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It is common knowledge that vehicles are one of the human beings’ priced assets and they need protection against harm. 

About 2.44% of the average household income is spent on auto insurance so why not look to us to help you find a suitable auto insurance company. 

Oxford Auto Insurance is a scheme to lessen the shock of unforeseen contingencies your automobiles are likely to cause or be a part of.

Has your interest been sparked? Read further into this article and gain the power to take care of yourself and that prices possession.

History of Oxford Insurance

 Oxford Auto Insurance has been serving the people of the Chicagoland area for 65 years thereby procuring more than 40 locations during this time.

 The company provides automotive insurance at an affordable rate. The company website is easy to navigate so you can purchase auto insurance, make payments or renew your insurance coverage or head to the head office to get a free quote.

Coverage Options at Oxford Insurance

These are the coverage options Oxford Auto insurance, provides

  • Collision Coverage– Damage caused to your car during an accident caused by you gets covered. This policy excludes medical bills 
  •  Comprehensive Coverage– This insurance covers damages done to your car that aren’t caused by another vehicle such as theft, severe weather conditions, a telephone pole, or tree branch.
  •  Uninsured Motorist Coverage– This covers the cost of your vehicle’s repairs if you are involved in a hit and run accident
  • Property Damage Liability– This covers the damages done to someone else’s property in a collision.
  • Bodily Injury Liability– This is an essential service for someone who drives daily as it covers the injury you cause to someone else.
  • SR-22– This cover plan is limited and can only be granted by the state. This is a high-risk insurance option that allows you to drive even with a DUI. 
  • Roadside Assistance– This provides you with auto services such as towing flat tires, fuel delivery, and more.

Pros Of Oxford Auto Insurance 

  • Lower rates– They are capable of getting your insurance at the lowest rate. You get over 15 companies to choose from which means flexible payment plans and competitive rates. They also shop for your renewals.
  • Ticket, Accident, Bad credit is not a problem- With Oxford Auto Insurance all of the above is not a hindrance. You can still save up to 25% on your car insurance.
  • Low down payment– An auto insurance agency with low down payments. They offer monthly payments for as low as $23. In addition, you can change your down payment and first payment date as well as reduce your monthly payments.
  • SR-22- SR-22 is a financial responsibility requirement form required by the secretary of state. This is a document that vouches that you have the financial capability to pay for losses in an accident. To get one you have to check with the secretary of state for eligibility before purchase.
  • 24-Hour Services- Excellent customer service available every hour of the day including roadside assistance perks.
  • Online services- There is an online portal for claims, payment, and queries.


  • Limited service area– The locations where it is available are limited to only Chicago and Chicagoland Area

Oxford Auto Insurance Cost And Discount 

 The actual cost of your insurance will differ depending on the provider you end up purchasing from and so will the discount. 

 A middleman helps to match you with a partner insurer that offers the most discounts for which you are eligible.

 Note that getting insurance through an agency can be more expensive as brokers charge an extra fee. The fee is sometimes charged to you or the insurance provider.

When charged to the insurance provider doesn’t affect the amount you pay for your policy. Here are some of the companies Oxford Auto Insurance is associated with: 

  • American Access Casualty Company
  • American Alliance Casualty Company
  • Unique Insurance Company
  • American Heartland / United Equitable
  • Founders Insurance Company
  • American Freedom Insurance Company
  • Apollo Casualty Company / Delphi Casualty Company
  • Direct Auto Casualty Company
  • Falcon Insurance Company
  • KAI Casualty Company
  • Lighthouse Casualty Company
  • Progressive

Oxford Auto Insurance

 It is a popular car insurance agency located in Chicago and the Chicagoland area. It’s been in existence for 465 years and is still a relevant part of the industry.

Oxford Auto Insurance is the middleman between you and other insurance companies. It will compare over 15 insurance companies to get you the cheapest rates.

 It takes care of both on and off-road services. With impeccable customer service, this insurance agency receives your complaints and claims 24/7. You can get the best coverage at an affordable price.

It has a 98% customer rating satisfaction.

Oxford Auto Insurance Review

 This agency has an A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. It has earned only 3 complaints through the BBB website in the last three years.

