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Unique Insurance Company is a company committed to leading the market in auto insurance products and services. With hundreds of successful independent agents scattered across the country, Unique is actively expanding its reach and improving the quality of its services. In this article, you’ll learn how to make your claims with Unique Insurance company. You’ll also see the reviews on Unique Insurance company, as well as their phone number and contact address.   

Unique Insurance Company values its relationship with its agents. By providing competitive and affordable rates, we are committed to preserving and growing your business. The Unique agent web portal includes the following features: policy quoting and issuance, online renewals, endorsement, quoting and processing, document printing, online payments, and much more.

Unique Insurance Company Claims

Accidents can be stressful, but so should the reporting and filing of your claim. We are dedicated to assisting you in resolving your loss as promptly and efficiently as possible. You can contact our claims team at 1(866) 426-8842 to report an accident. A helpful claims representative from Unique Insurance Company will assist you through the entire procedure.

Investigating and resolving claims is a time-consuming procedure. To address liability and determine culpability, our adjusters must elicit statements from the affected parties, obtain police records, and collect paperwork relating to the accident. Our purpose is to handle your claim swiftly and fairly through a customer-focused procedure. 

In the event of an accident

It is critical that you ensure everyone’s SAFETY and gather accurate information about the incident and parties involved.


If someone has suffered a life-threatening injury, dial 911. Seek medical attention if the injury is not life-threatening. If vehicles are movable, move them to a safe location on the road’s shoulder.


Call the cops right away. A police report is critical information in resolving your claim.


Exchange license plate numbers, contact information, and motor insurance information with the other parties. Obtain the year, make, and model of each vehicle involved in the collision. Make a point of getting phone numbers.

Obtain the names of any witnesses (if available). The police can provide more information on other people involved and witnesses.

Take photos of the damage as well as the overall scene. Make a note of any damage and road/weather conditions.


Please contact us as soon as possible to report your claim. Please call 773 299-7500.

Unique Insurance Company Phone Number



Caldwell Avenue, 7400 N

Niles, Illinois 60714




299-7500 (773) 299-7500



299-7501 (773) 299-7501


299-7505 (773) 299-7505

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (CST)

Friday, 9:00 a.m.–3:30 p.m. (CST)

Non-Billing Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CST

Business Hours Billing:

Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (CST)

Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (CST)

Marketing Division


Reviews on Unique Insurance company

Here are some of the reviews on Unique Insurance Company.

W. Catherine

Chicago, Illinois

An uninsured driver hit my mother’s parked car. My mother is covered by Unique. Despite the fact that, contrary to some of the complaints below, my mother has a clean driving record, InsureOne switched her policy.

With this company, things got off to a difficult start. The office was closed for the weekend (the incident occurred on Saturday morning), and my phone had to wait on hold for over an hour to speak with someone in order to obtain a claim number. However, after some prodding through email to both her adjuster and the adjuster’s boss, as well as the president and communications manager of Unique’s holding company (Producers National), my mother’s claim was processed within a month of the incident.

Even if it wasn’t the quickest claim turnaround time, it was nothing compared to what the other folks had to go through in terms of getting in contact with their adjusters. My mother’s adjuster was kind to both my mother and me, and she also authorized a supplemental claim from the auto body shop (which we chose and was luckily less than two blocks from where we lived).

I believe the deterrents include the claims office being closed on weekends, rental cars not being insured, and long phone wait times.

I can’t say this was the nicest experience I’ve had with an insurance company, but I’m grateful I was able to contact folks who handled the claim and got my mom back in her car.

G. Jose

Humboldt Park in Chicago, Illinois

My claim was reported to Unique Auto Insurance in early October, and here I am, January 3rd, still waiting for this claim to be addressed. I’ve only done everything they’ve asked, including providing keys to the stolen vehicle and any papers related to the transaction, and I was even asked to submit a copy of my cellphone records, and I’m still waiting. If you are considering utilizing this insurance company to safeguard your vehicle, please do your research and choose another company to work with. This has been a living nightmare, and I wouldn’t want it on my worst enemy. With so many complaints, it’s surprising they’re still in business. I blame myself for not researching their background before purchasing an insurance policy, but please avoid the company totally!

