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Athos Insurance company review
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This article provides an overview of Athos insurance and all what it is about. Read to learn about this insurance company while obtaining a thorough review.

What is Athos Insurance Company?

Athos is a specialty insurance firm, brokerage, and program manager for the entertainment and sports industries.

Katherine Wong, the founder of Athos Insurance, based in Pasadena, California, started the company in 2012 after many years of focusing in entertainment and sports insurance.

They are leading the Athos Team to reinvent digital insurance solutions with her Vice President, Aylene Villarin.

Athos provides rapid insurance for instantaneous policies and online application submissions for fast quotations through the use of online technology and platforms, all with the added benefit of courteous and attentive customer care.

Athos specializes in the entertainment and sports industries, so they know what it takes to manage the sector and the hectic deadlines that come with entertainment production.

They work with all sizes of organizations/individuals in this segment of our dynamic world, from indie filmmakers, production firms, photographers, special event organizers, roller derby leagues, skateboard parks, and whatever else you can think of.

They know what it takes to get the task done because this is all they do. You can count on the Athos team to contact you throughout the day, from providing email updates on quotations or requests to answering your calls for queries or concerns. They understand the value of your time, thus they help you make the most of it.

What does Athos insurance company specialize in?

Athos Insurance company specializes and provides a variety of insurance options which includes;

  • Entertainment Insurance
  • Equipment Insurance
  • Sports Equipment Insurance
  • Special Event Coverage
  • Rental House Coverages
  • Rented Equipment Insurance
  • Rental House Coverages
  • Annual Production Coverages
  • Liability to Rent Equipment
  • Short-Term Production Coverages locatIons.

What are the goals of Athos insurance?

Athos insurance has plans that are specifically tailored to meet the fast-paced demands of the entertainment industry.

It has quickly risen to the top of the entertainment and production insurance industry in the United States.

Athos works with organizations and individuals alike to provide specialized insurance services that give event organizers peace of mind, ranging from filmmakers insurance to photographers insurance, special event, vendor insurance, drone insurance, camera insurance, and sports insurance. delivery, targeting, and tracking of news

Athos Performers Liability Insurance policy

Balloon Artists, Belly Dancers, Caricature Artists, Clowns, Comedians, Contortionists, Cultural Dancers, Face Painters, Individual Disc Jockeys for Private Events, Illusionists, Jugglers, Magicians, Mimes, Puppeteers, Santas, Street Performers, Story Tellers, and Other Low Hazard Performer Types are all covered by Athos insurance.

It is crucial to note that live bands, body piercing, tattooing, hot wax impressions, martial arts, film production activities, and massage are not insured or covered. They are all barred from using the services they provide. 

Martial Arts Coverage

Athos insurance company provides an Instant Insurance coverage for martial arts with online certificates

They also provide annual coverage for Martial Arts Schools and Studios. Their Insurance coverage options includes; General Liability and Participant Accident Medical Coverage.

Does the Company provide Vendor Liability insurance?

Yes, Athos insurance company offers one-day to annual coverage for event vendors, exhibitors, and concessionaires such as Antiques and Collectibles; Apparel and Accessories; Arts and Crafts; Celebrity Insurance, Mascot Insurance, or Character Appearances and Photo Booths; Cookware; Disc-Jockey (for private events with less than 200 attendees); Face painting; Food and Drink (Food Vendor Insurance); Game Trailers or Booths; Gift Wrap Booths.

Product Demos- Static; Product or Service Display Exhibits; Retail Carts; Souvenir Sales; Sports and Camping Equipment; Vehicles, Equipment, or Hardware Sales on Display- Static; Micro-Reality Race Tracks; Photo Booth; Produce and Floral Vendors; Product Demos- Static; Product or Service Display Exhibits; Retail Carts; Souvenir Sales; Sports and Camping Equipment; Vehicles, Equipment, or Hardware Sales on Display- Static; This coverage also includes wedding vendors (for weddings with fewer than 200 guests).

How does Athos insurance manage outdoor conference insurance?

Athos Insurance Company offers Clinic and Conference Insurance that is available immediately and comes with an online Certificate.

They also offer insurance for single-day events, multiple-day events, and even annual insurance coverage for conferences, sports camps, and sports clinics. General Liability and Participant Accident Medical Coverage are two of their coverage options.

It is also worth noting that any high-risk sports camps, such as skateboarding, BMX, scooters, roller derby, or any other higher-risk sports with an ongoing instructional or skating program at a venue you own or lease, are not covered by this conference insurance coverage.

Can I get liability insurance for my drone at Athos insurance company?

If you are judged accountable for someone else’s bodily harm or property damage, your Athos drone insurance policy will protect you. It covers medical expenses as well as legal fees in the event of a drone-related mishap.

They also offer drone hull insurance, which protects your drone, payload, attached equipment, accessories, and spare parts against loss or physical damage.

