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Today, a plethora of tools are available to assist you in comparing multiple insurance rates online without having to contact insurance agents. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which of those tools are reliable. Otto compares itself to a concierge service for the insurance industry, recognizing that choosing insurance from a sea of options can be difficult. While its technology purports to match users with their best quotes, Otto is actually a lead-generation website that sends your information to its network of over 1,000 partners and affiliates rather than returning quotes immediately. We’ll see if it is legit or a scam and some reviews of Otto Insurance in this post.

Otto insurance is one of the best insurance quote comparison tools on the market right now. We will provide an in-depth review of Otto insurance here so that you can determine whether it is worth considering. Let’s get this party started!

About Otto Insurance

Choosing the right insurance is a difficult task, but the Otto insurance tool stands out in a sea of options. It’s a lead-generation website that sends your information to its vast network of 1,000 affiliates and partners rather than immediately returning quotes.

It’s extremely simple to use, but don’t expect to get quotes right away. Otto will gather your personal information before connecting you with one of their many insurance agents to continue the quote process.

Background Information on Otto Insurance

Otto insurance provides free insurance quotes for auto, pet, home, and life insurance in seconds.

Otto Insurance is a concierge service for the insurance industry, not an insurer. At Otto, the customer comes first and foremost.

Otto’s team is dispersed across the United States, with its headquarters in Miami Beach, Florida. Otto works tirelessly to connect customers with the best insurance partners in order to secure their financial future. Their team collaborates with individual agents as well as regional and national carriers to provide the most competitive insurance rates in the industry.

Otto Insurance uses cutting-edge technology and decades of experience to provide customers with a secure environment in which to obtain insurance quotes. Furthermore, their network communicates with hundreds of insurance carriers in the United States to securely and quickly route consumers’ data to the best potential match.

Customers will be connected to the best agents in seconds because Otto is constantly working to improve their efficiency and speed. Otto Insurance wants customers to have the best possible experience and to connect with a partner who will meet their needs. With Otto insurance, you can now join the growing community of over 2 million satisfied savers.

Otto Insurance: Is it Legit or a Scam?

On the internet, there is very little information about Otto insurance. There are two addresses for the website. It does not imply that the company is not legit or that Otto insurance is a scam. However, information about the company is contradictory and scarce. Customer feedback indicates that you may receive more calls than quotes.

Furthermore, there isn’t much information available about the company’s history. The odd thing is that the company is listed with the Better Business Bureau as “No Longer in Business,” but the phone numbers on the websites are still active.

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How Does Otto Insurance Work?

It is simple to use the Otto tool. But don’t hold your breath waiting for a quote. Otto gathers your personal information before connecting you with one of its many insurance agents to continue the quoting process. To use Otto, go to and click Get started now. You’ll be asked a few questions about yourself, your vehicle, and even your home.

This is how it works:

  • On the website, click ‘Get Started Now.’
  • You’ll be asked questions about yourself, your home, and your vehicle.
  • You must inform Otto whether you are purchasing insurance for the first time or if you already have one.
  • They guarantee that they will get you the best insurance rates possible.
  • Otto will inquire about the vehicle you drive after you have completed your profile. You can complete this section yourself or have Otto look up your vehicle information using your home address and name.
  • It’s simple to answer the additional questions about your marital status, residence, and gender.
  • The company will offer you the option of combining your auto and home insurance policies (to save on insurance premiums).
  • Otto will notify you within minutes if you are eligible for significant discounts.
  • Before entering your phone number and name, make sure you read the fine print.
  • Otto’s marketing partners or affiliates will contact you after you click the ‘Get Your Free Quote Button.’

Keep in mind that Otto does not provide any additional information. It only gives you two carriers to compare, along with a link to each company’s website.

Otto vs. Other Insurance Quotes

To give you a fair representation of the services offered by Otto insurance, we will now compare Otto with other insurance quotes. Here are some of the best:

Insurify vs. Otto

Customers use both Insurify and Otto to get insurance quotes, but only Insurify returns actual quotes (around 20) when you complete your insurance profile. Aside from that, the driver profile you create with Insurify is more comprehensive than Otto’s. Insurify also gives users more control over their data.

