all other hurricanes events such as evacuation, panel damage, landscaping, power surges, power outages, business damage, loose structures costs including business interruption, loss of revenue, business transfer, power repair, employee and contractor costs, etc.

Dwelling Insurance

This is an Insurance policy fitted for rental properties or non-owner inhabited homes.

Homeowners Insurance

A form of asset insurance that covers losses and damages to a house occupied by the owner and the private property of the insured.

Ascendant insurance also offers coverage In case of accidents at home or on property.

Flood Insurance

Ascendant Insurance provides a policy that covers home loss resulting from water damage because it specifically refers to the flood. Besides, Ascendant Flood insurance is obtainable for residential apartments and commercial facilities.

Animal Liability

Most of the homeowner’s insurance policy, limit the scope of animal-related insurance, curbs specific animals, or completely exclude animal liabilities coverage.

Animal liability insurance includes personal injury or assets damage your pets induced on other people who are not inhabitants of your home. Similarly, It covers medical costs associated with wounds and legal costs if you are charged.

Yacht Insurance

The insurance company also offers Boat insurance for private watercraft, yachts, and wet treaties. Also, Ascendant insurance offers comprehensive cover for hulls and machinery, chattels, and liability insurance.

Similarly, they offer personalized coverage and deductible alternatives.

Personal Umbrella

Personal Umbrella insurance provides additional liability coverage to other insurance policies, such as auto insurance or home insurance.

Ascendant Insurance: search by Business

Ascendant insurance agency also offers insurance based on business and sectors. Below is the list of the industry sectors insured by Ascendant Insurance.

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive, Transportation, Warehousing & Storage
  • Commercial & Residential Property
  • Contractors & Construction
  • Distributors, Wholesalers
  • Educational & Professional Services
  • Entertainment, Sports & Leisure
  • Healthcare
  • Information, Finance & Insurance
  • Manufacturers
  • Restaurant & Hospitality
  • Retail & Service

#1. Agriculture

Ascendant insurance solutions offer coverage for particular products conformed to the needs of the agricultural sector, including employee compensation insurance for farms and nurseries throughout Florida. 

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#2. Automotive, Transportation, Warehousing And Storage

Ascendant insurance solutions are a confident preference for the automotive service sector.

Ascendant recognizes that research and purchase of affordable insurance are essential for long-term prospects and the accomplishment of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Thus, it offers competitive and complete programs intended to suit the needs of these companies, while providing the essential coverage.

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#3. Commercial And Residential Property

Ascendant insurance also offers a full range of insurance products for residential threats, encompassing insurance solutions for tenants and employees, and the property.

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#4. Contractors And Construction

Ascendant insurance agency offers a full range of insurance products adapted to entrepreneurs and the construction industry.

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#5. Distributors, Wholesalers

Ascendant insurance agency offers a full range of insurance packages adapted to retailers and wholesalers, including coverages to insure enterprises, employees, and clients.

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#6. Educational And Professional Services

Ascendant insurance agency offers a comprehensive insurance policy adapted to educational and professional services, including professional liability, employee remuneration, and business owners’ policy.

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#7. Entertainment, Sports And Leisure

Ascendant insurance agencies are a confident preference for the recreation, sports, and leisure industries.

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#8. Healthcare

Ascendant insurance provides a complete range of insurance policies that suit the health industry.

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#9. Information, Finance And Insurance

Ascendant Insurance agency offers a comprehensive insurance policy modified to the needs of the information, finance, and insurance industries, including professional liability insurance, workers’ bonus insurance, and business owners’ insurance.

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#10. Manufacturers

Ascendant Insurance Solutions offers an extensive policy adapted for manufacturers, including policies to insure enterprises, employees, and customers.

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#11. Restaurant And Hospitality

Ascendant insurance agency offers a full range of insurance products adapted to the restaurant industry, even in extensive and limited cooking and fast food.

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#12. Retail And Service

Ascendant insurance offers extensive coverage for business-friendly insurance products and retail services, and also provides insurance options for clients, employees, and properties.

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Ascendant workers are credible insurance specialists with a wealth of knowledge and experience that strive to deliver excellent services and skills.

Furthermore, they provide an outstanding mastery of companies and industries that allow them to empower agents with applications.

Moreover, this is to ensure comprehensive subscription information, suggest excellent insurance policies and provide reliable, fast, and rapt support.

FAQs On Ascendant Insurance

What is Ascendant Insurance phone number?


Where does ascendant insurance function?

Ascendant represents licensed and unlicensed insurers with a strong existence in the individual and business insurance market.

What are the Policies offered by Ascendant Insurance?

  • Workers compensation
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Management Liability Solution including Crime
  • For hire transportation insurance
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Director and Officers Insurance; etc.



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