A-MAX AUTO INSURANCE: Policies, Discounts and 2023 Reviews

A-max auto insurance

If you live in Texas, you’ve probably heard of A-MAX Auto Insurance. We believe A-MAX is worth investigating due to its great industry reputation and reasonable rates. This article will provide you with a comprehensive overview of A-MAX Auto Insurance, including account coverage, affordability, service locations, customer experience, reviews, and more. Continue reading to find out where we ranked A-MAX among the finest auto insurance providers in the country.
We recommend collecting quotes from different providers when shopping for vehicle insurance so you can compare coverage and pricing. Aside from the insurance company you choose, factors like your age, vehicle make and model, and driving history can all affect your premium, so what’s best for your neighbor may not be best for you.

Overview of A-MAX Auto Insurance

A-MAX Auto Insurance was established in Dallas, Texas in 2002. The company claims to offer low-cost insurance to the community and is committed to providing excellent customer service. A-MAX currently operates in over 170 Texas locations and is not available in any other state.

Because A-MAX Auto Insurance staff are independent agents, they compare plans from over 25 insurance carriers to obtain the best available pricing. While this is a terrific way to acquire the best pricing, it also means that A-MAX is acting as a middleman between you and your actual insurance carrier.

Customer service at A-MAX Auto Insurance has received mixed reviews. Of course, the level of customer service differs depending on the region. Many consumers praise the simplicity of the quote process but complain about the claims procedure – and when it comes to vehicle insurance, the claims process is really important.

A-MAX Auto Insurance Coverage

Before you purchase a policy from A-MAX Auto Insurance, you should first determine what you require from a car insurance policy. This involves determining your state’s minimum standards. In Texas, for example, a minimum amount of liability automobile insurance coverage for personal injury and property damage is required.

A-MAX Auto Insurance offers the following coverage options:

  • Bodily Injury Liabiity: When you are at fault in an accident, bodily injury liability (BI) protects other drivers and their passengers.
  • Property Damage Liability (PD): They provide coverage for other vehicles in the event that you are at fault in an accident.
  • Medical Payments (MedPay): Covers you and your passengers’ medical, hospital, or funeral expenses, regardless of responsibility.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage (UM/UIM): Protects you in the event that the other driver in an accident does not have adequate coverage.
  • Comprehensive Auto Insurance: Comprehensive auto insurance protects your vehicle in the event of a non-collision occurrence such as weather, theft, or fire.
  • Collision: Covers your vehicle in the event of an accident, regardless of responsibility.
  • Personal injury protection (PIP): Covers hospital, medical, and funeral costs.

Optional Additional Coverage

A-auto MAX’s policies offer all of the essentials as well as optional coverages such as:

#1. Rental Reimbursement: This coverage reimburses you for the cost of a rented vehicle. This is critical when your car is being repaired following an accident.

#2. Coverage for Towing and Roadside Assistance: Pays for towing and other roadside assistance if you break down on the side of the road.

A-MAX Auto Insurance Premiums and Discounts

A-MAX Auto insurance is well-known for its low prices, which begin at roughly $49 per month for basic coverage. However, you can create and personalize a policy to meet your specific requirements. Your auto insurance rate will be determined by a number of risk variables, including:

Age: Young, inexperienced drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident than older, more experienced drivers.

Driving history: The way you’ve driven in the past, including any accidents or tickets, can predict how you’ll drive in the future.

Gender: Young men are more likely than young females to be involved in an accident.

Credit history: According to statistics, drivers with poor credit file more accident claims than those with good credit.

Location: Some zip codes are riskier to drive in than others.

A-MAX Auto Insurance Discounts

The following discounts are available from A-MAX Auto Insurance:

  • Multiple vehicles Discount
  • Homeowners Discount for
  • Customer Loyalty Discount
  • Weddings Discount
  • Good drivers Discount
  • Defensive driving Discount
  • and much more

Cheapest Texas Auto Insurance

In Texas, A-MAX Auto Insurance works with a number of insurance companies. The firms listed below are the cheapest based on our full-coverage cost estimates for 35-year-old drivers with good credit and driving records.

Engaging with an insurance agent may cost somewhat more than working with a company directly. Furthermore, insurance premiums are extremely personalized to each driver, so you will most likely find different rates than these.

Car Insurance ProviderAverage Annual Cost Estimate
Texas Farm Bureau$1,010
State Farm$1,265
Farmers Insurance$1,278

Estimates for Car Insurance Based on Age

You may spend up to 40% more for insurance if you are in your early twenties than if you are in your mid-thirties.

AgeTexas Annual Car Insurance

Car Insurance Quotes for Bad Credit Drivers

Many jurisdictions, including Texas, allow vehicle insurance firms to establish premiums based on credit ratings. With a fair or poor score, you’ll have to pay more.

Credit RatingTexas Annual Car Insurance

Estimates for Car Insurance for Bad Drivers

Of course, your driving record has a significant impact on your vehicle insurance prices. In Texas, having an at-fault accident or DUI on your record can cost you up to 50% more.

