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Running a food business can have its own share of headaches. Many unforeseen events can bring about serious financial risks especially if you are not covered with good food liability insurance like the FLIP insurance. 

Are you covered if your food truck or trailer suddenly gets damaged or stolen? What if your refrigeration unit fails and spoils your inventory? Will your insurance help cover the cost? This is where FLIP insurance company comes in.

Today, we will be discussing the Food Liability insurance program, the specialties of insurance they provide and also who qualifies for FLIP.

In addition to these, we mentioned some extra flip coverage details you should be aware of but first let’s know more about FLIP insurance.

What Is Flip Insurance?

Flip insurance is a food liability insurance program that helps provide liability coverage to protect food businesses such as vendors, food trailers, caterers and more. The flip insurance company is located in the United States of America.

The company was created to find and provide solutions to the unique insurance needs of food businesses everywhere both small and big businesses. 

Flip insurance company has a good understanding of both the food and insurance arenas; this equips them in designing a product that works for just about anyone in the food industry.

No matter the food business of the client, be it a food truck, a catering business or any food based operation, the flip insurance has got you covered.

Flip insurance can be your safety net and your go to consultant if something goes wrong with your food business.

Its insurance coverage is always comprehensive and designed for food business owners thereby serving the insured with high quality care and value. 

Using the flip insurance online site, you can easily fill out their application form and be part of their insured. Food providers like you can receive a tailored policy fit for them; in addition to that, they can get instant access to their digital insurance documents and can manage their coverage all online.

The flip insurance policy is designed to suit the needs of professionals within the food niche and understand the risks associated with the job.

The policy created is meant to tackle the risk food businesses face and also have a safety net to fall back on in times of difficulty. This insurance offers coverage in all 50 states of the United States.


FLIP is committed to providing help for those who are interested in the food industry and willing to partake in it.

They provide high quality and affordable liability insurance no matter the status of the business, whether it’s well-seasoned or just starting out.

They can customize their insurance plans , combined with the help of their industry expertise and partners to help their clients’ food business grow and thrive beyond expectations.


Flip insurance makes insurance easy for their clients through their online management system.

Business owners can be able to access their insurance information 24/7 and also adjust it to fit their schedule and needs at any time. 


The flip insurance company is not just about providing business owners with great reliable insurance.

hey also serve as a resource center with various links to food industry services that are helpful and a library full of informational contents that offer valuable advice to food business owners to help develop and safeguard their businesses.


 FLIP provides great specialties of insurance targeted at boosting and safeguarding their customers’ businesses.

With them, the customers can get a competitive insurance policy with premiums that are very low using the purchasing power of a Risk Purchasing Group.

The following are the specialties of insurance provided by FLIP.

Cyber Liability:

Flip insurance company provides its clients with first and third-party coverage for their food businesses and the service they provide.

When a client falls victim to a cybercrime, they could receive up to $100,000 coverage in order to restore or replace the lost data, pay ransomware demands or even cover legal costs that might have resulted from a cybersecurity breach. 

Below is the cyber liability coverage limit of FLIP:

  • Policy limit insurance per enrollee                                                        -$100,000
  • Aggregate claims made liability coverages limit of insurance         -$100,000
  • Each enterprise security event claim limit of insurance                    -$100,000
  • E-theft coverage limit of insurance                                                        -$100,000

Food Liability:

This is the major insurance provided by FLIP. They are A+ rated and provide comprehensive yet customizable coverage for food businesses owners.

Their policies are affordable and effective to protect any food business from the huge cost of claims.

Professional Liability:

If your food business involves teaching courses or running demonstrations as part of your operation, then the professional liability insurance is what you would like to include in your plan.

This plan protects food businesses from the cost of negligence claims that can arise as a result of errors and omissions made, poor advice or more unfavorable events.

Trailer Endorsement: 

If you are a food business owner that uses trailers as part of your work operation then you might want to consider this insurance coverage.

The trailer endorsement extends your liability coverage to your trailer thereby accounting for its loss or damages.

General Liability: With the general liability, food business owners can now protect their businesses from paying for third-party bodily injury and claims made to property damages.

Also, it protects against claims regarding personal and advertising injury, products -completed operations, and more.

Product Liability:

Being a food business owner makes you susceptible to be responsible for any food harm your food might cause to a customer.

