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According to a review from the Better Business Bureau, the Del toro insurance agency is one of the insurance agencies with the highest ratings of all time.

Del toro insurance is a company focused on helping clients make the right decision in choosing a policy that suits them best. They don’t make insurance policies since they are not an insurance providing company but an agency.

With this insurance agency, the insurer can request quotes on various policies, compare them and finally make a decision on the policy suitable for them. They can also request for the help of the agency when comparing quotes. 

Are you looking for a coverage plan suitable for you? Do you need help making the right decision when choosing an insurance policy? Then Del toro agency should be your starting point.

In this article, we discussed Del toro insurance company, their insurance coverage, how you can get a quote from them and also report a claim.

In addition, we looked at the Del toro reviews and how it affected the company. Sit tight and read!


Del toro insurance is a private insurance agency with its headquarters mainly located in Miami, Southern Florida, USA.

The company was founded by Jose (Joaquin) Toro in 2009. It has over 25 to 100 employees working actively in the growth of the company.

As of 2022, the annual revenue of Del toro insurance agency was estimated to be between $5.0m and $25m, with a total company funding of $350k.

 The insurance offers a wide range of insurance coverage plans including auto insurance. This company is not an insurance provider but an insurance agency. Their services and policies are quite affordable and from a wide selection of national organizations. 

A user of this insurance company can easily file for claims through online or contacting an agent through the phone. Also, requesting a quote from Del toro insurance is easy like making a claim.

You can request for a quote through the company’s website and all payments can be done through the online portal too.

This shows how convenient and easy making payments, requesting a quote or filing for claim can be.


  1. The Del toro Insurance company tends to compare plans in order to provide the lowest price for their clients. Since it is an insurance agency and not a provider, the company doesn’t offer their own insurance policies. Instead, they help their clients search through the policies that are offered by other national companies and discover the most suitable policy for their clients.
  2. It has incredible customer service. They have a good history of providing excellent customer service for their clients. Also ensuring that their customers receive the adequate attention they need in solving their queries.
  3. They have received one of the highest ratings among insurance companies from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Better Business Bureau is an accredited source that reviews businesses and brands all across the nation.  These reviewers have acknowledged the del toro agency with a high A+ rating.


The only possible con of this agency currently is the fact that the del toro insurance agency is only available throughout the Miami area and not within other locations or across the nation. 

Due to this, customers who are not located in this region and want to seek their services are forced to seek alternative insurance agencies for help with finding a desired insurance policy.


Be reminded that Del toro Insurance company is not an insurance provider but an insurance agency, therefore, the insurance they offer depends solely on the provider.

If a customer finds interest in their services, they are advised to contact the Del toro service representative either through online or by placing a call. 

Again, the agency doesn’t list discounts online because the discount doesn’t depend on them. The discount their clients are likely to get depends on the insurance service provider too.

They will give their clients different quotes to compare side by side and decide which one best suits in terms of pricing and coverage options.

Some of the insurance covers by del toro insurance agency includes:

  1. Del toro Auto insurance
  2. Home insurance
  3. Commercial insurance
  4. Health insurance


To get a quote from the Del toro insurance is quite easy to do. Before we go into that detail, let’s have an understanding of what a quote is. 

A quote is an estimate of how much an insurance company will charge for issuing a new policy.

The first step in buying a new insurance policy is gathering quotes from the insurance providers.

The quotes give you details of the amount the insurance company will charge you for a new policy and what the coverage will look like if you decide to purchase that insurance plan. 

Before you can be issued a new quote, the insurance providers will need some details about you and the property you intend to insure. This determines the type of quote that may suit you best. Each quote is actually customized to suit the person buying it.

So, if you are looking for a home insurance quote, for instance, the insurance company will ask about your home, its location, what type of plumbing system is used, type of roof the house is using, etc. 

The insurance company needs this information to draft the purchase price of the policy. They will use it to issue an accurate quote for the buyer.

Also, the quote process can be when a client decides what kind of coverage they want in their new policy. You should be aware that coverage selections can influence the quoted price.

