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The truth is, there are so many institutions that offer educational programs and licensing for insurance. Nonetheless, Central Insurance School is one of the best. 

With a 5.0 star rating on google and 4.5 star rating on yelp, it is obvious that this company is not here to play.

In the United States, there are now 169,689 licenced insurance agents. Women make up 61.0 percent of all Licensed Insurance Agents, while men make up 39.0 percent.

An hired Licensed Insurance Agent is 45 years old on average.

However, you still need an institution that offers the best Licensing and educational programs. In this article, we will talk about this company.

About Central Insurance School

Diana Fink, CPII, PCA, PCSR, PIAM, CPSR, CPIW, LUTCF, created Central Insurance School in St. Petersburg, Florida, in 1988. 

Furthermore,they are committed to creating and delivering high-quality educational programmes that make learning not only simple but also exciting. 

Also, expert professors have a combined teaching experience of over 100 years. CPCU, CLU, AAM, CPIW, AAI, CFP, LUTC, ChFC, MsFs, MSM, and other professional designations have been earned by the majority of them.

The main focus is on insurance industry pre-licensing and mandatory Continuing Education programmes. The courses emphasise current policy and legislative changes.

In addition, the Department of Financial Services reviews and certifies all of their courses (FLDFS).

Diana launched this School after determining that she enjoyed teaching and developing educational classes. She was also building insurance educational programmes for universities and colleges. 

Further, she is a well-known international speaker who combines her humour with unrivalled technical knowledge. Her classes emphasise Errors & Omissions claims and are packed with real-life examples to assist students understand the concept. 

Diana has served as President of the Independent Agents of Greater St Petersburg. She has also served as National President of the National Association of Insurance Women in the insurance sector. 

Her experience extends beyond property and casualty to life and health insurance. She puts this to good use as President of the Life Underwriters Association.

Property and Casualty Insurance Licensing

Central insurance school offers licensing for property and casualty insurance.

Property insurance protects the things you own, such as your home or car. 

If you own a lot of things like a car or a house, you might want to get property insurance to protect them. For example, if you have a burst pipe, you might lose or damage things that were covered by this policy. 

Depending on what you mean by “property,” it could be your house, your car, your valuable toys, or even the property your business owns (in some cases). 

The term “casualty insurance” refers to a policy that contains liability coverage. This is to help protect you if you’re proven legally responsible for an accident that results in another person’s injuries or property damage.

Property and casualty insurance can be categorized into;

General lines

You can sell auto, home, and business insurance with a General Lines Property and Casualty licence. 

Additionally, you can sell these types of policies with General Lines Life, Accident, and Health. If you plan to sell annuities or Medicare products, you must meet extra standards.

Personal lines

Personal lines insurance is a type of insurance that protects individuals from financial losses caused by death, injury, or property loss.

Its goal is to protect individuals’ and their families’ financial interests while also relieving them of financial stress caused by a loss.

Homeowners insurance

Property and casualty insurance are usually included in a standard homeowners policy. Both are usually included in the “property” potion: 

  • Dwelling coverage, which aids in the protection of your home’s structure, and 
  • Contents coverage protects your personal belongings inside your home.

The condo insurance 

As with homeowners insurance, you have to deal with a master policy owned by the homeowners association as well. Condo insurance works the same way.

Most condo insurance will cover your personal property as well as your liability.

Life And Health Insurance Licensing

Central Insurance School provides license for life and health insurance.

It’s reassuring to know that if your health takes a turn for the worse, you will be financially secure. 

However, paying for both a life insurance policy and healthcare coverage each month might be difficult when money is tight. When bills start piling up, it’s tempting to cut one or the other to make ends meet. 

Each sort of insurance, on the other hand, serves a distinct purpose and provides distinct coverage.

In the event of your premature death, life insurance pays a lump amount to your beneficiaries. 

The idea is that the death benefit will be enough to replace lost income in the future. Also,  cover existing expenses and obligations.

This includes funeral charges, hospital bills, and other debts—or to support college savings accounts or retirement years.

Despite the loss of you and your wage-earning abilities, this provides financial stability to the family, ensuring that they do not struggle. 

Generally, medical expenses such as doctor’s visits, hospital stays, drugs, tests, and treatments are covered by health insurance. This makes it easier for people to afford medical treatment and stay healthy.

The truth is that many people, especially those with dependents, require both sorts of protection.

If this is the case, you should limit your coverage to only what you truly require. In order to afford both types of insurance. 

