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If you are a resident of Texas, you might have heard or known of Amtex insurance. Amtex insurance provide free online quotes for their customers, local agents, excellent customer service representative, good coverages and additional add-on policies, but are they the right choice for you to work with?

In this article, we looked at the Amtex auto insurance company to help our readers make the right decision about whether or not to purchase their policies based on their financial strength, availability, costs, coverage and other features. 

In addition to this, we found out about how this insurance company works, how to make claims and so on. Read along to know if they are worthy of your purchase.


Amtex auto insurance is located in Humble, Texas in United States. It’s part of the Agencies and brokerages involved in insurance related activities.

Apart from auto insurance services, Amtex insurance company offers other services such as home insurance, commercial insurance, motorcycle insurance, renters insurance and Mexico insurance products across Texas. 

Amtex auto insurance company was founded in 1999 by the founder, Sunny Ali. It is solely based on making profits and providing the customers with satisfaction.

The company represents more than twelve other insurance companies in Texas, including the American Access Casualty Company, Bristol West Insurance group, Acacia Insurance group, Progressive and United Automobile Insurance Company. 

Using the Amtex auto insurance, you can customize the unique auto coverage plans they offer to include coverage for places like Mexico.

They are part of the insurance agencies not an insurance provider like FLIP insurance and some other insurance agencies.

It’s not the cheapest auto insurance company in Texas but it provides one of the cheapest insurance you can find in Texas.


Amtex auto insurance company matches clients with larger insurance providers at an amount lesser than the actual cost.

Their web portal interfaces with various providers and grants clients easy access to all their resources and materials available to make a claim.

They are known to have excellent coverage plans from the best deals across various insurance providers.


  1. They provide low rates for minimum coverage. Though this insurance is a locally-based business, they offer lower costs than most national insurance providers.
  2. They have customizable plans. Amtex insurance provides wide varieties of services to suit you more. For instance, most Texan drivers enjoy driving to Mexico and Amtex insurance has option that accommodates this coverage for them. 
  3. They provide high customer satisfaction. Due to their dedication, availability and willingness to answer their customers, they have been able to have many positive reviews from their customers. They have countless happy reviews from their customers praising their prompt service, low costs and easy to navigate website.


  1. They currently have no mobile app. Unlike most insurance companies, Amtex insurance has no mobile app and therefore offers no easily accessible mobile applications for their customers to use.
  2. The insurance is only available to Texas drivers. Amtex insurance is only available to drivers of Texas.  If you need their coverage, then you have to be a resident of Texas to qualify for it.


If you’re planning on getting an auto insurance policy from Amtex insurance company, then you should at least be familiar with the different types of auto insurance coverage they offer to you.

Being aware of the details of the coverage, its limits and exclusions will help you prevent unfavourable surprises later. 

Amtex auto insurance offers the following auto insurance coverages to its customers:

Liability Coverage

They offer liability coverage for bodily injury; this is when you find yourself in an occasion where a serious accident that can lead to at-fault injury or death occurs. This insurance can protect assets that might become subject to a lawsuit. 

Also, the liability coverage offers liability for reimbursement on rental vehicle. In an event where your vehicle is disabled in an accident for up to 24 hours or more, you can use this coverage to get a car rental until your car gets repaired.

Collision Coverage

The Amtex insurance company provides insurance for collision protection. This collision coverage is the coverage for your vehicle in the event of impact.

This coverage covers the cost of repairing your car and deductibles are made available inorder to aid lower the premium.

Comprehensive Coverage

The comprehensive coverage focuses on comprehensive physical damages. This is the coverage to damages to your vehicle that is not related to your vehicle being in a collision.

These damages can include car theft, flood, hitting a deer, damage brought about by fire, vandalism etc.

Property Coverage

This coverage is for protection for property damage.

If you encounter an at-fault accident, you may be held responsible for the damages to the injured party’s property such as house, fences, cars, crops and others.

Having a property damage protection, you can be able to reduce the costs and even the legal fees in the case of a lawsuit.

Personal Coverage

This type of coverage is referred as the personal injury protection (PIP) or no-fault coverage.