Again, not every insurance insurer offers the same quote process. Every insurance company has their own factors for determining their premiums, so they will likely ask different questions during their quoting process. Not every insurer offers the same coverage.

Just like the quoting process, their claims process and insurance coverage might differ. As a client, you may get different options depending on the insurance company you are getting a quote from.

The most vital information on the quote is clearly the price of the insurance plan you wish to purchase. Nevertheless, the quote also tells you about the coverage that the insurance company is willing to give you depending on that price.

After receiving the quote, if you like the price and insurance coverage, you can let the insurance company know that you want to buy the policy and proceed with further process of purchasing the quote.

You can also decide to get quotes from various insurance companies and compare before concluding on which particular quote to go with. 

As soon as you agree to buy a quote, you can make your first premium payment. Some insurance companies will require additional information before they can start coverage while others will start coverage immediately and ask for the additional information later.

At Del toro insurance, getting a quote is pretty easy and can be done through the company’s website from the comfort of your home or at the company.

If you will be requesting a quote online, then you can contact the customer service department or an agent of Del Toro to help you with the process.


An insurance claim is a formal request made by a policy holder to an insurance company for compensation for a covered damaged/loss or policy event.

The insurance company can validate the claim or deny it depending on some factors put in place by the company.

If the insurance company approves the claim, they will issue a payment to the policy holder or a person approved on behalf of the insured. 

A company’s insurance claim can cover everything from the death benefits on life insurance policies to comprehensive and routine medical examinations. 

In many cases where the insured is not available, a third party can file a claim on behalf of the insured person. Although, in most cases, only the persons listed on the policy have the rights to the claim payments.

When the insurance claim is paid, it serves to insure a policyholder against financial loss. 

After the completion of an insurance policy between the insurance company and the policyholder, the individual or a group pays premiums as consideration for the completion of the insurance contract.

Most common insurance claims involve cost for physical damage, loss of life, medical goods and services, liability as a result of the operation of automobiles and liability for the ownership of dwellings.


There’s a possibility that an insurance company might deny the coverage of a policyholder most times if they file too many claims.

If a claim is being filed based on the damage to a property made by the policyholder, the insurance rates of that policy holder will surely rise. However, if you aren’t at fault, your rates may or may not rise.

The process of reporting a claim in Del toro insurance isn’t difficult. It’s as easy as requesting a quote from del toro. To report a claim, simply go to the Del toro office and seek for assistance or you can go to the Del Toro Website and file your Claim.

You can also contact the Del toro agency by calling and asking to speak with an agent that will respond and guide you through the process of reporting a claim.


Del Toro Insurance has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

Apart from these reviews, there have been lots of positive reviews from the online website of the company with people expressing appreciation and praises on how well they respond to their clients.

Also, the agency website has received some negative comments downgrading their abilities and workmanship too.

Like any other company, the Del Toro Insurance company has improved on their strategies utilizing both the negative and positive comments from their customers.


What better way to make the right decision on your insurance coverage than utilizing the Del toro Insurance agency. It has proven to be trustworthy and reliable.

Their customer services have made them outstanding in their field as they tend to value their customers more and answer their queries.

Are you looking to make your decision on what insurance policy to go with? Then start by consulting Del toro to guide you through.


Is the Del toro insurance legit?

Del toro Insurance agency is a legit private company that helps policyholders make the right decision when choosing a policy suitable for them. The agency has been recognized by the Better Business Bureau proving how legit and trustworthy they are.

How do I contact the Del Toro Insurance agency?

To contact an agent from Del toro Insurance company to assist you with reporting a claim, requesting for a quote or any assistance you might need, simply contact them via their phone number: 888-563-6281 or 913-933-3358. You can also send a message to them via email at

How can I pay for my Del toro Insurance agency bill?

You can pay your bill directly at their website or pay on doxo via debit card, credit card, apple card or bank account.

Where can I find my bill on Del toro?

You can view your bill by visiting the del toro insurance office or via online on their website.

Are there Del Toro Auto Insurance?

Yes, there is Del Toro Auto Insurance. Del toro agency helps in choosing the right insurance policy not just for cars but also for health, commercials and homes.



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