How Much Does a Window Cleaner Make In The United States In 2023?

How Much Does a Window Cleaner Make

One of the most dangerous occupations in the construction, cleaning, and maintenance industries is that of a high-rise window cleaner. This job is not suitable for those who have acrophobia, or a fear of heights. Salary information for high-rise window cleaners is available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics under the category of building cleaning workers. According to the bureau, around 12,280 building cleaning workers were working in this industry in 2010. Earnings vary depending on the region and employer. Given the risks associated with this job, one would question how much a window washer earns. Let us know what their job includes and how much they are paid.

How Much Does a Window Cleaner Make In The United States?

Window cleaners typically work on a contract basis. Window cleaners can make up to $62.84 per hour in the United States. This comes to $15.71 per hour. Indeed, based its estimations on data collected from over 2000 window cleaners over the course of 36 months.

What Is The Starting Salary of a Window Cleaner Based On Experience Level?

According to research, window cleaners are paid based on their level of experience. An experienced washer earns more than a novice. Window cleaners with more than 20 years of experience earn an average of $18 per hour.

A washer with 10-19 years of experience is considered a professional cleaner and earns an hourly wage of $17.30. A mid-level window cleaner with 5-9 years of experience earns an average hourly salary of $15.82.

A washer with one to four years of experience pays $14.94 per hour on average. A rookie with less than a year of experience earns roughly $12.23 per hour. This compensation package includes tips, incentives, and overtime.

How Much Does a Window Cleaner Make Hourly?

Window washers were classified as janitors and building maintenance personnel in the United States. From beginner to expert, their average hourly salary in 2011 was $13.89. Earnings in this field are determined by work status and level of experience.

Self-employed cleaners earn according to their client base, while more experienced washers earn around $20.71 per hour. These figures are from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Hourly Wages of Window Cleaners by Industry

These cleansers are needed in a variety of industries. The hourly salary of a cleaner is determined by the location of the cleaning. The United States Bureau of Statistics publishes compensation scales for several industries.

Government entities pay cleaners between $12.55 and $10.33 per hour, whereas higher education institutions pay an average of $21.21 per hour. Window washers are paid $14.49 per hour by building maintenance businesses. On average, elementary schools pay $13.82 per hour.

Popular US Industries and Their Pay Checks for Window Showers

  • Pure Cleaning Services in California pay their window cleaners an average of $20.76 per hour. Pure Cleaning Services’ compensation is around 44% higher than the national average.
  • Window cleaners for Pyramid 53 in California earn an average of $20.79 per hour. This total is nearly 44% higher than the national average.
  • Window and Gutter Cleaning by B & B Window cleaners: B & B Window and Gutter Cleaning employees Window cleaners earn somewhat less than window cleaners in California. Their pay of $19.82 is only 38% higher than the national average.
  • Hourly Wages in the State
  • Window cleaners in the United States earn a fair living. According to BLS data from 2011, window washers earned the highest wage of $21.81 in the state of Delaware. In California and New Hampshire, they charged acceptable rates of $16.12 and $17.05, respectively.
  • Workers in Minnesota earned around the national average of $14.92 per hour. Workers in Pennsylvania and Florida earned less per hour than the national average, at $11.02 and $12.34, respectively.

How Much Does a Window Cleaner Make In California?

Window cleaners in California earn an average hourly wage of $17.81, which is nearly 23% higher than the national average. These figures are based on a list of salaries for 228 employees sent to Indeed by anonymous window cleaners.

Indeed calculated the rate by compiling past and current job advertisements from the previous three years. Typically, the tenure of a window cleaner is no more than one year.

Wages for Window Cleaners in Los Angeles

An average window cleaner in Los Angeles earns $23.73 per hour. This rate is almost 64% higher than the national average. These figures come from 37 paychecks that LA window cleaners anonymously provided to Indeed.

Indeed calculated the rate by compiling past and current job advertisements from the previous three years. Typically, the tenure of a window cleaner is no more than one year.


How Much Does a Window Cleaner Earn in Austin, Texas?

As of April 2020, the average annual salary for a window washer in Austin, TX, is $28,378. Several sources present salary ranges. Annual salaries at ZipRecruiter have risen to $37,860 and are down to $16,503. The average range of window washer salary now varies by $7, 766.

Window cleaners in Austin, TX, earn between $24, 269 (25th percentile) and $32,075 (75th percentile). The disparity in numbers implies that, regardless of field, earnings are nearly identical regardless of experience.

According to ZipRecruiter, the window-washing recruitment market in Austin and surrounding areas is thriving. The reports also feature the most recent salary scales for employees obtained from web databases for several active jobs.

How Much Do Window Cleaners Make on Skyscrapers?

Window washers are paid differently depending on their level of competence, area of work, and function. According to Glassdoor, the annual salary for window cleaners in skyscrapers is around $33,107. This amount could rise with additional experience or for those in administration. Workers who own their businesses earn more and have more influence over their clientele.

Is it possible for a window washer to make $50,000 per year?

Many small and medium-sized business start-ups pay well, including launching a window cleaning business. In some regions, the hourly rate for a window cleaner might reach $40 or $70. That’s a lot of money for doing almost nothing, and it may lead to a lucrative career.

This is a job that can pay up to $50,000 or more per year. Going into the industry on your own will not pay you that much. You must build your client base through effective advertising.