It’s a car insurance extension that covers the driver or policyholder’s medical expenses as well as the expenses of the passengers in the car due to the occurrence of a car accident.

In some cases, it also includes coverage of other damages and even wages that are lost.

Uninsured Coverage

The uninsured coverage is the uninsured drivers’ protection. It’s the coverage for injuries and sometimes car repairs sustained by the policyholder when hit by an under-insured or uninsured driver and mostly by a hit and run accident.

Amtex insurance company also offers add-ons for an additional fee when you buy car insurance from them, they include:

  1. The Rental Car Reimbursement: this covers the cost of renting a car while your spoilt vehicle is being fixed. It requires $25 per day for 30 days.
  2. Mexico Insurance: this provides Texas drivers with protection when they are driving in Mexico with defined limits for each risk as mentioned in the policy.
  3. Roadside Assistance: the roadside assistance provides protection on the road for services such as gas delivery, towing or even a breakdown.


Apart being a good insurance agency, Amtex insurance company offers insurance rates that are unique to each customer.

This is due to the fact that they base each of their customers’ rates on a combination of various factors about the customer and their vehicle. 

Below are some factors that can affect a customer’s Amtex auto insurance rates:

  1. Coverage Amounts: When you raise your coverage amounts, it can protect you financially but it will result to your rates going up.
  2. Driving History: If you have any recent at-fault accident or moving violation, it will increase your car insurance rates.
  3. Coverage Options: You can decide to use just the state minimum required coverage but when you add additional coverage, it can protect you from any financial disaster. Although, adding additional coverage will add significant costs to your premiums.
  4. Credit History: Drivers that have poor credit scores tend to pay higher rates for their car insurance than drivers with good credit scores.
  5. Age: Younger and senior drivers usually pay higher rates for their car insurance than middle-aged drivers. The highest rates are paid by teen drivers.
  6. Location: The drivers rates can also vary based on their location within Texas and ZIP code. Drivers in cities like Dallas, Austin or Houston pay more for their car insurance than those drivers in rural areas.


All insurance companies always ask for different types of requirements before a policy can be concluded and even after a policy is concluded, they might require additional information from the policyholders.

Amtex insurance company is not exception; they require documents from Texas users before they can get a policy. 

To know the documents involved, policyholders will have to visit the Amtex Insurance Website and contact their customer representative for more information or help.


Since Amtex insurance company is located in Texas, it has offered its services in over 33 cities in Texas. Although this insurance have excellent services and customer reviews, the Amtex auto insurance is only available to Texas drivers.

Therefore, it’s impossible to get the Amtex insurance outside Texas as only residents of Texas can get their coverages. 

If you are not a resident of Texas, you won’t get their coverage and you would have to look for an insurance company with coverage in your area or that allows coverage to you despite your location.


Amtex insurance has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2010 and has received an A+ rating from the organization.

In 2022, the Amtex insurance came out having only one negative customer review with a low rating of one star out of five. 

In the past three years, three complaints were filed with BBB over billing and refund issues; one of these complaints has been closed in the last 12 months. 


The Amtex auto insurance website has a page where customers can make claims with direct links to online Amtex insurance claims forms and the websites of the various insurers the company represents.

If the customers need additional help, they can get in touch with the Amtex insurance claims department by contacting their customer service department or their agent.


The Amtex insurance is a Texan insurance agency that provides auto insurance services, as well as other insurance services and policies.

They offer unique auto coverage plans which provide their customers with the right option among many other insurance choices.

Also, they offer customizable options to help their customers build what they need.


Where Amtex insurance’s headquarters?

Amtex insurance’s headquarter is located at 228 Charles St humble in Houston, Texas, United States.

What industry is Amtex auto insurance in?

Amtex auto insurance is in the industry of brokerages, agencies and other activities that relates with insurance.

Who is the key principal of Amtex auto insurance?

The key principal of Amtex auto insurance is Maria Garcia

What is the website address of Amtex insurance?

Amtex insurance’s website is

What other insurance services does Amtex insurance offer?

Amtex insurance offers other insurance services apart from Auto insurance services; they include commercial insurance, home insurance, renters insurance and Mexico insurance.



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