Otto vs Jerry

Jerry AI is yet another online tool that allows users to compare insurance policies from various companies. To grant it access to your current insurance policy, you must go through a few steps. Then it compares your insurance profile to 45 insurance companies and presents you with three options from which to choose.

Jerry is the same as Insurify, and both are excellent options for people looking for lower rates from a trustworthy platform. Insurify, on the other hand, makes it easier for users to compare different coverage amounts and features quotes from a larger number of insurance companies.

Quote Wizard vs. Otto

Quote Wizard, like Otto, claims to provide quotes for home insurance and life insurance. Quote Wizard, on the other hand, assists users in saving money on renters’ and health insurance. Unlike Insurify, neither Otto insurance nor Quote Wizard provides actual quotes on the page, forcing users to scroll through other pages and websites indefinitely.

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Otto Insurance in the Various States

Otto insurance compares to home, life, pet, and auto insurance quotes and connects customers with the best insurance companies. The insurance is currently available in all 50 US states and territories.

Otto Customer Reviews: Here’s What They’re Saying

Despite the fact that Otto Insurance has hundreds of positive reviews on its website, finding a positive review (or any review) online is difficult. We did some research and discovered the following reviews from dissatisfied customers:

1 Star – Does Not Recommend Otto Insurance – Fussnecker, Scott A

“Warn people that they will be bombarded with phone calls from insurance companies trying to sell them their policies.” “Clicking on your ad was the worst mistake I’ve ever made.”

1 Star – Does Not Recommend Otto Insurance Katrina Siverts

“I concur with all of the other comments. Horrible customer service. It’s ridiculous how many calls I’ve been getting. What can they do better? Stop deceiving people about your services. It’s a scam. All they do is distribute your information to all of the local insurance companies. Then they keep calling, and calling, and calling. “Awful service.”

1 Star – Does Not Recommend Otto Insurance Chaim Friedman

“It’s a scam to mislead the public by claiming to be an insurance company when you’re only a referral company.” I’d like to know how to report Otto insurance to Google so that it is no longer searched for, and YouTube should stop running their ads because they are misleading the public.”

Our Thoughts on These Reviews:

Otto Insurance is upfront about the fact that it is not an insurance company and only connects you with other companies that can provide you with quotes. However, the content on their website leads visitors to believe that they will receive an actual quote quickly. That isn’t correct.

How to Save Money on Auto Insurance

#1. Maintain vigilance while driving.

Driving errors have a negative impact on your insurance premiums. You may be able to reduce the impact of prior tickets or accidents by enrolling in a defensive driving course.

#2. Save money by bundling.

If you have separate insurance products (such as life, renters, or home insurance) with different companies, consider bundling them under the same provider for a discount.

#3. Look for deep discounts.

Even if you’ve been with the same insurance company for a long time, new discounts may be available. Enquire with your agent, or look for insurance through sites like Insurify, which can find discounts for you.

#4. Look around.

Switching insurance providers is simpler than you think. Every six months, review your coverage and compare premiums to ensure you’re getting the best deal.


Otto Insurance is not a traditional insurance company. It directs you to other insurance providers. There’s no harm in trying. However, whether it is a scam or not, one statement can be understood. Do they consult with you before disclosing your personal information to others? Despite the fact that many people left negative reviews about Otto, claiming that they were receiving a large number of unsolicited calls, there are some positive reviews available.

So, if you don’t mind getting a lot of calls, Otto insurance is worth a shot.

This is what distinguishes it as a scam.

Otto Insurance FAQs

Is the Otto insurance (car coverage) a scam or legit?

Otto Insurance is not a licensed insurance agency. Their Terms of Service page states unequivocally that they share your personal information. But I wouldn’t call it a scam.

What is an insurance referral program?

A referral program for insurance entails someone referring you to others (for example, via a form on your website) and, in some cases, paying obvious rewards (e.g. a gift certificate for each referral). It entails someone suggesting you to others (for example, via a form on your website) and, in some cases, offering obvious compensation (e.g. a gift certificate for each referral).

What are Otto Home Insurance Rates

Otto, MI homes insurance ranges from $604 to $833 a month, or $50-$69 per year. According to our extensive research, shoppers can save up to $287 by comparing different estimates.

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