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Insurance Career Training

Insurance Career Training, Inc. is based in Indianapolis, IN, but classes are also available online. This school provides training in three qualifications, the most popular of which are the health insurance license, the Indiana life insurance license, and the life insurance license. Depending on the qualification, the time required to complete this education training ranges from 24 hours to 2 weeks, with a median time of 24 hours. Furthermore, Insurance Career Training, Inc. costs about $300 to attend. Insurance career training also has an additional discount code, good reviews, and webinar

Insurance Career Training, Inc.

It provides insurance pre-license education classes, continuing education classes, and live education events across the United States. Furthermore, to serve the insurance industry, ICT sponsors the DirectCE® online continuing education program and Exam Prep Live® online webinar programs. ICT also collaborates with insurance companies, agencies, and insurance vendor companies to provide insurance professionals across the country with modern and relevant education curricula.

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11 to 50 employees, including 12 on LinkedIn. This also includes members with current employer listed as Insurance Career Training, Inc., including part-time roles.

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Indiana, Indianapolis

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Suite A, 2910 East 96th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46240, United States
Toll-free number: 866-571-4515

Insurance Career Training Discount Code

You are eligible for an insurance career training additional discount code if your state requires you to complete more than 24 hours of continuing education each renewal cycle. Get up to 50% off the regular price of the webinar CE!

Our regular insurance career training additional discount code program includes the following benefits:

10% off for 10 hours ordered ($110)

20% off for 20 hours ordered ($220)

30% off for orders of 24 or more hours ($264).

If you order more than 24 hours of CE in a single order, you will receive the following insurance career training additional discount code :

40% off for 30 hours ordered ($330)

50% off for 36 hours ordered ($396)

All insurance career training and additional discount code are available “per producer.” Discounts are applied automatically in the shopping cart—no discount or coupon codes are needed!

Insurance Career Training Reviews

Here are some reviews of insurance career training:

  • These webinars have exceeded my expectations. They are extremely educational, and the instructors are lively and engaging. Thank you so much!! AR from West Lafayette, Indiana
  • All of the instructors shared some of their personal experiences to make this more interesting and relatable to these circumstances. Thank you so much for transforming a dreaded task into an enjoyable learning and refresher course. – DB, Monticello, IN
  • I’m a newcomer to “online” C.E. Anyone can do it if I can. Very simple to use, with excellent teachers and topics! – AE from Cedarburg, Wisconsin
  • RS from Kenner, Louisiana sends her reviews to Carla Baxter, and Ron Baker, the insurance career training webinar instructors, who are truly magnificent! I had a great time in class. You guys are incredible! Also, I only wish I could get my other life and health license from you!!! Thank you and God bless you.
  • This is an excellent way to obtain CE credits. Simple and adaptable scheduling. I was able to take classes both at home and at my workplace. – PC from Valhalla, New York
  • I really enjoyed the class, and it was kept very interesting, which is always a plus. I’ll be back for more webinars soon! – BM from Mount Airy, North Carolina
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana sent her reviews from VN, this was my first experience with online continuing education classes (insurance career training), and I have already recommended ICT to my coworkers. – VN from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Insurance Career Training Webinar

Here are the course descriptions for the insurance career training webinar.

Case Law & Insurance Contracts – 4 CE Hours

This course takes us into the courtroom to demonstrate how judges and juries decide whether a complaint is legitimate or whether to support an insurance company’s denial of a claim. We talk about the importance of policy language and define key terms and phrases. Furthermore, we discuss the significance of “intent” and “perspective” in the court’s final rulings. Case studies are provided to elaborate on each topic covered in the course.

Critical Illness & Disability Planning – 3 CE Hours

Being diagnosed with a critical illness is a life-changing event. A family’s mental, physical, financial, and emotional tolls can be devastating. Illnesses that were once thought to be terminal are now frequently curable. Unfortunately, dealing with the aftermath of a critical illness can be challenging. This is also where critical illness and disability income insurance can come in handy. A plan of action can be prepared before this type of life event occurs with proper planning and a true understanding of what is at stake for your family. Furthermore, this course explains what critical illness insurance is and what it is not. We go over exactly what disability income insurance is and isn’t. Also, understanding the differences between these products is critical for properly planning a family’s financial future.

Cybersecurity & the Insurance Producer – 6 CE Hours – NOT APPROVED IN NEW JERSEY – NEW FOR 2023!

Is cybersecurity something that agents should be concerned about? What about our organizations? In this course, we answer those questions emphatically… Yes! Do you understand what a Security Plan is? Recent headlines have emphasized the importance of agents having written security plans in place to protect their clients’ personal information. A breach of a client’s personal information not only has the potential to destroy an agent’s or agency’s reputation, but it is also likely to force you to take time-consuming and costly actions on behalf of clients whose personal information has been compromised. We live in a litigious society, so it’s critical to understand your risk in this area and how to protect yourself from an expensive E&O claim.