Although national dailies can be costly, you can begin with minor mentions on local radio stations. Use modest kinds of advertising and watch them work wonders.

You can invest in fliers, which are a very successful small-scale advertising medium. Gather a group of adolescents, give them some spare change, and watch them paint the area with your flyers. As the company grows, add an A or AA to the name when advertising in Yellow Pages or national publications.

What Does a High-Rise Window Cleaner Make?

In the United States, the average high-rise window washer earns $38,653. High-rise window cleaners make the most in San Francisco, at $58,068, with total compensation that is 50% higher than the national average.

High-Rise Window Cleaner Salary Ranges

High Rise Window Washer salaries in the United States range from $10,000 to $198,333, with a median salary of $35,799 The middle 57% of high-rise window washers earning between $35,799 and $89,917 a year, with the top 86 percent earning $198,333.

Which Cities Have the Highest Paying Window Cleaner Jobs?

We’ve identified ten cities where the average salary for a window cleaning job is higher than the national average. Santa Clara, CA tops the list, with San Francisco, CA, and Fremont, CA, close behind in second and third place. Fremont, CA, outperforms the national average by $5,642 (16.5%), and Santa Clara, CA, outperforms the national average by another $7,999 (23.3%).

With average incomes greater than the national average in these ten cities, the chances for economic progress by shifting locales as a window cleaner appear to be extremely profitable.

Finally, the average salary for these top ten cities changes very little, at 11 percent between Santa Clara, CA and Maple Grove, MN, emphasizing the limited opportunity for wage advancement. When comparing location and salary for window cleaner employment, the possibility of a cheaper cost of living may be the most important element to consider.

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Santa Clara, CA$42,303$3,525$814$20.34
San Francisco, CA$40,941$3,412$787$19.68
Fremont, CA$39,946$3,329$768$19.20
Marysville, WA$39,385$3,282$757$18.93
San Jose, CA$38,669$3,222$744$18.59
Oakland, CA$38,290$3,191$736$18.41
Jackson, WY$38,145$3,179$734$18.34
Alexandria, VA$38,068$3,172$732$18.30
Sunnyvale, CA$37,743$3,145$726$18.15
Maple Grove, MN$37,664$3,139$724$18.11

What are the top 5 best-paying window cleaner jobs in the United States?

We discovered at least five jobs in the Window Cleaner job category that pay more per year than the average Window Cleaner salary. High Rise Solutions, Work From Home High Rise Building Superintendent, and Western Window Systems are a few examples of these positions.

Importantly, all of these positions pay between $30,862 (90.0%) and $41,648 (121.4%) more than the average Window Cleaner salary of $34,303. If you are qualified, being hired for one of these related Window Cleaner positions may allow you to make more money than the ordinary Window Cleaner employment.

How Much Tax will a Window Cleaner have to Pay?

In 2018, an individual filing in this tax bracket would pay an estimated average federal tax of 12%. After a federal tax rate of 12% is deducted, high-rise window cleaners may anticipate earning $34,206 per year, with each paycheck equaling around $1,425*.

What Is the Job of a Window Cleaner?

Window cleaners are those who make sure the part of a glass window that is visible is always clean. They wipe the windows on the outside of companies and high-rise buildings. It is worth noting that window cleaners are not only needed in high-rise buildings. These cleaners are required for one-story buildings and glass buildings.

The Most Prevalent Benefits for Window Cleaners

  • Dental coverage
  • Schedule adaptability
  • Health coverage
  • Possibilities for advancement
  • Paid vacation
  • Training for a fee

High Rise Window Washer’s Quality of Life

With a monthly take-home pay of approximately $2,850 and a median 2BR apartment rental price of $2,506/mo**, a High Rise Window Washer would pay 87.92% of their monthly take-home pay toward rent.

Is Window Cleaning A Hard Job?

It is not hard to become a window cleaner because no prior experience or formal schooling is required. Because you will be on your feet and climbing ladders, you must be in good physical shape. The owner or manager will train you on all you’ll need to know.


You never know how much window washers make unless you look closely. These craftspeople raise large sums of money to re-make a stained glass window in your house, business, or retail.

Varying regions pay slightly different rates, which are either greater or cheaper than the national average. If you are your boss, this rate may possibly rise.

Frequently Asked Questions

How profitable is a window cleaning business?

According to hourly, professional window washers earn between $35 and $50 per hour. Assuming a forty-hour work week, annual gross earnings would range between $72,800 and $104,000.

How hard is it to be a window cleaner?

It is simple to become a window cleaner because no experience or formal schooling is required. Because you will be on your feet and climbing up and down ladders, you must be in good physical shape. Everything you’ll need to know will be taught to you by the owner or management.

What is pure water in window cleaning?

In window cleaning, the term “pure water” refers to regular tap water that has been filtered through a purification system to eliminate any natural minerals. Because of the sort of filtration utilized, this water is frequently referred to as “deionized water.”

Do window cleaners earn good money?

Window cleaning is a simple business with minimal start-up costs, overhead, and inconvenience. It is both profitable and popular.

Is window cleaning a good trade?

Yes, window cleaning can be a rewarding profession. Because you receive money on the spot, revenue is ongoing, and overhead costs are so cheap, it’s extremely profitable. Canvassing, pricing work, scheduling visits, handling customer service, and day-to-day operations are all part of a normal day as a window cleaner.

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