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Northland Insurance

Northland Insurance is a commercial truck insurance carrier that has been in business for a long time. It offers stability in an ever-changing market. Northland is known for its trustworthy service and offers a full program of coverage and services specifically geared for the trucking sector. It backs up its wide range of dependable coverage with safety programs, exceptional claim services, as well as event sponsorships. This article covers everything you need to know about Northland Insurance company, including its claims phone number and reviews.

Northland Insurance

Northland Insurance offers property and casualty insurance products and services to owners and operators of commercial vehicles, limousines, and shuttle services, as well as small company owners and anyone whose enterprises require moving people or things. They have been in business since 1948 and are one of the nation’s leading transportation insurance providers. Northland Insurance is a company of Travelers. Northland and Travelers can provide their customers with a wide selection of products and services. This is because they are part of one of the largest property and casualty insurance organizations in the United States.

Northland Insurance provides coverage for the transportation and public auto industries. Trucking customers range from individual owners/operators with one or two rigs to huge fleets with complex requirements. Companies that transport passengers, such as limousine and shuttle services, are public auto customers.

The following companies are part of Northland Insurance:

  • Northland Insurance company
  • Northland Casualty Company
  • Northfield Insurance Company

Northland Insurance Company

Northland Insurance Company is a provider of property and casualty insurance. Auto liability, collision, cargo, general liability, rental reimbursement, medical payments, retail hazards, and also personal injury protection are among the insurance products offered by the company.

Northland Insurance, which is now owned by the mega insurance company Travelers, is one of the country’s major suppliers of long-haul truck insurance. For nearly 60 years, Northland has been insuring vehicles. Subsequently, the primary offers from Northland are in St. Paul, Minnesota, and Hartford, Connecticut.

Northland Insurance Company Claims

Truck accident cases come to mind when we think of Northland. Northland, on the other hand, offers auto insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and tool and equipment floater insurance. Northland also insures “limousine and shuttle companies, owners of small businesses, and those whose businesses require carrying people or commodities,” according to their website.

In serious injury and wrongful death truck accident cases, you rarely see Northland as the insurance company. Why? Both Northland and Travelers have a track of resolving significant truck accident claims before they go to trial.

A truck accident insurance company, such as Northland, is required to give coverage limits on trucks that surpass those of a passenger automobile. The minimum liability insurance required by trucking businesses varies according to the size of the truck. As one may guess, the higher the minimum insurance needs are, the larger the truck or the greater the danger offered by the truck, which includes: $ 750,000 for vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds carrying nonhazardous freight; $1,000,000 for cars transporting hazardous items and oil; and $5,000,000 for trucks using portable tanks with capacities greater than 3,500 gallons and passenger trucks.

Our transportation claim specialists understand how to manage transportation claims and work hard to keep claim costs to a minimum while getting you back on the road as soon as possible.

Reporting a claim

Claim reporting with Northland Insurance company is now possible. 24/7/365

Rapid reaction teams are dispatched to catastrophic disaster sites early in order to preserve evidence and provide the groundwork for an early strategic defense basis.

Travelers’ industry-leading Claim University provides claim specialists with specialized, in-depth, hands-on training for real-world experience.

You can report a claim online through the Northland Group website. The detailed form allows you to enter all of the data linked with your claims, such as the description of the loss, the policy number, the location, and more.

Policyholders who have been in an accident or who have been the victim of theft can contact the claim center at any time (24/7).

All claim professionals have received hands-on, in-depth, and specialized training in order to effectively help policyholders.

Northland insurance company also has a forensic lab that may be used for claims investigation.

Customer Reviews on Northland Insurance

Northland Insurance reviews can occasionally be found under its parent company, Traveler’s Insurance. It provides commercial insurance for the trucking sector at an average rate of $708 per truck per month. Personal insurance quotes are not available.

The following are some of the customer reviews on Northland Insurance:


Review of automobile insurance

We were traveling out of state when we got into a fender bender with a woman, and despite several witnesses other than ourselves seeing that she was fine afterward, as well as catching her in a lie in a recorded message, the insurance company awarded her over $3,000 for her vehicle and then over $100,000 for her injury claim. Meanwhile, we filed a LEGAL claim for trailer damage, which was entirely refused. It’s difficult to feel sympathetic for their loss. They deserve each other because they are both dishonest scumbags.

Dori B. Canyon Country, California

Northland insurance is terrible. They create more issues than they solve. They abruptly dropped us because we were growing too quickly. Now I’m requesting loss runs in order to obtain new insurance as soon as possible. They openly lie, claiming that they are sending it but that it would take 24-48 hours. Now, 48 hours later and after I’ve missed my deadline, they tell me I can’t request it directly, that the agent must. They’ve wrecked my company twice, and everyone I talk to there says something that contradicts what the person before them said. They’re complete jerks.