Commercial UAV Flight Insurance

Commercial drone use is any use of a drone in connection with a business, whether using it to make a profit or to support a business activity. Their drone programs are only for commercial drone use.

On-Demand and Hourly/Monthly/Annual plans made available for purchase at the company. To be eligible for this coverage; 

  • All flights must take place in the United States
  • Indoor flying only eligible for Hourly On-Demand plan (must use mobile app)
  • If more than 1 drone is flown in the air at one time, each drone requires a separate policy. If only 1 drone flown at a time, a single policy can be purchased

Rented Drone usage requires at least a monthly plan (hourly is not available for rented drones)

Certificates of drone insurance are made available instantly online.

Worldwide Drone Usage

Athos Insurance offers insurance programs for worldwide usage of drones For US Residents and/or entities flying drones in and outside the US. Although this  program is not On-Demand, quotes are turned around fast.

What does Athos Liability insurance cover?

The Liability Insurance

This program provides protection for the Policyholder against claims of bodily injury liability, property damage liability, personal and advertising injury liability, and the litigation costs to defend against such claims. It also protects you in the event of a lawsuit or property damage.

Coverage is limited to events meeting the following conditions:

  • Events must be less than 5 consecutive days.
  • Maximum number of attendees must be less than 500 per day.
  • Event may only have one location.
  • $1,000,000

Coverage is provided up to $1,000,000.00 per occurrence. There is no deductible amount. Coverage is offered through the Sports and Recreation Providers Association Purchasing Group.

The Liability Coverage includes suits arising out of:

  • Injury or death of spectators
  • Injury or death of volunteers
  • Property damage liability
  • Incidental medical malpractice
  • All activities related to the event
  • Ownership, use or maintenance of facilities
  • General negligence claims
  • Cost of investigation and defense of claims, even if groundless
  • Corporal Punishment

Are there optional coverages in Athos insurance company? 

Athos Insurance company provides optional coverages which includes 

  • Hired and Non-Owned Automobile Liability Coverage

This liability coverage provides protection for rented, borrowed and other non-owned vehicles operation on Policyholder special event operations during the policy term.

  • Excess Liability Coverage

This coverage provides additional liability limits increasing the liability coverage per each occurrence.

  • Increased Aggregates

This option increases the aggregate limit of liability insurance from $1,000,000 to larger amounts.

  • $5,000 Medical Expense Benefit

This coverage will reimburse an injured spectator or guest for medical and/or funeral expenses incurred as a result of bodily injury or death, regardless of whether you are liable or not.

Does Athos insurance company operate independently?

Athos insurance company partners with ShareGrid to deliver quality services.

In the United States, ShareGrid is the largest and most trustworthy camera sharing community. Sharegrid is a peer-to-peer internet platform that allows creatives to rent and share their cameras with their local community. 

Athos Insurance and ShareGrid have teamed up to insure the equipment of the camera-sharing community.

ShareGrid and Athos have teamed up to insure your gear as part of a larger push to make sharing and renting equipment safer.

Athos Insurance, a national entertainment and production insurance provider, is pleased to announce its continued cooperation with ShareGrid, the world’s largest and most trusted peer-to-peer camera sharing network, to give the finest protection to ShareGrid’s consumers. 

When film and photography equipment is rented, Athos’ gear rental insurance gives both owners and renters peace of mind.

Athos’ online platform helps provide security for Sharegrid’s members without delays or hold-ups during the checkout process, which is a perfect fit because it provides them with more security when renting out gear.

Athos specializes in providing instant gear insurance for film producers, freelancers, photographers, videographers, and production studios.

ShareGrid and Athos are growing together, with a strong commitment to providing excellent service to their clients. The two teams collaborate to ensure that their clients have a smooth experience.

They have been their exclusive insurance partner for short-term and annual insurance after a lot of hard effort on both sides.

Year after year, they have grown, and they like learning about and adjusting to the camera sharing community for their rental insurance needs.

The Athos program’s insurance carrier has paid out a significant amount of genuine claims to ShareGrid clients, which has strengthened connections on all levels.

Both businesses are pioneers in the use of fraud-prevention technology. To serve mutual customers, they have integrated websites and internal communication systems.

This enables the two partners to respond more swiftly to market changes and eliminate any pain points for their common clients.


Address:Pasadena, CA

P.O. Box 61102

Website: Visit here  

Headquarters Regions: Greater Los Angeles Area, West Coast, Western US

Founded Date: 2012

Operating Status: Active

Legal Name: Athos Insurance Services, LLC.

Company Type: For Profit

Contact Email: Click here  

Phone Number: +1 626 716 9800


Athos is well-known in the entertainment business for providing reliable film, photography, production insurance, equipment, sports and leisure insurance, and special event insurance. 

They are the industry leaders in providing rapid online insurance for niche and specialty programs such as equipment insurance.

You can be confident that you will receive the highest quality insurance for your industry and equipment thanks to their relationship with ShareGrid Inc.



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