How To Get a Gap Insurance Refund

Gap Insurance Refund
Gap Insurance Refund

If a burglar steals your recently financed or leased automobile, gap insurance can safeguard your possessions. If you total the automobile within the first few years of ownership, that may also be helpful. Because cars depreciate quickly, collision and comprehensive insurance only offer a portion of the protection you require for brand-new cars. The insurance reimbursement you receive if your vehicle is totaled soon after purchase most likely won’t be sufficient to pay off your auto loan. Gap insurance can frequently fill that gap. Read on to find out how to get a gap insurance refund after trade-in, total loss, and a gap insurance refund check.

Gap insurance can be purchased from some auto insurance companies. You can frequently find it through a car dealership or finance company. They may also add it as an endorsement or rider to your auto policy. Although gap insurance makes sense for new cars, you can stop using it once your vehicle has a few years on it. You can ask for a refund for any unused coverage if you cancel before the end of the policy term.

Find out more about gap insurance’s operation and potential effects on you.

Gap Insurance Refund

In keeping with its name, a GAP insurance refund pays insurance policyholders for the remaining unused portion of the premium.

For instance, let’s say you borrowed a substantial sum of money to buy your car, and you acquired GAP insurance to protect your emergency fund in case the car is damaged or stolen.

You can pay off your car loan earlier than anticipated after 2.5 years. (Bravo!) You can receive a refund for the GAP coverage for the additional half-year you previously paid for if you pay your insurance annually rather than monthly.

Refunds from GAP insurance can be a little unclear after conditions are added. But there’s no need to worry. We’ll go into more detail regarding the specifics of how GAP refunds operate in every circumstance in the sections below.

How To Get Gap Insurance Refund After Trade-In

You might be wondering how to get a gap refund after trading in for the policy if you have gap insurance and sell your automobile or truck. Gap insurance fills in any shortfall between the value of your car and the balance of your loan. The coverage is rendered useless when you sell your car, therefore you might be entitled to a refund.

The Insurance Information Institute claims that the moment you drive your car off the lot, it starts to lose value. Your new car is covered by gap insurance if it is totaled in an accident. The gap between the market value and the car’s actual value is covered by the insurance. After trading in your car, there are procedures you can follow to cancel your gap insurance and receive a reimbursement.

Gap Insurance Refund After Total Loss

You should be eligible for a refund if you decide you no longer require it. Unfortunately, a lot of people who utilize insurance aren’t even aware that they can or how to ask for one.

Guaranteed asset protection, sometimes known as gap insurance, is a specific kind of auto insurance that fills the “gap”. This gap is left by the difference between the amount you owe on a car and its actual value if it is totaled or stolen. Gap insurance is frequently created for car purchases where the down payment is less than 20%.

Gap Insurance Refund Check

Check your current auto insurance policy and the terms of your loan to see if you currently have gap insurance. Check to determine whether you’re currently paying for gap insurance before adding coverage since it is occasionally offered as an add-on by the dealer when financing a car.

Gap Insurance Refund After Payoff

A sense of liberation comes with paying off your car. You are no longer obligated to make a car payment every month. To assist protect the car in the event of an accident, several dealers provide GAP insurance to borrowers. Check your documentation to verify if you purchased GAP insurance. If you paid off your car early and have a payoff notification in hand, you might be eligible for a portion of your GAP insurance premium to be refunded.

Once you pay off your car, you do not have your entire GAP coverage reimbursed to you. If you pay your GAP insurance payment in advance and eventually pay off your car, you are eligible for reimbursement of the unused amount. You are not entitled to a refund of any used premiums if you pay for your GAP coverage in monthly installments. If you cancel before the end of the month, you can get a small refund.

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To receive the appropriate paperwork to terminate your GAP insurance, get in touch with your GAP insurance provider. An odometer disclosure statement, which you can obtain from an auto dealership, must be presented. The GAP coverage cancellation forms and a copy of your auto loan payoff confirming the date the vehicle was paid off are required. All of these documents should be given to your GAP provider. A refund is given by the company if necessary.

You may not receive a return, despite what your GAP insurance provider may say. If you acquired GAP insurance, your loan payoff letter may mention that you are entitled to a return. Nevertheless, you won’t immediately get a check in the mail. To terminate the policy and get any money owing to you, you must contact the insurance company. Expect the procedure to take four to six weeks before you receive a refund check. This is because your documentation needs to be completed first.

The Importance Of Gap Coverage

Gap insurance has been mandatory for new car owners due to three important factors:

First, loan terms are extended with time. The usual auto loan in the 1970s lasted 24 to 36 months on average. As of 2019, the typical loan length for new cars is 69 months (compared to 65 months for used cars), while some are even longer at 70 months.

Second, car depreciation has increased more than ever as a result of rebates and dealer incentives.