Diversity, Inclusion & Elimination of Bias – 1 CE HOUR (NEW YORK ONLY)

This course fulfills the continuing education requirements for New York insurance licensees.

E&O Review & Case Studies – 6 CE HOURS

E&O Review and Case Studies examines the Errors & Omissions policy, the relationship between an agent and an insurance company, and the insurance coverages and protections available. Topics covered also include how agents handle and transmit premiums, the required loyalty of producers to the companies they represent, and an examination of the various types of E&O claims, including a summary of the most common claims.

Errors and Omissions Insurance – 3 CE Hours

This course investigates what an Errors and Omissions policy is and how it works. It discusses agent negligence and how it can lead to professional liability claims. The course outlines the agent’s duties to the company or companies he or she represents, as well as the responsibilities agents have to their prospects and clients. Types of Errors and Omissions claims made against agents are also examined, which must frequently be defended in a court of law.

Ethical Challenges & Consequences – 3 CE HOURS (Meets State Ethics CE Requirements)

Consequences Project Ethical Challenges and Consequences investigates actual ethical lapses made by insurance professionals. Also, data from the state insurance department demonstrates what went wrong and how the state’s insurance regulations and/or applicable local laws were enforced. Furthermore, the ethical issues are discussed on a case-by-case basis, giving students and instructors the opportunity to discuss what motivations or temptations may have contributed to the misdeeds.

Ethical Conduct and Suitability – 3 CE Hours (Meets State Ethics CE Requirements)

This course examines the criminal case brought against insurance agent Glenn Neasham by the state of California. Glenn was also a state-licensed life insurance agent. He sold an annuity to a senior citizen. He was later investigated and prosecuted for that sale as part of a theft from an elderly person indictment. This was also a ground-breaking charge leveled against an insurance agent. Furthermore, the course examines how the sale occurred and the actions Glenn took, with a special emphasis on the ethics of the sale and the suitability issues that arose.


With the senior population in the United States continuing to grow as baby boomers reach retirement age, agents must stay on top of their ethical responsibilities when working with these clients. Consider the following: Should you evaluate seniors differently than younger clients? Is there a distinction between writing a health-based product and writing a financial-based product? Should you insist on a family member’s presence at any meetings with a senior? Do you understand your professional liability when working with seniors? Also, do you understand what the term “Financial Capacity” means and how it affects your ethical responsibilities? All of these topics, as well as many others, are covered in the course.

Ethics and Your Insurance Career – 3 CE Hours (Meets State Ethics CE Requirements)

This course begins with a broad and thorough explanation of ethics for today’s professional insurance agent. It also addresses the process of developing an ethical code of conduct that meets the expectations of our regulators, businesses, and the general public. Topics covered in the course include “How ethical are we?” and “What does ethics entail?” Furthermore, the course discusses our ethical flaws, the role of ethics in our industry, and the general public’s expectations of agents today.

Ethics and Unfair Trade Practices – 3 CE Hours – NOT APPROVED IN MINNESOTA (Meets State Ethics CE Requirements)

There are numerous laws that specifically address unfair trade practices. Many are written specifically for insurance purposes. This ethics course begins with the fundamentals of determining whether a business practice is fair or unfair to the consumer. After that is established, we will discuss the NAIC Model Act, which deals with Unfair Trade Practices in our industry today. All of the Model Act’s main points are covered, and questions and discussions are encouraged.

Ethics for NY Insurance Professionals – 1 CE HOUR (NEW YORK ONLY)

This course fulfills the continuing education requirements for New York insurance licensees.

Ethics In the Insurance Industry – 3 CE Hours (Meets State Ethics CE Requirements)

This course clarifies the distinctions between morals and ethics, how they are related, and the focus of regulations on these topics. Also, the discussion goes over the expectations for corporate and agent behavior in the insurance industry. Specific responsibilities are examined in order to meet the expectations and requirements imposed on the industry by regulators and informed public.

Family Insurance Needs Workshop – 6 CE Hours   

This course addresses some of the most pressing financial issues that a family may face, such as the loss of a breadwinner, retirement planning, educational funding for children, and disability income. A thorough examination of the major crisis issues revolves around these needs: survivor needs, the role of life insurance and how the various types of life insurance work, retirement needs and preparing for retirement, the costs and funding methods for your child’s secondary education, and the possibility of an injury or illness that does not kill you but instead disables you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Insurance Career Training’s headquarters?

The headquarters of Insurance Career Training is located at 2910 E 96th St, Ste a, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46240, United States.

What is Insurance Career Training’s official website?

Insurance Career Training’s official website is

What is Insurance Career Training’s SIC code?

Insurance Career Training’s SIC: 82,824

What is Insurance Career Training's tech stack?

The technologies that are used by Insurance Career Training are: Twitter for Websites, Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting, Proofpoint, Google Sign-In

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