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LINECO insurance provides benefits for most employees. It operates and provides services for only those employees in Lombard, Illinois.

So, if you are not in that region as an employee you might not be eligible to receive these awesome benefits. The LINECO insurance is an example of what many employees look forward to and expect while working in any organization.

If you are considering getting the line construction benefit fund insurance (LINECO insurance), then this article is for you.

This article provides a detailed explanation of LINECO insurance coverages, benefits, eligibility, and more. Before we go into these, let’s briefly look at what LINECO insurance is all about.


LINECO insurance is the Line construction benefit fund.

It’s a multiemployer self-funded and self-administered welfare benefit plan which has been set up to provide life insurance, medical, vision, dental, and disability benefits for members outside of the international brotherhood of electrical workers.

These are workers working under bargaining agreements between the national electrical contractors association and the international brotherhood of electrical workers.


LINECO insurance offers reliable and good coverages to its clients and most of these coverages target the health of the clients.

There are certain eligibility criteria before you can make use of these coverages. The LINECO coverages and their eligibility include:


When you retire from your place of work, you can have coverage from LINECO insurance agency by making self-payments for the LINECO benefits.

You can make use of this coverage for as long as you meet the company’s eligibility requirements and avoid delays in making your payments.

If you don’t like retiree coverage, there’s an alternative you can choose. This alternative is the COBRA coverage. Under this coverage, you can make payments to continue with your insurance for up to 18 months.

If you choose the COBRA coverage instead of the retiree coverage, you won’t be able to get into the retiree coverage plan later on. 


For you to be eligible to make your self-payments for retiree benefits coverage, you have to meet the following requirements from the company. They include:

1. Early Or Normal Retirees:

  • You must be at least 55 years and above;
  • You must have retired from any and all employment involving the electrical industry or any organization that is affiliated with the electrical industry (this does not apply to working as an electrical inspector or as an instructor in an apprenticeship program that is fully recognized by the NECA or IBEW);
  • Also, you must be able to provide evidence of receiving retirement benefits from a plan that has been negotiated or sponsored by IBEW, this should be from a qualified retirement plan sponsored by a contributing employer or social security;
  • Your eligibility should begin from the day immediately after the effective date of your LINECO retiree benefits;
  • You must have been eligible for LINECO coverage due to work hours for a period of 48 to 60 months after the date of your LINECO retiree benefits. In these requirements, the work hours refer to hours you’ve worked for which your employer made contributions, disability hours credited to you by the fund, and those hours for which you have made short hours self-pays.

You can get more information on this plan at LINECO

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2. Disability requirement:

To be eligible for this retirement plan, you must have been receiving disability retirement benefits from an IBEW-sponsored plan, social security, or a qualified employer pension plan.

Also, you must have been eligible for LINECO coverage on the day preceding the date your disability pension came into effect.


This coverage allows you and/or your dependents to be able to self-pay for continued coverage under specified “qualifying events”.

To be able to have this coverage, you must apply and make monthly self-payment following the rules set out in order for this coverage to pan out for you. 


You can make self-payments for this for up to 18 months only if your coverage terminates due to a reduction in your work hours or termination of your employment (including retirement).

If you get disabled on the date that the qualifying event took place, you can extend your 18 months COBRA coverage period.

Also, your dependents can make Cobra self-payments for up to 36 months only if their coverage terminates due to your death, your divorce or legal separation from your spouse, or a child’s failure to meet the definition of a dependent.


This plan covers your necessary dental expenses at 80% of the usual and customary charges for the services rendered.

It also covers the subject of the annual deductible and maximum benefits, requirements of the treatment plan, and other limitations.

The dental LINECO benefit is available to all employees and their various dependents as far as they are active in the industry. It is also available to retirees who choose the dental and vision coverage plan and their various covered dependents.

To achieve its aims, LINECO works with a dental preferred provider organization (PPO) called Dental Network of America (DNoA) to provide the necessary coverages for its clients.

