What is Management? Best Definition in 2023

What is Management

If you are very conversant with the business world, you will see that management is one of the largest topics discussed. No one can successfully accomplish tasks or meet the demands of people without proper management.

A lot of companies and well-known business owners have packed up due to mismanagement of business, time or even growth ideas.

Moving on in this article, you will be enlightened more on the best definition of management 2023, managing a business and management information of systems.

What is management?

The process of supervising, organizing and giving out orders to accomplish a particular goal or task is known as management. This involves weighty planning, estimations and of course giving out orders to respective quarters to ensure successful work. Management entails five major functions which are;







Anyone who fails to plan, definitely plans to fail, the first step in management is planning. Planning deals with deep reasoning alongside the goal to be achieved. When drawing a plan, you have to think deeply to see the most standard way, the resources to be used and how to manage it to fit your budget and still have a perfect job.

In the course of planning, you must have an idea of what you are doing, how you will do it, know if you will need human assistance and so on. It requires you to think even before taking action.

One good thing about planning is that it helps you focus on the main objective, you know when working on a project, there is a probability one might sway from the main assignment but once you have a plan marked out, then it makes it all easy to achieve excellence.


After proper planning, the next step to climb is organizing. This involves bringing together persons, ideas, and resources to attain the goals set. In the process, excesses are trimmed out, and new and better ideas are imbibed and arranged properly for execution.

Here, the work is divided into tiny bits and allocated to qualified persons for each part of the job, after that, policies are set and work starts and documentation is given as it moves on.

If the work is disorganized, there will be errors in production, collisions among workers and of course that will tell at the end of the day and that is why an organization can never be omitted in management. You might not need to know how the goal was achieved but sighting the result alone tells an organized work and a disorganized one.


Staffing simply means the act of hiring eligible persons for the job, it also includes removing staff from a business.it is more like a reshuffling of staff, probably the workers you have presently are causing bankruptcy for your business, it is only wise of you to let them go and hire new ones that are qualified to handle new assignments and take your business to another level. 

Furthermore, Interviews are conducted for them in every way possible and the best candidates are chosen from there. Staffing helps the efficiency of a business and plays a good role in meeting the satisfaction of clients.


What I call leading is by example and not just by giving out orders. Workers need to be motivated and disciplined while doing their jobs and that is the work of a leader. If you want your workers to be effective, be nice to your workers, motivate them, put them through the one that seems hard and watches how well the job will be done in time. Employees put all their effort into a job when they are directed by a good leader and the best way to manage a business is by good leadership.

However, never be the one that dishes out work and gives inconsiderate conditions to it because you are in the position, have their best interest at heart and together accomplish a great job.


This is the final phase of management, controlling supersedes the four previous functions, it tells what has been achieved, grades the conduct throughout the process, involves a thorough check of every job done to enhance effectiveness and makes corrections where necessary.

Types of management

Recent research shows that management has several types as it is a very broad topic, but we will just go through the five basic types which include;

•Financial management

•Trading management

•Participatory management

•Tactical management

•Human resource management

#1.Financial management

The foundation of any successful business is the proper management of finances. The process of monitoring the overall running of finances in an organization is financial management. If finances are not put to good use in an organization, it suffers great loss and encounters financial barriers and major setbacks.

However, a person hired to take such responsibility is called a finance manager, he knows how finances are obtained, how they are used and collates daily records of the company’s finances. Also, If you run a one-man business, you can employ an accountant to help you to run the financial activities.

Importance of financial management

It gives stability to such an organization

•It helps to avoid bankruptcy

•Funds are put to good use and the plan is probably executed.

•It gives the organization a high economic standard.

•Furthermore, It encourages savings since nothing outside the original budget is spent.

#2.Trading management

This is also known as marketing management, it is the process of costing, marketing and giving goods and services to the full per cent joy of clients in exchange for money or ideas. The key elements in trading management include; price, place, product, and promotion.

Also, if one is missing, the remaining three seems useless. For example, marketing a product without price or location of sales is as good as selling nothing at all. You must have a price, place of sales(traditional or online), product to be sold and of course professional promotion. 

Top-selling goods all over the world are all because of good branding and proper trading management.

Importance of trading management

It helps you to merge your abilities and resources with the wants of your clients.