Driving RecordTexas Annual Car Insurance
Speeding Ticket$2,476
At-Fault Accident$3,118

A-MAX Auto Insurance Evaluations

Because A-MAX Auto Insurance only operates in Texas, the company’s reputation is not as well-known as those of larger industry players such as Geico auto insurance and State Farm auto insurance. A-MAX, on the other hand, has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Customer evaluations vary by location, with some commenting on how simple it is to obtain vehicle insurance. Many customers report that their agents were helpful in locating the proper policy and answering questions. Customer complaints, on the other hand, indicate how inadequately claims were handled and the extended wait times for reimbursements and claims processing.

Positive A-MAX Auto Insurance Reviews

“Best [customer] service I’ve ever had. I will tell my friends and relatives about it.”

  • Velda, courtesy of BBB

I had a great time working with these gentlemen.” Courtney initially discovered the greatest company [and] the best price for me… Getting auto insurance may be difficult, so thank you for making the process so simple.”

  • through Google – KoCoa S.

A-MAX Auto Insurance Negative Reviews

“It’s hit-or-miss with these agents.” You will receive more assistance in person. Don’t bother over the phone. They’ll put you on hold for ten minutes and then hang up.”

  • R. Mendez through Google

“They don’t value your time. I’ve never gotten off the phone in less than ten minutes to make a payment – a transaction that should take less than two minutes.”

  • David B from Yelp

A-MAX Auto Insurance Rating: 4.0 Stars

If you are looking for cheap vehicle insurance in Texas, A-MAX Auto Insurance is a fantastic company to work with. The company has over 170 facilities throughout the state, but there are no options for motorists living outside of Texas. Customer feedback reveals that certain places struggle with customer service while others excel.

A-MAX acts as a go-between for consumers and insurance companies, which can be viewed as both an advantage and a negative. Overall, we recommend receiving a quote from A-MAX and comparing auto insurance premiums from a few different suppliers.

Recommended Auto Insurance Service Providers

It’s always a good idea to compare different insurance companies to ensure you’re getting the best rate and coverage. That’s why we studied the finest vehicle insurance providers in the country, taking into account variables like pricing, customer service, location, coverage, and more.

We propose using this simple method to get tailored, free quotes:

#1. 5.0 Stars for USAA Auto Insurance

Following an extensive investigation, our USAA insurance review assigned USAA a 5.0 overall rating across all areas. This insurance company provides excellent coverage for service personnel and their families. Unlike A-MAX Auto Insurance, USAA is available in all 50 states, and the company is known for providing excellent customer service, topping the charts of various industry surveys such as J.D. Power.

USAA offers multi-vehicle discounts on your insurance, as well as student and military discounts. To protect your vehicle, you can also acquire accident forgiveness and gap insurance.

#2. 4.5 Stars for State Farm Auto Insurance

In our State Farm insurance review, State Farm scored a 4.5-star rating overall. It’s an excellent choice for families with college students and teen drivers. State Farm, which is available in 48 states, has an A++ grade in financial strength from AM Best.

Customers express their dissatisfaction with State Farm’s average customer service. Many drivers, however, significantly reduce their premiums by taking advantage of State Farm’s broad list of discounts for things like having several cars, combining insurance, completing a new driver safety course, being a student, and more. State Farm provides conventional auto coverage as well as optional features such as rental car reimbursement and roadside assistance.


In order to provide consumers with reliable and unbiased information, our expert review team compiles data from dozens of auto insurance providers to create rankings of the best insurers. Companies are given a score in each of the areas listed below, as well as an overall weighted score out of 5.0 stars.

In this area, insurers with solid financial ratings and customer-first business practices obtain the best scores.

  • Availability: We take into account availability by the state as well as exclusions for certain groups of drivers.
  • Coverage: This grade is based on the many types of insurance offered, the maximum coverage limits, and the add-on plans.
  • Costs and discounts: Our research team examines example quotes for a wide range of drivers in each state. Companies with the lowest pricing and the most car insurance discount options obtain the highest ratings.
  • Customer Service: We sift through customer reviews and consumer feedback surveys from organizations such as J.D. Power.
  • Technology: Auto insurers that offer mobile apps, innovative internet services, and telematics are more likely to meet the needs of their customers.

A-MAX Auto-Insurance FAQ’s

What is the highest deductible for car insurance?

A deductible is an amount you must pay before your insurance coverage begins. Typically, you can select a deductible of $250, $500, or $1,000, but amounts as high as $2,500 are possible.

What are the minimum insurance requirements in Alabama?

To register and drive a vehicle in Alabama, your auto insurance coverage must meet the following minimal requirements: Liability for bodily injury: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident. Property damage liability is $25,000 per person.

What are the 3 types of car insurance?

Liability, comprehensive, and collision insurance are the three types of car insurance that are universally available. Other types of auto insurance coverage, such as personal injury protection and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, are still available to drivers, although not in every state.

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