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The vision coverage helps pay for yearly vision examinations, glasses, and contact lenses, according to the rules of the plan.

LINECO insurance uses a network of opticians, ophthalmologists and optometrists called vision service plan (VSP) to provide these benefits to its clients in an efficient yet less effective way.

When you use a provider outside the vision service plan network, your benefits might reduce.


The LINECO benefit for vision care is available to all active employees as well as their insured dependents. Again, it is available to retirees who choose the dental and vision coverage plan.


This LINECO benefit pays for hearing examinations, tests, and any hearing aid devices. LINECO partners with Amplifon Hearing Health care network to provide clients with significant discounts on hearing services. 

Hearing examinations, devices, and tests are paid at 80% with little or no deductible up to a maximum of $1,250 per ear every 60 months for adults and 24 months for children.

LINECO insurance also gives discounts mailed directly to your home for hearing aid batteries.


This coverage covers most forms of medically necessary care you need. Medical coverage depends on various co-payments, deductibles, co-insurance, and other limits.

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This is another coverage offered by LINECO insurance. The member assistance program is a free confidential counseling and referral service that helps you to assess your personal problems and suggest new ways you can resolve them.

This program can help you and your loved ones with all types of personal, work, emotional, and family problems such as marital problems, substance abuse, depression, anxiety and stress, family illness, childcare and elder-care, job dissatisfaction, and financial or legal concerns.

You can get access to the MAP by phone 24 hours a day, 365 days in a year, without any charge.

If you call to seek their consent, a MAP manager will take your call, discuss the situation with you and help refer you to helpful resources or people in your community. 


This program is done by the express scripts (ESI) which issue an ID card to you when you become eligible for the program.

If you want to have your prescription claims processed quickly, you will be issued an additional Express Scripts prescription benefit ID card to use to make this possible. 

This program is attended mostly by pharmacists to get discounted prices on most drugs. If issued an ID card from this program, you should only use it for short-term prescriptions such as antibiotics.

To know more about LINECO coverage, benefits and eligibility, visit LINECO


LINECO benefits eligibility for employees depends on the hours worked for which your employer makes a contribution to the fund on your behalf.

You become initially eligible for LINECO insurance benefits from the first day of the benefit month which corresponds to the eligibility month in which you have first accumulated at least 125 credit hours. Your LINECO benefit coverage starts on your first eligibility date. 

Your dependents can become eligible on the same date you became eligible. When you acquire other dependents after your coverage begins, their coverage will begin on the day they became your dependents.

Regardless of student status, your plan can cover your children through age 25.


LINECO insurance targets improving the life of its clients and helping them with their health plans.

The plans of LINECO are mostly for employees of an organization no matter the size of that organization.

Clients and workers of LINECO have expressed the way they felt about the LINECO insurance company on various platforms.

Example of a review of LINECO insurance includes:

“Good pay, free medical, dental, vision, life insurance, company pays into a pension plan”.

This is an example of how a client felt about the company after experiencing its services.


The line construction benefit fund is aimed at providing benefits for employees. The funds offer employees eligible for dental coverage, vision coverage, medical coverage, and other benefits.

It operates mainly for the health safety of these employees thereby providing safe health plans and benefits as they go about their daily work activities.


What types of coverage can I get from the LINECO insurance company?

LINECO insurance company offers coverages such as medical, vision, dental, hearing, COBRA, and retiree coverages.

What can I do to be eligible for the COBRA LINECO insurance?

To be eligible for this coverage, you have to apply and make monthly self-payment in strict compliance with the LINECO rules and regulations.

What is the LINECO member assistance program (MAP)?

This is a service offered by LINECO to help you assess a variety of personal problems and find out ways you can solve them.

Who can make use of the LINECO life insurance plan?

The LINECO life insurance plan is only available for eligible employees. It is not for dependents, persons who are making COBRA self-payment, retirees, or utility employees.


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