Third, there has been a huge increase in the likelihood that a car involved in an accident will be deemed a total loss. There is a higher likelihood that a crashed car would be written off as a total loss. When this happens, it leaves you responsible for the loan. This is due to class action lawsuits, the high cost to replace deployed airbags, and crash test ratings.

Can I file a GAP insurance refund lawsuit?

Yes, but speak with your insurance provider first. The financial institution that provided you with the loan has nothing to do with your GAP insurance. The insurance provider might be able to give the refund without resorting to legal action. A record of every phone call, as well as written and email interaction, should be kept.

What is the Cost of Gap Insurance?

A premium of between $500 and $700.3 may be required if you buy gap insurance from an auto dealer. If you purchase it directly from an insurance provider, the carrier will base your rate on your age, location, the car’s actual cash worth, and claims history, among other things.

How Does Gap Insurance Work?

Drivers must get in touch with their insurer and present proof of the car’s value and coverage information to submit a gap insurance claim. You might be able to submit a gap insurance claim in person, over the phone, or online. This depends on the insurance provider.

How to Calculate a GAP Insurance Refund?

You must first check the policy expiration date. Multiply the amount you paid for the GAP insurance by the number of months your policy is valid and then calculate your due GAP refund. By dividing the monthly cost by the number of months you won’t be utilizing the premiums, you may determine your owed refund.

For instance, if you paid $900 for 36 months of coverage, your monthly payment would be $25. After 22 months, you have the option of requesting a refund for the remaining 14 months of coverage if you decide you no longer require GAP insurance. Your reimbursement will be $350 in that scenario.

Keep in mind that this only applies if you pay the entire GAP insurance premium in advance.

You can request a refund if you decide to discontinue your gap insurance throughout your coverage. The insurance might not let you know that you are entitled to a refund and won’t instantly pay you back. The majority of the time, you will be given a refund for the unused portion of your coverage.

You may choose to receive a refund for your gap insurance if you choose to do so within a certain period from some organizations, such as Navy Federal Credit Union and Bellwether Community Credit Union. If you decide to terminate the insurance within 30 days of the start date, you should be eligible for a full refund. State laws and policies both affect the specifics.

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A few procedures must be taken to request a refund for gap insurance that was purchased from a car dealership.

  • Check the details of your policy to see if the financing for your automobile includes the cost of gap insurance. Request all the necessary cancellation forms by getting in touch with the dealer.
  • To qualify for a reimbursement, be aware of and confirm the miles on your car. Ask the dealer for an odometer disclosure statement. This form will be used to confirm the miles.
  • For the forms, you need to submit a refund request for the portion of your gap insurance that you didn’t use, get in touch with the lender.
  • If you are selling your automobile, wait to cancel your gap insurance until the sale or trade is complete. You can speak with the insurer directly in some circumstances. In other situations, the dealer can give you the necessary paperwork.
  • You will need to furnish the insurer with several documents in order to terminate the gap insurance offered. Included in this are the documents you need to return the vehicle, cancel the agreement, get a refund, provide an odometer disclosure statement, and provide evidence of sale if you’re selling or exchanging the car. You might also be required to send a copy of the payoff letter if you decide to cancel the coverage after paying off your auto loan. Details on the gap insurance balance should be included in this letter.


You may not receive a return, despite what your GAP insurance provider may say. If you acquired GAP insurance, your loan payoff letter may mention that you are entitled to a return; nevertheless, you won’t immediately get a check in the mail. To terminate the policy and get any money owing to you, you must contact the insurance company. Expect the procedure to take four to six weeks before you receive a refund check because your documentation needs to be completed first.


Do I get a refund on my GAP insurance?

You will be given a GAP insurance reimbursement for unused premiums should you terminate your GAP policy early. This typically happens when you pay off your loan or sell or trade in your car before doing so.

How do I get my unused GAP insurance back?

Contact your insurance company to begin the reimbursement procedure. Inform them that you wish to terminate your GAP insurance and receive a refund for the remaining coverage, along with your name and policy number. Remember that you shouldn’t do this until your loan has been fully repaid, and your car has been legally sold or traded in.

What is the most GAP insurance will pay?

The actual cash value (ACV) paid out by your auto insurance company will be less than the amount you still owe on a vehicle, and the gap insurance will cover the difference. The amount that lease/loan coverage will normally pay out is constrained, for example, to 25% more than the estimated ACV of your car. Your deductible is deducted from both.

How does Cancelling GAP insurance work?

Unlike auto insurance, gap insurance is not mandated by law, and you are free to discontinue it at any time. As soon as your loan debt is less than the real cash value of your car, it makes it reasonable to terminate your gap insurance. When a driver purchases gap insurance in advance, they may be eligible for a return.

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