How Much Does A Nose Job Cost With Insurance: Best Price Review


Having a nose job could be very high-priced, However, the cost can be covered by your insurance.

It is imperative to know exactly how your insurance covers these costs, and whether it covers them partially or in full.

This results from the motives behind the Operation, whether it is for Medical reasons or Cosmetic purposes.

Thus, this guide details extensively what Insurance is and what a Nose Job is. You will also find out the reasons for having a nose job and its benefits. Finally, you’ll learn the cost of the Operation and how your insurance can cover them, either in full or in part. 

What Is An Insurance?

Insurance is a legal agreement between two groups – an insurance company (insurer) and (insured) person. It’s as a result of the insurance company’s guarantees to offset financial costs. This is because of the conditions agreed in exchange for the premium paid by the insured.

Simply put, insurance is a risk transfer mechanism that transfers risk to an insurance company and provides compensation for financial losses that can be caused by unexpected circumstances. 

And the cost for this system is known as the premium. There is insurance for different threats, from life to the mobile phones you use. Consequently, it is necessary to protect what is “important” for you.

Types of Insurance

There are different types of insurance products. More specifically, insurance products are classified as follows:

  • Life insurance products
  • General insurance products

Life insurance: This insurance covers you in the case of death. There are many variations of life insurance packages, including term plans, endowment plans, whole life insurance plans, redemption plans, and unit link investment plans.

Many life insurance products combine protection and savings, which can also be a tremendous long-term savings tool.

General insurance products: Cover the financial costs caused by different hazards other than death. General insurance products are available in different types of a wide range of hazards insurance such as health, car, marine, liability, travel, commercial, etc.

This insurance is an effective risk management tool that helps protect valuable such as health, home, enterprises, etc.

The insurance obligation may differ from the person to person, but there are some types of insurance products needed for each person to ensure a safe future.

What is A Nose Job?

A nose job is also known as Nose Remodeling. This is a surgical process to change the form or enhance the capacity of the nose.

The Nose Job is one of the first five cosmetic treatments every year.  Likewise, It is one of the few surgical interventions that health insurance may cover partially or fully.

A cosmetic nose job, like most plastic surgery treatments, is considered optional. However, if the subject has a medical need or breathing problems, a functional or medical Nose job may be required. Medical Nose Job may include insurance based on patient health services.

Nose job for beauty effect is not covered by insurance.

Why Nose Job?

When the main reason for a nose job is intended for cosmetic motives, it is usually not covered by health insurance.

However, a nose job for rectifying functional problems is called a functional nose job or septoplasty. The cost of this type of Nose Job operation can be partially or completely covered by insurance.

Functional Nose Job aims to fix the internal nasal structures and ensure free airflow. It is usually intended for individuals born with a deviated septum or extremely narrow nose.

Similarly, those who suffered nasal traumas either from accidents, sports, or have other functional deformities.

Technically, a functional Nose Job is not an aesthetic operation because it is made to correct the medical problem with the nose.

Functional Nose Job does not always have noticeable modifications in the appearance of the nose, but the nose structures can be modified in a more attractive form if you want.

Nose Job Benefits

The functional nose enables you to breathe better and appreciate life more. The untreated nasal complication can affect the quality of life. The nose job  can assist with:

  • Congestion
  • Mouth breathing
  • Dry mouth
  • Reduced sense of smell
  • Recurring nosebleeds
  • Chronic sinus infection
  • Headaches due to sinus pressure
  • Insomnia and fatigue
  • Sleep apnea. And more

Be sure to check with your health insurance company before making any nose job coverage assumptions. In many cases, it can be difficult to determine the line deemed medically essential.  

Why Would Someone Need Nose Job Surgery?

The nose is the main focus of a person’s face. When someone does not like a characteristic of his/her nose, this can have a considerable impact on such a person’s self-esteem.

The major reason for most people considering a nose Job is for cosmetics. The nose job surgery can transform the structure of the nose to:

  • Make it smaller
  • Straighten the bridge
  • Eliminate a lump on the bridge
  • Restructure the tip
  • Alter the angle or formulate more balance
  • Create more narrow nostrils.

Cosmetic Nose Jobs processes enable teens to feel good about the sides of the nose that they disapprove after the nasal structure has fully developed.

For girls, they should be around 15 years old. While boys must be older. However, it can be operated on at a younger age if the nasal plastic surgery is for medical reasons or respiratory issues.

What Is A Functional Or Medical Nose Job?

In some instances, people need a functional or medical nose job operation to mitigate breathing problems or help with a facial deformation.

Although the nose job operation is more famous as an aesthetic essential, it is also a process that can repair structural irregularities that block respiratory routes. Some reasons for patients need for medical nose Job processes include:

  • Shifted septum
  • delivery deformity
  • Nasal inflammation due to allergies
  • Wound or trauma to the nose structure

The Average Cost of a Nose Job

Nose Job is one of the largely familiar plastic surgery processes in the United States. The average cost of a Nose Job without Insurance may vary banking on various factors.

However, you can expend $2,500 to $10,000 for the operation. If the nose Job is purely cosmetic, your insurance can not foot the costs.

However, if you have verified breathing problems, insurance may cover everything or part of the treatment.

Speak with your plastic surgeon about your operation and inquire about a price estimation. From there, you can look at the financing alternatives for your budget.