 All in all, it has an extremely low number of complaints about an insurer which is a good sign, and the lack of positive feedback may be due to its availability and size.

 However, if you are based in the Chicagoland area and want cheap insurance, Oxford Auto Insurance is worth a trial. They may be able to help you compare insurance options and discounts.

 Oxford Auto Insurance is a member of the trusted choice insurance network and a member of IIA of Illinois. A lot of the insurance companies Oxford Insurance works with offers instant proof that allows you to buy insurance at any time of the day.


In summary, Oxford Auto Insurance is a suitable option that comes with diverse insurance companies to choose from. You get to pick from a wide list of insurance companies according to your policy.


How do I apply?

Oxford Auto Insurance is a broker that represents over 15 companies. For questions or complaints, you can reach out to the customer service department at 

(630)590-6158 or

Are family members covered by my policy?

Yes! Your family members are a part of your policy but they should have been included in the list as drivers under your policy.

What is an Insurance Policy?

 An insurance policy is a contract between the insurer and the person or business that is being insured. Carefully analyzing your policy helps you to verify that the policy is according to your needs, and you understand your insurance company’s duty if a loss occurs as well as your own.

Insurance contracts are designed to meet specific needs and thus have many features not found in many other types of contracts.

What is Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance is also vehicle, car, and motor insurance for all road vehicles. Its function is to provide financial protection against physical damage and liability caused by accidents that happen in a vehicle. Auto Insurance companies such as Oxford Auto Insurance might also encompass financial protection against theft, damages during natural disasters, traffic collision, and colliding with unmoving objects.

This plan began after the First World War, cars had just been introduced and they were still fast and dangerous. Many car users got into accidents but there wasn’t any form of compensation leaving the drivers to bear the brunt.

 In 1930, the United Kingdom introduced a care insurance scheme followed by Germany nine years later. All vehicles and drivers became insured for any liability whilst the vehicles are being used on public roads. 

Types of Auto Insurance Coverage

There are diverse types of basic auto insurance coverage and as soon as you buy an auto policy, you are required to choose the coverage that best works for you. 

 Most States have regulatory requirements for the minimum amount of coverage you must carry. No one is allowed a purchase below the minimum coverage limits.

 Below is a list of the most common types of standard and optional coverages.

Bodily injury liability

This cover is designed to cover injuries of the other person in an accident that is caused by you. 

 The coverage extends to anyone driving your vehicle, as long as they have permission.

It includes medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering.

Most states have a minimum requirement for the amount of bodily injury liability you must carry.

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Property damage liability

Property damage liability is put In place to cover any damage that you might cause to another person’s property as the result of an auto accident. 

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage

This coverage sorts out your medical expenses if another driver hits you excluding liability coverage. 

 If you, another covered driver on your policy, or someone you have allowed to borrow your vehicle gets hit by an underinsured or uninsured motorist, this type of insurance pays for damages. 


This coverage Is strictly for when your vehicle gets damaged in a collision, and rams into a pole, tree, or pothole. It is a type of coverage that pays for fixing the car.

However, if you were not at fault for an accident that caused damage to your car, the at-fault driver’s property damage liability coverage should pay for your repairs. 

Note that collision coverage only applies to your vehicle. it does not cover damage to the other driver’s car.

Other Coverages

  • Comprehensive– A bit tricky type of coverage, it is called ‘other than collision’. It caters to all types of losses except collision. can cover damage resulting from fires, earthquakes, floods, vandalism, theft, hitting a deer, falling trees and other objects, explosions, and windshield breakage.
  • Uninsured motorist property damage (UMPD)- This coverage is designed to pay for your property damage if you are hit by someone who does not have insurance coverage. In addition, the UMPD covers the damage to your vehicle as well as the properties inside your car. 

Many states require that insurance companies offer uninsured motorist coverage, both for bodily injury and property damage, but you can often decline it in writing.

Medical payments coverage (MPC)-

Medical payment coverage is for the treatment of injuries for you and any passengers in your vehicle at the time of an accident. 

Personal injury protection (PIP)-

Also known as (PIP) covers you and the passenger in your car for injuries, no matter who caused the accident.



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