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Pets are human companions, they are also part of the human family. Hence, it is crucial to have pet insurance to cover any loss.

Humans seem to love the companionship of certain animals called pets. They are catered for by humans, hence, they are accustomed to their owner’s lifestyle.

Keeping pets is very useful to the man for domestic activities farming, hunting, and security purposes. Examples of pets are cats, fishes, birds, dogs, parrots, rabbits, and many more.

Reddit Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is the full or part payment for vet treatment of a sick or bruised pet. Pets need to be insured Just as humans get insured for medical treatment.

Reddit pet insurance shows the first pet insurance was established in 1890 by Claws Virgin, who is the founder of Lansforsakringar Alliance. Then, the first sold was in Britain in 1947, moving on to 2000, pet insurance was embraced with the mindset that animal lives matter.

Why You Need A Pet Insurance

There are a lot of reasons why pet insurance is needed, some of them are:

  • The unexpected occurs in the lives of pets
  • It guides against huge vet fees
  • The best option in times of emergencies
  • Pets feel better and relaxed when taken care of in veterinary
  • It helps keep spending in check

#1. The Unexpected Occurs In The Lives Of Pets

Even if the owner chooses to be very careful with the pets, they always find ways of scattering and climbing carelessly around the house and it’s, therefore, the obligation of the owner to get their health back in shape.

#2. It Guides Against Huge Vet Fees

Taking care of a sick or injured pet can be very expensive and choky but once the pet is insured, it saves the owner from unnecessary financial pressures. A visit to the veterinary can cost more than the insurance fee depending on the case brought but once insurance is done, no matter how bad,  it’s handled properly.

#3. Best Option In Time Of Emergencies

No one knows the time or how pets can fall sick or get injured, such things are not prepared for but when it happens, who do you run to for help? Insurance covers the cost when there is an emergency.

#4. Pets Feel Better And Relaxed When Taken Care Of In Veterinary

If insurance is not done for a pet, it’s always difficult and worrisome to visit a vet for treatment but once it’s paid it becomes a scheduled lifestyle for the pet and its insurer and this makes the pet more happy and lively.

#5. It Helps Keep Spending In Check

Checkups and constant visits to the veterinary come with huge amounts of spending, not knowing the amount of money you will spend on each visit disrupts good financial check but once the insurance fee is paid once, it’s final till the next time.

This can be easily recorded and monitored while spending, costing, and saving.

List Of Best Pet Insurance

There are many companies with great strategic plans for pet insurance across the world and below are the best insurance companies and their plans for 2023

  • Pet Assure
  • PetFirst
  • ASPCA Pet Health Insurance
  • Embrace
  • 24PetWatch

#1. Pet Assure

This is the overall best pet insurance company all over the world. It doesn’t fall under the accepted range of pet assurance but it’s ranked best for possessors of different classes of pets.

It has a lot of advantages that attract insurers to the firm, such as:

  • Not exposed to lengthy expecting periods.
  • Deals with all classes of pets which is a bonus for owners of special pets.
  • The monthly bill is very cheap.
  • No annual excess expenses.

What Plan Does Pet Assure Offer?

It offers an unrestricted plan for all pets in the family. It also has plans for single dogs, and cats and has no lengthy period of waiting before you can make use of your insurance.

None of its plans without discounts on vet packages involving treatments for illnesses, accidents, and many more

The billing is reasonably priced and if you choose the yearly option, you can save up some amount of money on your contract of insurance. The price list for an insurance plan is seen below:

  • A dog plan costs $11.95 monthly
  • A cat plan costs $9.95 monthly
  • The household plan costs $16.95 monthly 
  • The limitless plan costs $21.95 monthly

One can tell that this plan offered is very affordable for all owners of pets.

#2. PetFirst

This is rated the best for routine care of pets with ductile advantages that can be fit into the owner’s yearly budget.

No owner will be proud of their dog without nice routine care. Most times, pets seen with owners reflect who the owner is, if a dog looks pale, unkempt, and unhealthy while walking with the owner, passersby can tell that guardian doesn’t have time for himself let alone the pet but a beautiful and active one seen shows the cater and attention given to the wellbeing of the pet by owner.

Some advantages of PetFirst are

  • Pre-fee is very cheap
  • The resource center is accessed via the internet
  • Quality health advantages range from $125 to $575 per year.