Keep in mind that your insurance needs can alter substantially as you progress through life. What is necessary for a parent with an adolescent child may not be necessary for a recent college graduate or a retiree.

This company also provides variable contracts.

What are variable contracts?

These contracts provide for rewards or values that may fluctuate. They may depend on the investing experience of any separate or segregated account or accounts.

These accounts are held by an insurance firm are referred to as “variable contracts.”

Continuing Education(CE)

In Florida, online courses must include an examination at the end of the course. To receive credit for the course, you must achieve a 70% or higher passing score. 

For CE credit, Webinar and Classroom programmes do not require an examination; however, Designation courses do require an examination to gain credit toward the designation. 

The Florida Department of Financial Services has authorised all of the courses. Central Insurance School’s online courses do not require any specific software. 

Following enrollment and payment, online courses are immediately available. Online CE courses are only available for 90 days after enrolment. 

Note that credit for the same course taken more than once in a 24-month period is not allowed in Florida.

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Central Insurance School Reviews

Below are the reviews made by various customers;

Kathleen Cotton

“Diane Fink is AMAZING! if you need to take the class take it with her. She is clear,  detail and just fun. She has the ability to make the material enjoyable while you’re learning a new skill set.

I’m coming back to Central for ALL of my continuing education classes too. The staff is helpful and pleasant”.

Kimberly Baez

“Diana Fink was absolutely incredible! I was so nervous about taking this class and I know without a doubt I will be successful because of her teaching skills!

She truly is the most amazing teacher ever!! She will make sure you understand everything!

And if I could add 10 more stars for her sense of humor and beautiful heart alone I would!”

Andrew Mellon

“Diana’s way of teaching is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. She takes her wealth of knowledge and teaches it with real life, relatable stories/examples bringing humor into every one. 

Her timing is immaculate and something I’ve never experienced  in a classroom setting. I’ve attended 5 of her classes in 2021. Both in class and online self paced. I have attained 4 separate insurance licenses since January. 

Event the online self paced classes are put together better than any other online courses. Diana works extremely hard to keep the classes up to date and teaches every key note to get you ready for any state exam. 

She’s instructed half of my sales staff and I wouldn’t ever consider anyone else. If you’re looking for top notch education for you or your employees, Central Insurance School is a no brainer!!”

Adrienne Reid

“Let me tell you something! Diana Fink’s  and Central Insurance School is the one and only time I have ever seen 5 Star review. 

And there are no lies detected!!!!! Diana Fink took a book that may look like a mountain of information that would never make sense and yet Diana made it all make sense. Diana tells stories to teach the material. 

Those stories and scenarios make it easy to remember the situations in the text. Can’t remember is there coverage for wind? Remember the story about Vegas and you’ll instantly remember! 

I am pleased to add on the 5 star rating Diana has earned and give my own endorsement to this instructor and school! I have life insurance experience in an adjacent industry and what I didn’t know, this class have given me the insight to know it’s there. 

Appreciate the chance to break into a new career and not have to spend months or big money to do it.”

Sarra Heart

“Outstanding! Wonderful! Phenomenal! Just a few words I would use to describe Diana and her courses. 

I have no completed 3 courses with her and successfully passed all three state exams. The way that she runs her classes is designed so that you obsorb all the right material for success. 

Diana herself is an absolute joy of an individual she is wonderful to talk to on a more personal level, and in the classroom level she just makes learning more fun. I would absolutely recommend this class to anyone and everyone looking for an insurance license. 

I definitely look forward to some of her CE courses in the future. Thanks for being an outstanding instructor Diana!”


Diana Fink is a great instructor. She makes it fun and easy to learn the material with her great personality and funny stories. Why not give central insurance school a try.


Where do classes hold ?

At our main campus, 13246 38th Street N. Clearwater, FL 33762. Classes can be attended via Classroom or Webinar.

In addition, classes hold Online and at other various locations around the state of Florida depending on the course desired.

If I have a criminal history, can I still get a Florida Insurance License?

A past criminal history does not necessarily mean you cannot obtain a license. The nature of the offense and how long in your past are considered. 

How do I reach an Agent?

You reach them through tel:+17275400005

What is the age requirement in order to get a Florida Insurance License?

An individual must be at least 18 years of age in order to sit for the Florida State Licensing Exam’s.

Does Central Insurance School offer any Surplus Lines Pre-licensing classes?

Surplus classes are not currently being held.  However if you are interested, please contact the school for the sign-up sheet.



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