This is to say that you run the risk of making your clients fall sick from consuming your food, be it foodborne illness, unlabelled allergens, etc.

In cases like this, the product liability is your best option.

Product liability insurance protects you from having to pay from your pocket for claims that your food made a customer sick.

Inland Marine:

This protects your business from paying the cost of repairing or replacing stolen or broken equipment. 

The inland marine offers two coverage options that business owners can choose to start with according to their business needs.

Damage to Premises Rented:

With FLIP, having rented premises or participating in an event would be much trouble for you.

This is because they give a good cover as well as protects you from potential damages that might occur there.

They also provide unlimited additional insureds at no fee.


Getting your flip coverage online is possible through the Flip website. This is easy as long as you follow the step by step process laid out by the flip insurance company. 

To be able to get your coverage on the flip website, you will have to first set up your flip account. Here, you will set up your policy start and end date; the policy will go into force on the start day and stay up to 12 months in force.

You will also fill out your details, policy options, additional insureds if any and lastly the payment information.


The following are deemed qualified for the flip insurance coverage, they include:

Catering Insurance

If you are into catering weddings, parties, events and everything food then you surely do qualify for flip insurance. Flip provides liability insurance for these sets of business owners.

The flip insurance reviews prove the positive response from other food business owners involved with FLIP.

With flip, you can enjoy insurance coverage options that protect your equipment and liability.

Farmers Market

This type of FLIP insurance is targeted at food vendors at markets, festivals, fairs and more. 

Food Carts

FLIP targets the food cart owners in this section. This plan is designed to protect food cart businesses from the cost that comes with liability claims.

Food Trailers/ Food Trucks

If you make use of food trucks and trailers, then you qualify to make use of the FLIP insurance. FLIP offers food trailer endorsements and liability insurance.

Personal/Private Chef

Private Chefs are getting more popular due to their ability to cook food based on their customer’s individual needs. If you are a personal/ private chef you also qualify for the FLIP insurance.

Get yourself covered with the FOOD Liability insurance program.

Concessions/Food Vendor

Food vendors just like the above listed business owners, are all qualified for the FLIP insurance. 

So, no matter the food you sell, the insurance gets you covered with the coverage that suits your needs. That’s one of the reasons the reviews keep getting better and positive.


The food liability insurance program has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau; this is one of the accredited companies responsible for reviewing brands and businesses.

Also, there have been lots of positive reviews concerning the FLIP insurance and how it has helped various business owners improve and boost their businesses. 

Some of these reviews targeted the awesome coverage plans the food liability insurance program provides, their easy to navigate website, great price and customer service.

There were reviews pointing out how their team is quick to answer and solve customers’ queries, the inexpensive yet recognizable insurance they offer and lastly, the ability to add more insureds if needed.


Some additional coverage offered by the Food liability insurance company includes:

  • A $2m general liability aggregate
  • $1m personal and advertising injury
  • $5k/$10k business personal property/inland marine (any one article/aggregate)
  • $1m general liability each occurrence
  • $2m products-completed operations aggregate
  • $30 damage to premises rented to you (any one premises)


The FLIP insurance provides liability coverage to protect food businesses and its owners from having additional losses they didn’t prepare to tackle it.

With FLIP, you can go about your daily activities without worries, why not give it a try and enjoy the packages that come with it.


  • Can I get a refund if I no longer need my flip insurance?
  • The entire food liability insurance program policies are 100% fully earned. This means that there are no refunds even if you don’t need your flip insurance.

  • Will my flip insurance cost change over time?
  • It is very unlikely that your FLIP insurance cost will change over time. As you become part of the food liability insurance program, your business will benefit from the purchasing power of the program.

  • Is it possible to add an additional insured after purchasing my policy?
  • Yes, with FLIP you can add additional insureds online all at no extra charges and your certificate will be available to print immediately.

  • Do I have to pay in order to add additional insureds?
  • In FLIP, there’s no extra charge or cost in adding additional insureds. You can add as many as you want throughout your twelve month policy period.

  • How long is my flip policy coverage?
  • Flip policies provide you with coverage for 12 months from the date you purchase your policy plan. On your policy proof of insurance document, you will also see the date for the start and end of the policy. This document is accessible on your online account on the website.



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