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Able insurance company is an independent insurance agency found in Concord, New Hampshire. The insurance agency provides quality products and services to their customers and offers free online instant quote features to them.

If you need a reliable insurance agency in Virginia to provide coverage and insurance plan to suit your needs then Able insurance got you. If you require insurance to secure your properties, life or car, you can get that from Able insurance too.

Today, we have compiled detailed information about the Able Insurance Company, its reviews, insurance coverage and more. To unfold these details and know why you should consider this insurance agency, read on!


Able insurance was established in Concord’s South end and has been meeting the demands and needs of this area which it resides in for over 25 years.

With the insurance agency’s reliable services, solid product offering and professional staff, customers like you can be rest assured when you’re insured through Able Insurance agency.

They provide the best combination of price and coverage for various types of insurance services such as home, business, life and auto insurance. Let’s take a look into these types of insurance to understand them better.


As mentioned above, able insurance provides its customers with different insurance services. We are going to be looking at a detailed explanation of the insurance services they offer.

Home Insurance

Your home is one of the valuable investments you’ve made. Having a home of your own is one of the ways to store money away for your future. You can decide to increase your property’s (home) value by adding-on, upgrading and renovating it.

You definitely need to take a step to improve your home as an investment. The best way to do this is getting the right kind of insurance for homeowners. 

Home insurance is not the one size fits all kind of insurance; for this type of insurance, getting a policy that fits the needs and budget of your home would be best. 

You might also want to consider upgrading it as your family changes as well. So, even if you currently have home insurance, you should try upgrading it and tweaking it a bit to spice it up.

At Able insurance agency, you can get the right kind of insurance policy for your home, fine-tuned to suit your taste regardless of your present policy or the kind of home you have. 

As a homeowner, you know fully well that having a home is very important and the work put in setting up one is not easy.

You would like to protect your home but that doesn’t mean you can stop some natural occurrence or fully protect your home from these unplanned and unforeseen events.

To be prepared for these events, you have to look at various home insurance options to find which meets your needs. 

Commercial Insurance

With Able insurance agency, you can obtain the right insurance coverage for your company or store. All business owners will like to get a policy that can protect their businesses and you don’t want to be left out.

It will be smart if you have a reliable insurance agency that can guarantee the insurance coverage of your employees, incidents, inventory and more.

Even if a commercial insurance is not required by your state, getting one is right to protect your business in cases of any occurrence. With full business coverage, your liability factor will not be high and getting a loan can be possible for you.

Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Marine vessels like boats are very expensive assets and if you destroy any of these marine infrastructures, it could result in you suffering massive financial ruin. 

Boat insurance is easier to find today than before, thanks to the compassionate and assuring agents of most insurance companies. In New Hampshire, purchasing a watercraft is not mandatory but if you possess a sailboat 12 feet or longer, motorboat or a personal boat, then you must undertake the boat’s registration with the state.

New Hampshire possesses many local rivers and lakes where the residents can widely participate in boating activities.

At Able insurance, their agents can help you with any questions you have about boat insurance and they can assist you in determining which coverage is good for your needs. 

According to statistics, there are dozens of boat accidents occurring each year in New Hampshire. This is a good reason to have that boat insured today. The Able insurance company provides policies tailored at safeguarding your property such as your boat and trailer, if they get destroyed while in use.

They can save you from undergoing any stressful hassle of finding the right insurance policy for your boats.

Types Of Boat Insurance Policy Offered By Able Insurance Agency

At able insurance agency, they offer the following types of boat insurance policy:

  • Uninsured or under-insured boater coverage
  • Medical payments coverage
  • Consequential damage coverage
  • Boat insurance property coverage 
  • Liability insurance coverage

Motorcycle Insurance

In New Hampshire, there are so many motorcyclists; It’s not a surprising fact since the state is among the many states that make up New England. You will need motorcycle insurance if you are among the few who ride through the busy and crowded streets of New Hampshire.

With motorcycle insurance, you will receive protection for the driver and passenger and also guarantee that in case of an accident, the insurance policy will cover repairs and medical bills involved. 