•It encourages new inventions and ideas for your products.

•With the good promotion, small-scale businesses can expand and sell more across the world.

•It also helps to unfold new tactics in your trade.

#3.Participatory management

Employers often use this approach to motivate employees to participate in certain projects to speed up the success rate of the organization. Many times, some workers have great ideas to help fix a problem but no chance is given this management approach when used gives room for full participation in planning, organization and other areas of the company.

Community leaders also embrace participatory management because it binds great minds together and it is believed that where there is unity, the success rate is high. In this method, everyone’s idea matters either small or great.

Importance of participatory management

There is a strong connection between employees and employers in such organizations.

•There is unity and oneness which speeds up the work.

•Employees are happy with their jobs and employers are satisfied with the growth of the organization.

•Also, It gives room for self-development in people.

#4.Tactical management

This is also called strategic management, it deals with the major work and the necessary measures to reach a certain goal. This work is done by stakeholders of an organization, this process helps to always put their strategies in check and it also makes an organization more effective and competitive in the business world.

Most times, when a job is not going as planned, the members of the team all revolve to new tactics if the old ones are not effective, these tactics are your best way of achieving the goal at that point. When new strategies are laid out, the stakeholders will always supervise how such are managed till the laid down goal is achieved.

However, it involves planning, carrying out ideas and proper supervision of the progress of the work.

Importance of Tactical management

  • Tactical management gives room for change which sometimes is the better option for a deal.
  • It portrays value in an organization that implements it.
  • It makes an organization stay in business longer with their A-game.

5. Human resource management

This is just the organization of people in an organization. As resources and ideas are being managed, humans are managed too in an organization. This involves hiring, inputting and removing people in an organization.

General Importance of Management

Management has a lot of benefits in our day-to-day activities, below are some of the importance of management;

  • It helps in attaining set-down goals.
  • Makes work more effective and yields productivity.
  • It gives room for personal development for employees and growth changes for employers.
  • Management gives a unique setting to an organization.
  • It keeps the organization focused on the process of achieving goals.
  • The society gets developed and advanced I.e if resources are well utilized in the society, things will get better and better as technology advances.

Management In Business

When you hear business, what comes to your mind? Well, business is a commercial, expertise or industrial activity owned by a person or group of people either as a team or partners.

Now, management is the controlling and proper organization of activities surrounding a business. It helps the business owners hit their top rate of production with the available resources and time needed.

Furthermore, in organizations, we have business managers, who supervise the daily running of the business on behalf of the owner. They are held accountable for anything in the organization, they lead the workers in planning, budgeting and execution. The aim of every growth-minded business owner is to be successful and that can only be done when there is proper management of the business either financially, statistically or preparatory wise.

Why do you need Management in Business?

Business management is needed for the following;

•It increases the productivity level of employers and avoids stress while working.

•It protects the business from financial challenges like bankruptcy.

•Speed accuracy is assured in businesses

•Customers are satisfied with products and services rendered to them.

Management Information System

This is the practical study of organizations, people, modern technology and their relations. Management information system helps to know more about the organization, the employees, the resources available and tactics to be used. Getting such information helps to know how to manage the organization properly.

When one is ignorant of such information, it is very hard to organize what you know nothing about but the  MIS helps to gather all the information of the organization.

Importance of Management Information System

•It increases the understanding of workers in the organization.

•This system gathers relevant information about the organization when needed.

•Also, MIT aids good communication and connection among workers in an organization.•Management information system makes it easy to detect a problem and find a solution to it.

FAQs on Management

What does management entail?

Management involves planning, organizing, leading and controlling. If one is omitted or avoided, the goal can never be achieved to the best of it, they all work hand in hand to meet the set goal

What are the 3 levels of management?

We have the top-level or supervising level of management, then the middle-level or executing level of management, and the one below is the low-level or directing level of management

What is management in a business?

Business management refers to the coordination and administration of business operations, tasks, and resources in order to achieve a specific goal. This frequently includes personnel supervision and training, oversight of key operations, and creating firm infrastructure to optimize for the future.

What are the three types of management?

The three types of management are autocratic, democratic and laissez-faire.


No doubt management is a great factor needed in the world today for every human. To survive, one has got to manage resources, ideas and persons around. There are a lot of benefits and importance of them in this article as you read through.

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