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United Equitable Insurance specializes in non-standard auto insurance, however, their website provides very little information. You must contact an agent to obtain United Equitable Insurance estimates, but according to one United Equitable Insurance review, the company is impossible to reach. The Better Business Bureau has given United Equitable Insurance company an F rating for failing to respond to consumer complaints and claims.

Overview of United Equitable Insurance Company

Profile and History of United Equitable Insurance

Since 1959, United Equitable Company has served the Illinois specialized market. We offer necessary insurance coverages to consumers who cannot afford motor insurance. They assist consumers in overcoming the challenges of obtaining and maintaining continuous auto insurance coverage.

United Equitable Insurance Company’s website, which is simple and limited, provides very little information about the company or its products. As part of the same group, the company has affiliate with Lakeshore Finance and American Heartland Insurance.

The company website is designed entirely for existing customers who need to pay a bill or submit a claim, as well as for agents and prospective agents. This absence of new customer information indicates that this company does not frequently bring in new business through its website.

Even the United Equitable Group page is devoid of information, listing simply the three firms it owns and leading readers to only marginally more relevant company pages.

Further investigation revealed that United Equitable writes non-standard auto insurance for the high-risk sector. They appear to market their products solely through independent agents, which is very usual for non-traditional insurers. The company’s headquarters is in Skokie, Illinois.

Contact Information for United Equitable Insurance Company


Morton Grove, Illinois, 60053, 9040 Waukegan Rd, United States


Office in Skokie, Illinois

Skokie, Illinois, 60076, USA, PO Box 1091


Office in Skokie, Illinois

Skokie, Illinois, 60076, USA, PO Box 1104,


What Products are Available from United Equitable Insurance?

Because of this company’s lack of information, it’s not unexpected that we couldn’t locate anything beneficial in terms of what products they sell. We searched through the policy terms paper, one of the numerous documents that can be downloaded from the internet and the only place where any specifics on coverage and endorsements can be located. This paper is not intended to be a source of policy information for those looking for coverage, and it is sophisticated and lengthy, written in legal terminology that the average insurance shopper is unlikely to understand.

The policy words reflect a reasonably basic insurance policy that includes liability as well as the most typical optional coverages like comprehensive and collision coverage.

A non-owner endorsement, rental reimbursement, legal fee reimbursement, automobile loss payment endorsement, roadside assistance, and something called Autovisor are other choices.

  • Autovisor is an endorsement that covers mechanical repairs to a vehicle; it is similar to a mechanical breakdown endorsement. It addresses mechanical issues that are unrelated to an accident.

This is an unusual endorsement for any insurance company, but especially for a small, out-of-the-way insurance company.

Where Can I Find United Equitable Insurance Rates?

United Equitable does not offer online quoting or pricing information on its website, which is consistent with the dearth of marketing-focused content on the website.

We would not expect this company, as a non-standard insurer, to compete with any of the standard insurance companies; non-standard prices should only be compared with other non-standard companies. High-risk drivers who require coverage from a non-standard company often pay higher rates than those who qualify for standard, therefore United Equitable is unlikely to be particularly competitive.

However, some of the complaints we read as part of this review referred to this company as “cheap” and “low cost,” implying that they must be a low-cost choice for certain drivers. However, inexpensive is only worth it if the company pays claims, which we shall discuss further in this review.

United Equitable Auto Insurance Company Claims Filing Procedures

Policyholders and claimants of United Equitable can file a claim online at any time or by calling 1-800-831-8330 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. (Monday-Friday). Please spend a few moments before reporting your claim to gather the necessary information:

  • Your Policy Number (starting with PP) (located on your Declarations page and ID Cards).
  • The vehicle identification numbers (VINs) and license plate numbers of the vehicles involved in the collision.
  • All parties involved’s driver’s license numbers and contact information
  • Report number from the police.

Claims can be filed online or via phone, albeit the toll-free claims line is only operational during business hours.

On the internet, you may also download united equitable insurance company claims forms.

There is no indication that this company uses a preferred repair shop network, and there is no additional information on the claims process accessible.

What are the Ratings and Reviews of United Equitable Insurance?

United Equitable has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which is the lowest possible score and one that we rarely see. The company received an F rating for the 72 complaints submitted against it, 44 of which they did not react to at all and two of which were never closed.

The company does not pay claims, does not communicate, and has poor customer service when it can be reached at all, according to the 56 reviews on Google.

The 20 unfavorable Yelp reviews all have the same problems. We couldn’t locate anything that could repair this company’s reputation.

Top Integrations and Technologies of United Equitable Insurance

United Equitable employs several cutting-edge technologies and APIs.

Libraries and Frameworks (3 Technologies)

  • Modernizr
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap

Web Analytics (2 Technologies)

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Universal Analytics

Programming Languages (2 Technologies)

  • Go (Golang)
  • PHP

In Conclusion

Although the non-standard market can be challenging, there are insurers with a considerably better reputation and a customer-focused approach than United Equitable. The numerous complaints stating the same difficulties, an F-rating from the BBB, and a complete lack of information from the company itself lead us to recommend that you search elsewhere for vehicle insurance.

United Equitable Insurance FAQ’s

What is full coverage insurance?

Many lenders, agents, and car dealerships define “full coverage” auto insurance as liability plus comprehensive and collision. Your lender may use the term “full coverage,” but this just means that they require you to have comprehensive and collision coverage, as well as whatever your state requires.

Which insurance is best for claims?

Our staff gave the following firms the highest ratings:

  • Lemonade has the best sign-up process.
  • Liberty Mutual: The Best Deals.
  • Allstate Provides the Best Coverage Options.
  • Travelers with the most experience.
  • Amica has the best customer service.
  • Best Endorsements: State Farm
  • USAA has the best membership benefits.
  • Farmers have the most customizable coverage.

What is United Equitable Insurance revenue?

The revenue of United Equitable Insurance is $10.2 million.

Where is United Equitable Insurance headquarters located?

The headquarters of United Equitable Insurance is located at 9040 Waukegan Rd, Morton Grove, Illinois, 60053, USA.

What are some additional names or alternative spellings that users use while searching for United Equitable Insurance?

United Equitable Insurance is also known as United Equitable Insurance Company, United Equitable Insurance Co., and United Equitable Group LTD in search results. United Equitable Group, LTD, United Equitable Group, LTD, United Equitable Group, LTD, United Equitable Group, LTD, United Equitable Group, LTD, United Equitable Group

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