T. Eric

San Francisco, California


I’d give this company a lower rating if I could. Nearly three weeks ago, I was in an accident with someone who was insured by Unique Insurance. Their client ran a red light and collided with my car, breaking the front axle. Fortunately, no one was hurt. However, nothing has transpired after I filed my claim. My vehicle is still in the storage facility. They have failed to pay the storage cost. No repairs have been completed since I am unable to release the vehicle until the insurance company pays for the storage. To get to work, I leased a car. Uniques has not repaid me a single penny. The only thing Unique has done is provide me with an unrealistically cheap quote for the damages.

P. Cindy

Temple, Georgia

On 10-28-21, I was hit by one of their customers. When I filed the claim, I was provided the name and phone number of my claims adjuster. I’ve left numerous messages with no response. They sent me documents to fill out so that I could document what happened. I attempted to return the forms through email to the email address listed on the letter. The email was rejected due to a typo in the address. I called her boss, and the same thing happened. No calls were returned, and although I had his email address, it was also rejected. At this point, I’m about to enlist the help of an attorney. Worst company I’ve ever worked with.

M. Wali

Chatham, Chicago, Illinois


I honestly don’t understand why places like these exist. My parked car was hit by a policyholder with unique insurance on December 31, 2020. I called the cops and obtained the police report. When I called Unique Insurance, I was told that Rosa G would be the adjuster. So I’ve been contacting this company for two weeks and have received only voicemail and no callback. So I left a review on Google and got a callback. Rosa had the worst attitude ever, and they paid me $200 based only on my photos. I politely declined. How can you tell the extent of the damage from photos? So I just looked through my Geico insurance. A true quote was $710 dollars.

Mr. John D.

Atlanta, Georgia

I paid for complete coverage. The other driver got the ticket, then they didn’t claim responsibility for the wreck. Unique insurance failed to fix my car. They said I have liability, then the week after clearing up I have full coverage now I have a wreck-totaled car just sitting. They treated me like an outsider. I lost my job because they won’t help me.

Don’t do business with this company; instead, go to Liberty Mutual. I spent hard-earned money for my car, and it’s been a month and it’s still not fixed or totaled; no adjuster will do the proper thing…silva and jalanda You should be ashamed that you are not held accountable for this money, which is everything to this company, but they will not aid you when you are in need. I have 5 children and have been walking in the rain.

Unique insurance doesn’t care; they say they’ll reimburse me $20 per day for rental, but rental is much higher, so I still have to pay out of pocket for rental…this company should be out of business.

G. Raul

Chicago, Illinois

You’ve been warned…do not use this insurance and instead pay your deductible with Unique Insurance Company. They’re such morons. I have no idea how they make a living. Yes, I do; this is the insurance you receive if you’re an alcoholic or have a lot of accidents. I should have just gone through Geico Insurance and paid the deductible. COMPLETE AND TOTAL RIPOFFS AND THEY WILL NOT PAY FOR ANYTHING.

S. fee

Lansing, Illinois


This is the worst insurance company I’ve ever worked with in my life. Despite the fact that the other vehicle was at blame, it took them 5 months to dismiss my claim. They don’t communicate, and their boss, Rosa, never returns phone calls. These guys are fucking TERRIBLE! Then Amy was as unpleasant as ever, and Michelle either quit or was fired in the middle of my claim, I’m not sure which, but they are terrible.

In Conclusion

If you read up to this point, it means you have learned how to make your claims with Unique Insurance company. From the reviews, you can decide whether Unique Insurance Company is good for you. We also hope that you’ve gotten the answers on how to reach Unique Insurance Company, with the contact info given above. You can check out our post on the best auto insurance companies to learn more about auto insurance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an insurance company have to issue a policy?

Most automatic coverage terms require the insured to notify the insurer within 30 days of purchasing a new vehicle if the insured wishes to have it covered under the existing automotive policy. Please keep in mind that some policy notification periods can be as short as 30 days.

Is the insurance company responsible for claims?

Your company will pay your claim and then handle the other insurance company. Make sure to inquire whether your premium will be affected if you make a claim on your own insurance. You may have to pay your deductible up front with this choice, but you can try to collect it from the other insurance company or the other driver.

What are some reasons an insurance company will reject a claim?

The insurance company might reject your claim for the following reasons:

  • The driver who caused the accident has not paid their monthly insurance premiums.
  • You’re not familiar with your policies….
  • During the application procedure, you committed fraud or submitted incorrect information.
  • You failed to report the occurrence on time.
  • You are an excluded driver.

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