Other Cost Considerations

If you are considering a budget for nose job plastic surgery, you should also consider the additional costs that may be incurred during the surgery.

If you need to spend the night in the hospital, there may be additional costs connected with surgery. 

Treatments such as blood thinners and antibiotics may also incur additional costs. You can also evaluate how much loss you will incur if you miss your workdays and the travel expenses if your clinic is far from home.

Also, keep in mind that you may have routine engagements that may require you to take a break from work to attend.

Will Health Insurance Pay For Nose Job Surgery?

As earlier stated, If the main objective of the Nose Job surgery is to reshape the outer structure of the nose, it is often known as a cosmetic Nose Job.

A medical nose Job process is mainly concentrated on the internal channel to improve a patient’s breathing.

For some patients, if the nasal deformation and altered septum are critical and contribute to the obstruction of the airflow, some insurance programs may partially or completely cover the process.

All insurers have rules and standards that must be fulfilled to allow medical treatment for specific surgical procedures. Ultimately, the Insurance company has the decisive vote on which part, if necessary, will be covered.

A nose job, or nose restructuring, is a facial surgery to reconstruct the nose for medical or cosmetic purposes. 

This process has various benefits, including developing facial symmetry, eradicating breathing problems, and creating an appealing profile for the patient.

It also gives eternal results. Therefore, it is essential to find a competent and experienced facial plastic surgeon.

Other Options to Consider

If you are incapable to get insurance for your Nose Job with your health insurance, or if you are anxious about regulating some of the cost, consider the following potential options:

  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Health Savings Account
  • Credit Card

#1. FSA (Flexible Spending Accounts)

If your employer proposes a flexible expense account, you may be able to use this before-tax savings account to pay part or all costs of the nose job. Check with your plan officer about the restrictions of your plan.

#2. HSA (Health Savings Account)

These savings accounts are components of particular health insurance programs with high franchise or catastrophic cover plans.

Participants use their health savings account before taxation to pay for health care until they enter a high retainer.

Medically necessary parts of operations may be eligible. Check with the packaging officer on the rules.

#3. Credit Card

If you possess a low revenue rate credit card, you can contemplate this as a nose job cost option.

Some plastic surgeons approve credit cards specifically sold/designated for medical or cosmetic treatment.

Insurance Can Cover a Portion or All of the Cost of Septoplasty and Turbinectomy

Septoplasty is a Nose Job surgery conducted to correct septum curvature. Turbinectomy is another Nose Job surgery that rectifies the turbinate and improves breathing problems.

Some patients are subjected to a Nose Job with a septoplasty and/or turbinectomy to rectify cosmetic and functional problems at once.

In such cases, the insurance includes only the cost of septoplasty and/or the turbinectomy process. Make sure you receive the division of operations costs to understand which portions will be insured.

These steps are usually only recommended if cautious treatment does not resolve the problem. Candidates for these steps are:

  • They are born with a deviated septum or an unduly narrow nose
  • There is a long-standing allergy that has caused partial turbinate enlargement and partial airway obstruction
  • Suffering from nasal trauma due to accidents and sports injuries
  • They have structural or breathable problems due to drawbacks of the previous work procedure.

How To Prepare For Nose Job

When you’re deciding to have a Nose Job procedure, you have to ready yourself, not only financially, but physically and emotionally.

Speak to the doctor concerning the challenges of surgery and preliminary and post-instructions for surgery.

Maintain a decent lifestyle before the operation, including a healthy diet and periodic exercise. Make sure you inform your doctor about any drugs or prescriptions you can take.

Can I Get A Free Nose Job With A Deviated Septum?

If you have difficulties breathing due to a deviated septum, a nose job may be judged medically necessary and so covered by insurance.

Do You Get A Free Nose Job If You Break Your Nose?

Insurance will usually pay for a nose job if there is a confirmed nasal fracture that has created substantial nasal deformity.

Do You Have To Pay All At Once For A Nose Job?

Most plastic surgeons require payment on the day of surgery, but any pre-surgical appointments, such as consultations, must be paid in advance of the nose job process. Some people use their money to pay for their nose operation in order to avoid paying interest on financing.

How Much Does A Nose Job Cost?

A nose job surgery can cost as little as $2,500. However, it frequently ranges from $5,000 to more than $10,000. The surgeon you choose and where you have the surgery performed will have the most impact on your expenditures.


It is a lot easier to get insurance to cover your medical Nose Job rather than a cosmetic purposed one. Similarly, Extra costs may be incurred in the operation process.

Thus, it is crucial to make enough findings of your choice before embarking on the journey to the doctor’s office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an Individual gets a nose job for both cosmetics reason as well as medical purposes?

Some patients are subjected to a Nose Job with a septoplasty and/or turbinectomy to rectify cosmetic and functional problems at once.

What is a Nose Job?

This is a surgical process to change the form or enhance the capacity of the nose.

What are the benefit of a Nose Job?

  • Congestion
  • Mouth breathing
  • Dry mouth
  • Reduced sense of smell, and so on.

Does insurance cover Cosmetics purposed Nose job?

No, it doesn’t.

What is the cost of a Nose job with insurance?

The cost of a nose job with insurance varies, it all depends on your plastic surgeon.



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