It offers a singular contract of insurance that gives insurance for bruises,  hospitalizations, operations,x-rays, prescriptions, emergency services, and so on.

Dog insurance costs $15  monthly while cat insurance is $9 monthly. Discounts are also given out by PetFirst company

#3. ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

This pet insurance company is the best for several pets.

Caring for household pets is an easy task with ASPCA. The plan offers owners multiple benefits like insurance coverage for medications, dental, regular checkups, payment for accident-related injuries, fractures, Ultrasounds, and surgery.

Pets are treated adequately no matter the size or number of them in the veterinary as long as they are covered by the insurance policy of the company.

#4. Embrace

Not every pet insurance can attend to emergencies adequately for pets. It takes resources, time, and swiftness to save the life of pets when brought in for treatment.

Over the years, Embrace has been very active and can be called the best pet insurance for emergencies.

It has offers that cover a pet’s emergency fee at any standard vet clinic and the only valid offer is the accident plan because most times, pet emergencies are due to accidents, especially terrible ones caused by external factors.

It has a yearly limit of up to $30,000 and copays ranging from 10% to 30% with limitless interconnection size.

#5. 24PetWatch

Due to the unstable portrait of animals, they tend to sustain injuries easily while stumbling, pushing, scattering, or even getting sick by picking up harmful substances while playing.

Some conditions like swallowing harmful substances,  inner bleeding, and multiple fractures are just brutal and chronic and must be taken care of immediately and cautiously.

This company specializes in the treatment of chronic situations of pets and the yearly 24PetWatch limit of about $20,000 is enough to cater for treatment and services to be rendered to the pet at the veterinary clinic.

Pet owners have access to insurance at any animal clinic around the nation provided he agrees to the terms and policy stated.

The starting price of pets from 24PetWatch is about $340 but it changes depending on the plan chosen as insurance continues.

Trupanion Pet Insurance

Trupanion pet insurance was founded in 1998 by Darryl Rawlings based in Seattle, Washington, United States of America.

It was established to administer cal coverage to cats and dogs even in emergencies. Besides, It is said it was a personal experience of Daryl that brought about Trupanion.

It is highly rated and has a very easy coverage plan with a cheap yearly increase and limitless advantages.

Under the underwriting of the North American Pet Insurance Association, Trupanion offers a life duration for pets not yearly as long as conditions are met, and insurance payment is paid once and for all.

It is the first firm that pays veterans straight if they agree with the terms of Vet Direct Pay, a means of payment launched by Trupanion.

Reddit pet insurance reviews reveal that Trupanion has a straightforward policy, high-quality products, and services for pets and owners all over the world.

Cost of Trupanion Pet Insurance

Insurance cost depends on the breed,  age, gender, and your choice of plan.

The coverage of a German Shepherd can never be the same as that of a bulldog, also a female cat can be maintained at the same cost as the male.

Whatever offer purchased in Trupanion covers the injuries, sicknesses, hospitalizations, surgeries, prescriptions, and congenital conditions of dogs and cats.

Costs of insurance for dogs in Trupanion for 2023 are:

  • For a zero dollar deductible, the insurance cost for a year old female mixed breed with a weight range of 60-90 pounds is $38.93 monthly
  • While, For a thousand dollar deductible, the insurance cost is $155.34 monthly
  • Also, For a zero dollar deductible, the insurance cost for a year old male domestic shorthair is $62.22 monthly.
  • Furthermore, For a thousand dollar deductible, the insurance cost is $18.87

Deductibles for a lifetime are either zero deductible or a thousand deductible.

With such a great policy, Trupanion is expanding all over the world with over 50 centers and still moving forward, there is a great assurance that pets are safe in the home of Trupanion, a place of magic nurturing and transforming pets all over the world bringing great happiness to the owners and the society.

Nationwide Pet Insurance

Nationwide pet insurance was founded in 1982 to protect.

Its headquarter is situated in Columbus, Ohio, its policy permits insurance to purchase for different kinds of animals, not just domestic ranging from amphibians to ferrets, pigs, tortoise and turtles, rabbits, and many other animals.

Coverage Of Insurance

The insurance policy of the company covers hereditary conditions,  clinical operations, hospital stay, vaccinations, behavioral treatment, diagnostics, medications, and chronic conditions.

The waiting period expecting a period of Nationwide’s plans before insurance starts:

  • Pet Wellness: A day after the time of payment and approval of the application, coverage starts but if buying as a rider then coverage starts after a 14-day waiting period.
  • Entire Pet and Important Medical: Coverage starts after a 14-day waiting period.