What you should know about this particular type of insurance are:

  • Motorcycle insurance must be provided only by insurance agencies that are licensed to do business in the state.
  • The name on any motorcycle insurance policy must be the same as the name on the motorcycle registration.
  • For better protection, you have to get fuller coverage including collision and comprehensive coverages.
  • All motorcyclists are advised to carry liability motorcycle insurance while on the bike; this will cover bodily injury and property damage expenses. Due to the no-fault law in New Hampshire, motorcyclists are not protected in the state.

Recreational Vehicle (RV) Insurance

A recreational vehicle can be an important part of your vacation. It doesn’t matter whether you travel full-time in it or you just take it out for vacation every now and then.

It can provide more satisfaction and happy times than most vehicles. As you spend time using it, you begin to depend on it for your transportation and living. 

While on the road, anything can happen to your recreational vehicle, therefore, it is vital for you to have insurance that grants you the right policy to protect your RV vehicle properly.

Recreational vehicles have many moving parts and elements within it than the traditional vehicles; this can include the gas, plumbing and electrical, or slide-outs built into it. The vehicle requires so much to take good care of it whether on the road or in storage.

One possible and assured way to take care of it while on the road, in storage or at a site is to have the right RV insurance policy from a right insurance agency like able insurance agency. 

If you consider this type of insurance, the staff and agents at Able insurance company can help you pick out the right policy for your RV insurance.

Umbrella Insurance

The umbrella insurance offers policies that protect you from liability issues that supplant the liability limits of your standard policies, like the auto and homeowners insurance. 

Literally, this type of insurance puts you under an umbrella so that when your liability coverage limits on insurance are exceeded, then you will still be given protection.

The umbrella insurance will also offer additional coverage for bodily injury, property damage, defamation, slander, libel, or even wrongful arrest that are not visible on your liability policy document. 

Able insurance company can provide extended protection if someone is injured on your property and if their medical bills tend to exceed your homeowner’s policy liability limits.

Umbrella insurance cover includes:

  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage liability
  • Legal representation fees and damages
  • Landlord liability
  • Defamation, libel or slander
  • Wrongful imprisonment and arrests

What is not included in umbrella insurance?

  • Intentional or criminal acts
  • Property damages or bodily injuries as a result of using uninsured dog breeds or RV 
  • Damages to your possession
  • Injuries resulting from business operations
  • Personal injuries

Auto Insurance

Able insurance agency helps protect and insure your car so you can enjoy having a car and living the luxurious life you want without having to worry about insecurities concerning your car. 

Auto insurance is not required in New Hampshire, but you will be charged to pay for any damage or incident you cause when driving a vehicle. To learn more about auto insurance policy and coverages, you can call the teams at Able insurance agency to help you get started.


Able insurance company provides quality products and services for you. They also encourage you as their customer to make use of their free online instant quote feature or contact them if you need help getting a quote.

Also, you can compare quotes to get that which suits you best. 

To get a quote instantly, visit the Able Insurance Agency website, fill in your Zip code and type of insurance you are in need of. After that, click on quote it to get your quote.

Another way to get your quote is by contacting them on their customer representative line which can be found on their website.


In 2022, Able insurance agency recorded no complaints from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

You can find complaints of unsatisfied customers based on the services of various insurance companies on the BBB website.

The last negative review on Able Insurance company was recorded about three years ago.

Recently, Able Insurance company have been able to gather lots of positive reviews from their satisfied customers. This review showers praises on their customer service, response, services, properly handled claims and more.


If you’re looking for the right insurance agency around Virginia then you probably should try out Able Insurance agency. They cover all kinds of insurance and provide their clients with suitable coverage for their business, home, property and more.


Can I request claims on Able insurance company’s online website?

To request for claims at Able insurance company, you can simply go to their website, log in to your policyholder account and locate the “request for claims” button, to place your request. Requests for claims should be made immediately the incident or accident occurs.

Where is Able insurance company located?

Able insurance company is located at 716 Rio Rd West ste. D, Charlottesville,Virginia; 9103 Quioccasin Rd, Richmond, Virginia and New Hampshire.

How can I contact an agent from Able insurance company?

To contact an agent or a customer representative of Able insurance company, simply go to the company’s official website where the numbers are displayed at the bottom of the page or call (434) 979-0814 and (804) 741-6305

What is the official website for Able insurance company?

The official website for able insurance company is at

What are the working hours for Able insurance company?

The working hours of Able insurance company runs from Monday to Thursday (9am -5pm), Friday (9am-5:30pm) and Saturday (9am-12pm).



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