Goosehead Insurance Reviews 2023: Pros and Cons, Best Products

Goosehead Insurance

Since its founding in 2003, Goosehead Insurance has revolutionized the insurance industry by making the search for the best possible policy a breeze. Since Goosehead is one of the most prominent independent insurance agencies in the United States, it can provide consumers with a broad choice of options and outstanding savings since it works with several insurance companies.

Consumers have a challenge in determining which insurance business is most trustworthy and which firm best meets their demands. I provided an evaluation of Goosehead insurance in the following paragraphs. Find out everything you need to know about Goosehead insurance in this article.

A Brief Background on Goosehead

Real estate entrepreneur Robyn Jones and her husband, Mark Jones, found Goosehead Insurance, with its headquarters in Westlake, Texas, in 2003, to provide insurance to their clients (a Senior Partner at Bain & Co). They believe in placing their clients at the center of all they do, and they construct their business around them. This enables customers to make their own choices while guaranteeing that they get nothing but the best customer service and the ability to choose. Goosehead has teamed up with over 80 insurance firms so far in order to supply homeowners, autos, flood, umbrellas, and other specialty insurance products.

Overview of Goosehead Insurance.

An evaluation of the value of a company is often based on the total value of all the shares that a publicly traded company has on the market. This is called the “market cap”. According to the most recent available data, Goosehead Insurance has a market valuation of $3.45 billion as of January 20, 2022. More so, a report has it that Goosehead Insurance is the 2823rd most valuable company in the world.

Goosehead Insurance (NASDAQ: GSHD) is changing the way they delivered personal lines products and services across the United States of America as an independent personal lines insurance company. The company stands for the customers’ happiness by giving them a wide range of products and services.

Goosehead has nine corporate sales offices and over 1,400 operational and contracted franchisees. These franchisees work for over 140 insurance companies that insure personal lines and small business lines risks.

Goosehead Insurance Products.

Goosehead offers several insurance solutions for its stakeholders and subscribers, all of which are available online. Most of these fall into one of the following categories:

#1. Automobile Insurance.

These policies cover both liability and property damage for the policyholder’s own cars. Depending on your needs, you may choose between collision and comprehensive coverage, rental reimbursement, and coverage for uninsured/underinsured motorists.

#2. Home and Property Insurance.

These plans should cover both liability and property damage for the principal residence of the policyholder. This involves coverage for personal property or rental properties, such as boat insurance, personal property insurance, valuable personal property, umbrella insurance, and other types of coverage.

#3. Life Insurance.

If you pass away, these policies will provide financial support to your loved ones. Customers of Goosehead will gain life insurance via the company’s Digital Agent platform, without having to pass a medical exam.

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Pros and Cons of Goosehead Insurance.

#1. Pros

  1. Options include accident forgiveness, new car replacement, and two times annual driving safety insurance payments.
  2. Drivers who gain vehicle insurance may save a lot of money.
  3. Discounts may vary depending on carrier and on-site quote. 4.
  4. Customize coverage.

#2. Cons

  1. When compared to other firms, satisfaction with property insurance claims is below average according to customer evaluations.
  2. They are not accessible in all states, and J.D. Power and Associates do not grade them.
  3. They do not have a claim on the internet.

Insurance Costs, Quotes and Discounts from Goosehead

Getting a Price Quote:

If you want a quote, you may apply directly through Goosehead. To get a quote, you’ll need a company’s login, then complete a few questions about yourself, your family, your automobiles, and your driving history. You may acquire a quote online, via phone, or in-person at a local branch.

High Cost of Car Insurance..

Goosehead promises to save members/customers an average of $690 each year. Independent comparisons (e.g., US News) show that Goosehead members saved $254 compared to the next best national insurer (Geico). The expenditures displayed in the chart below are a decent approximation of what you can expect on average.

Goosehead Bundle Discount.

Goosehead promises to provide members with a discount for bundling home and car insurance. To qualify, the vehicle coverage must come first. Other national insurance firms (like Allstate) give up. Despite this, Goosehead consistently has the lowest combined home and car insurance rates.


Is Goosehead a reliable source of protection?

In general, Goosehead is a top-tier insurance provider. Its client base is well-known for being very devoted to the brand and for taking advantage of the extensive variety of goods and services offered by Goosehead. Goosehead is a high-end product that comes with high-end service. The town of Goosehead is probably not the ideal option if you’re hoping to get the best bargain on the insurance that you can find.

How Flexible Are Goosehead’s Payment Options?

Flexible payment options are available at the Goosehead facility. Amid the COVID-19 epidemic, many Americans may juggle many financial demands. With Goosehead’s flexible payment plans, you never have to worry about missing a payment again.

The Six-Month Policy and the Twelve-Month Policy are two of Goosehead’s typical payment options. Both plans let you either pay the whole premium ahead at a discount or pay it off in monthly payments.


Does Goosehead Offer Accident Forgiveness?

According to Goosehead, if you haven’t had an accident in five years, your rate won’t go up. Goosehead’s accident forgiveness program is extensive. Regrettably, Goosehead’s accident forgiveness service is not available nationwide. California, Connecticut, Delaware, New York, and North Carolina were all excluded from the program, citing regulatory problems.

If you are involved in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, your insurance rates will rise. Other insurance firms are even worse: they won’t accept you as a customer unless you have an accident-free driving record.

Is Goosehead Insurance a pyramid scheme?

It is not a profitable venture for multi-level marketing (MLM) or Ponzi schemes to sell Goosehead insurance. As a result, they do not suit it for agents who are mainly interested in hiring personnel. This is because Goosehead does not have many levels of agents, mentors, and trainers.

How are Goosehead agents paid?

Goosehead pays its agents on a commission-sharing basis. When they develop policies, they get a percentage of the commission generated by each one.

Agents get 80% of new policies and 50% of renewals.

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As a client of Goosehead Insurance, you can trust that they’ll do all they can to meet your needs.

They’re an elite organization that provides a wide range of insurance packages for its customers to pick from. Insurance for pets, automobiles, boats, and more is available from the company.

As a result, you’ll need to do some investigation into the specific form of insurance you’re interested in purchasing.

The amount of coverage you require is one of the most critical considerations. A plan with a cheap monthly premium can be an option if you’re young and healthy. Your mental health may eventually benefit from this.






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