You can decide to terminate the insurance policy by notifying the company via mailed letters or online. Insurance will be terminated .100% money-back guarantee is applied if the policy is terminated within 10 days of the ongoing policy provided no compensation of your expenses is done for you yet.

Cost Of Insurance

Reddit Pet Insurance shows that the standard cost of pets in Nationwide pet insurance is about $90 per month.

Pet owners can get costs as cheap as $22 monthly depending on the plan and species.

  • The premium plan costs about $25 to $60 for dogs per month.
  • The premium plan costs $15 to $35 for cats per month.
  • Wellness plans alongside medical coverage will cost an extra $12 to $22 monthly depending on one’s compensation rate.


Progressive Pet Insurance

A pioneer company founded in 1937 by two Ohio lawyers, it is known all over for caring for family dogs and cats.

Research shows that its insurance plan is very ductile, covering various compensation rates and deductibles.

It also gives room for savings through discounts and lower cost rates for different pet households.

Progressive Pet Insurance Plans

Progressive insurance has four available insurance plans with two as rider options for pets. They are:

  • Accident-only plan with 90% compensation fee up to $10,000 in wound-relating treatments with a $250 deductible annually.
  • The best benefit plan covers injuries no matter how chronic.
  • Essential wellness plan
  • Best wellness plan 

Note, that both riders’ plans are for checkups and care to avoid or prevent diseases.

Cost Of Progressive Pet Insurance Plans

Cost of the plans listed above are:

  • Accident-free plan costs $9 per month which is very cheap for those on a low budget so also the best benefit plan
  • An essential wellness plan costs $16 for pets monthly.
  • The best wellness plan costs $26 for pets monthly.

Due to company policy, insurance doesn’t cover the burial or cremation of a pet, the contract is only valid when the animal is still breathing. Also, few picks are made yearly due to the limit of the company and its insurance.

The waiting period is 14 days longer after admission for treatment and 3 days for approval of benefits. If pet parents don’t find it convenient, they use alternating wellness benefits with zero waiting period.

Progressive pet insurance is not exempted from the general policy of pet care that says no pet insurer covers previous medical conditions. if a pet has been showing some signs and symptoms before the policy started, then no insurance to cover that.

Top Embrace Pet Insurance

It was established in Cleveland, Ohio in 2003 with the single aim of building distinct pet insurance majorly for dogs and cats.

Its quality plan compensates for about 90% of vet clinic bills with a large number of terms and administration.

Embrace makes things so easy for parents, without imposing, one can decide the best plan to include compensations, deductibles, and one’s convenient yearly rate.

As long as no claim is made, the deductible reduces yearly and with a vet clinic exam, the orthopedic expectancy can be lowered.

There are age restrictions at Embrace, pets brought in must be at least a month and 2 weeks old to get a policy, no highest limit of enrollment but note that pets exceeding the age of fifteen cannot obtain accident and sickness insurance.

Expecting periods are 2 days for accidents, 24 weeks for dogs with orthopedic conditions, and can be lowered if an exam is conducted and the dog is fit and well then 2 weeks for sickness.

They also give discounts to help save up money and avoid excess billing of owners.


Reddit has a lot to reveal about the reviews gotten from people and in-depth research about pet insurance across the world.

Animals also have the right to live and be taken care of like humans too and some persons and companies are devoting time, energy, and resources to prove that pets’ lives matter.

In need of a pet insurance company? Or review the best one to pick for your lovely pet? Read through and know the one that suits your taste and budget.

FAQs On Pet Insurance

Is pet insurance worth it on Reddit?

Pet lives matter so much to humans but it depends on the amount and breed a person keeps to himself. Owning and insuring 2-3 household pets is worth it but having a large number of them with different breeds might get frustrating as they mature and need insurance.

How much is the cost of annual pet insurance?

Based on the breed, location, gender, age, and sometimes size of your pet, the mean yearly cost of pet insurance for cats is about $299.32 and $607.71 for dogs. It can be lesser or higher as the years pass and company policies change.

How much does Pet Insurance cost per month?

An average cost of pet insurance costs $30 to $100 a month depending on the plan opted for.

How much is the cheapest pet insurance?

Ranging from the monthly cost, Embrace has the cheapest at $25.25.



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