Raman, Ragu J. Mineola, New York

I shipped my automobile from New York to Salt Lake City with Stateway Auto Transport, and they hired Umberlla Auto Transport to execute the actual transportation. My automobile (along with the other cars in the truck) was damaged by hail in Wyoming. Umberlla auto transport filed a claim with Northland insurance on my behalf. The insurance company denied blame or obligation, claiming that it was an “act of God” and not the fault of the drivers or the auto-transport company.

First and foremost, I am not a believer; isn’t everything an act of God:). Second, in this day and technology, the auto-transport company had all of the means to look at predictive weather predictions and determine a route that would avoid any unfavorable weather conditions.

Overall, if you see promos or guarantees that indicate any damage to your automobile is covered, “any damage” is most likely at the insurance company’s discretion. I’m still attempting to persuade the insurance company to cover the deductible for the claim made through my personal insurance (with no luck).

Ray C. McHenry, Illinois

Worst company I’ve ever dealt with Make a claim at a trucking company. Even though the motorist pulled over and provided me his information, this insurance company refused to reimburse the damage to my windshield. Michaela, claim number C5F2760,1651-310-4576, and they represent a transportation company called Kurt Thomas Trucking Inc. The lady led me to assume that my claim would be resolved, just to have them screw the customer in the end.

Dee M. Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Richard Wisniewski does not return calls or emails. It has been two months. I don’t want to say anything else.

Mishawaka, Indiana’s Sherri V.

This company is terrible. You are on your own when filing a claim! There is no instruction, no return calls, people go on vacation, and no one steps in to assist you. You’re basically screwed till that one individual returns. They are dishonest and disrespectful to you and your company. They dispatch adjusters who operate solely for their own benefit, with little regard for the demands of the insured. I’ve never been treated so terribly in my life. There was no phone call to explain anything, just a rude letter accusing you of filing a fake claim. If the insurance company deployed adjusters to the region, they would be aware of real-life circumstances. If you have the option, do not utilize this company!!!! There isn’t a single good thing to say about them.

Northland Group Insurance Policies

Northland Group provides insurance for transportation fleets, owner-operators, and public vehicles. To satisfy the needs of the transportation industry, comprehensive coverage is available.

Insurance for your fleet

Fleet owners may secure their businesses with Northland Group insurance, which includes:

  • Insurance for Physical Damage
  • Coverage for financed value
  • Rental assistance
  • Coverage of electronic equipment
  • Owner/operators leasing with fleets are covered.
  • Coverage for deductible reimbursement
  • Windshield replacement
  • Compensation for identity theft
  • When hitched to a non-owned trailer
  • Coverage with a combined deductible
  • Binders, tarps, and chains
  • Physical damage insurance for rented vehicles


Northland offers two levels of cargo coverage: Custom Cargo and Premier Cargo. These protections include:

  • A catastrophe limit of up to $1 million 
  • Custom trip endorsements  
  • Hired car cargo 


  • Trailer swapping
  • Reimbursement for expenses incurred as a result of identity theft
  • Additional coverage is available.

Truckers’ General Liability

  • Includes Product/Completed Operations.
  • Employee benefit liability insurance

Other Services

  • They perform free highway cargo filings on your behalf if the law requires it.
  • Services for subrogation
  • Customer Portal for Risk Control Access
  • Payments that are flexible
  • Help with DOT and fleet safety compliance

Programs for Fleet Safety

Northland recognizes the importance of fleet safety initiatives in risk management. Consequently, they offer educational tools to policyholders in order to assist them in implementing comprehensive, sound, and effective fleet safety systems into their operations.

Northland Coverage Availability

Northland provides fleet owners and owner-operators with insurance coverage in all 50 states. You can get a quote from agents in your area.
An agent can also assist you in determining the right coverage for your transportation company’s requirements.

In Summary

Northland insurance understands the transportation industry’s requirements. They stand as one of the nation’s leading transportation insurance companies. With a local presence and close collaboration with agents and consumers, they have worked to analyze risk, improve safety, and provide inexpensive insurance solutions. All tailored to each customer’s specific needs.

And, if a customer suffers a loss, they can be confident that Northland would assist them in getting back on the road as soon as possible. Northland is also backed by the financial power of a Dow 30 company and one of the leading commercial insurance carriers in the United States as a Travelers division. In addition, Northland is the only truck insurance insurer with an A++ rating from A.M. Best*, an independent insurance rating company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Northland Insurance part of travelers?

For nearly 70 years, Northland, a Travelers division, has provided industry-leading products and services at competitive pricing to trucking companies.

What is Northland Deluxe coverage?

Deluxe coverage is a package of coverage that can be added to Physical Damage coverage and includes Downtime, Diminishing Deductible for physical damage and cargo, Aggregate Deductible, rental reimbursement, and Personal Effects Property.

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