How Long Does Home Inspection Take: All You Should Know

How Long Does Home Inspection Take
How Long Does Home Inspection Take

The reason for the inspection in the first place, as well as who is conducting it, are both factors in determining how long a home inspection takes. This guide is for both buyers and sellers to figure out how long home inspections last and why they’re necessary, even if they’re not required by law. We’ll go through what a home inspection is, who’s accountable for it, what the inspection comprises, and how long it takes to complete a condo home inspection on Reddit. Read on to secure the greatest bargain on your new home or to speed up your listing and avoid costly buyer negotiations.

What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is not required by law, so whether you’re a buyer or a seller, you should understand what it is and why you would schedule one. To answer the question of how long it takes to complete a condo home inspection, you must first determine how critical they are to your selling.

If home inspections aren’t required by contract, the buyer would most likely arrange for one through their real estate agent, who will most likely know an experienced inspector who can perform the job properly. The inspection includes looking for both structural and aesthetic flaws in the home. These observations could include structural difficulties with the house’s walls and foundation, as well as the house’s health and safety, as well as the condition of its equipment.

How Long Does a Home Inspection Take Reddit?

The average time it takes to complete a home inspection, according to 4U Inspection Services, is between 2-3 hours. They specify that a 1000-square-foot home inspection will take only an hour and a half. Of course, according to the aforementioned factors, this timing may change.

According to Home Inspector Insider, every 500 square feet of the area adds a half-hour to the inspection duration. When determining how long the inspection would take, the inspector’s experience is also important. A veteran will be familiar with the area, as well as what to check for in houses based on their age and how to operate systems that are more difficult to access. Someone fresh to the position may take longer to complete the task.

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These inspections may take longer depending on the house’s age, size, and accessibility. However, you may be wondering how long it takes for an inspection report to be completed, and happily, this does not vary greatly depending on the house. Reports are usually ready in 1-2 days for most inspection services.

What to Do Before a Home Inspection

There are a few factors that might help speed up the home inspection process, especially for people who are curious about how long it takes to complete a home inspection. This will be especially true for people who need to sell soon and are currently using instant offer services such as to expedite the process.

The first thing you can do to speed up a home inspection is to take maintenance receipts for the house ahead of time so the inspector has a better understanding of its history. Simply said, you’ll need to be prepared with documents. This material can be prepared by both sellers and purchasers’ agents.

To speed up the inspection process, difficult-to-access areas of the house, such as crawlspaces and furnaces, might be made more accessible. Any cleaning you can do to clear the house of clutter and make it simpler for the inspector to navigate will help shorten the time it takes for a home inspection.

How Long Does Home Inspection Take To Complete Reddit

The length of home it takes to complete a condo home inspection is determined by the size of the unit, its condition, its age, any additional things, and the buyer’s participation. One hour of inspection time per 1,500 square feet of home size is a decent rule of thumb. For an average-sized single-family house or townhome, the home inspection should take about 3-hours.

Continue reading for more information on the various elements that can influence the length of a home inspection…

#1. The home’s dimensions

The size of the home is arguably the most important element in determining the length of the home inspection. An inspection for a one- or two-level condo, where only the interior is inspected, normally takes around an hour.

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However, you may expect it to take 2-3 hours for 2,000 to 5,000 square foot townhomes or single-family homes. It can take 4-5 hours or more to assess a home larger than 7,500 square feet, but this time can be reduced if a second inspector is present.

As a rough estimate, a home inspection of 1500 square feet should take around one hour to complete.

#2. The home’s age

Following the size of the home, the age of the home is a significant factor to consider. Even if the house is in excellent general shape, it will certainly take at least 30-60 minutes longer to clean than a modern home.

With old houses, we’ll need to keep track of a wide range of systems, repairs, and materials utilized over time. This entails pausing to take additional photos, potentially speaking with our clients more, and simply looking into more possibilities.

Even if an older home is in good shape, we will need to do more to ensure that it is functioning correctly for our clients.

#3. Additional structures and objects

When I undertake a home inspection, the client sometimes forgets to mention that the home has an outbuilding or another structure that they want to be evaluated.

These additional structures, such as in-law suites, can significantly lengthen the inspection process. It’s almost as if you’re inspecting a brand-new structure, even if it’s considerably smaller than the main house.

#4. Buyers’ concerns

Buyers should always attend the home inspection, according to home inspectors (and real estate brokers). That’s excellent, but it can lengthen the home inspection process.

It can take longer if my customer is interested in learning about the house, strolling with me during the home inspection, and asking questions. I’d estimate that a chatty buyer will add 20-30 minutes to the home inspection, if not more.

#5. The home’s condition

The general condition of the house can influence the length of time it takes to complete the inspection. If the home is in bad shape, we’ll be taking a lot of images of the flaws… possibly hundreds. Also, if you want to discover which repairs are required following a home inspection.

We’ll investigate things more extensively because the home inspector is likely to get more nervous about missing a significant defect. It’s risky to overlook severe issues during a home inspection.

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A home in bad condition can take twice as long to sell as a home in good shape. That 5,000-square-foot home that normally takes 3.5 hours to clean could suddenly take 5 hours.

How Long Does Home Inspection Take For a Condo

It is dependent on the size and number of rooms in the home. An average home inspection takes 2–212 hours to complete (1–112 hours for a condo). Given that the average home contains over 500 components, the time spent is well spent.

What Happens After the Inspection?

You have no idea what issues could affect your buying decision if you don’t get a home inspection. The results of an inspection may require you to withdraw your bid in extreme situations. In rare situations, we may request that the repairs be completed by licensed and experienced craftsmen before closing in order to complete that the repair is completed properly. When a warranty is involved, it is possible that the warranty is only valid for the original purchaser and will not transfer to the new buyer. Request Repair Credit so you can take care of items on your own time. Allowing a lack of knowledge or experience to stop your inspector is never a good idea. Even though it isn’t required, it might give you peace of mind knowing you’re on the right track to achieving your home-ownership aspirations. Make the right choice!


How long does it take to complete a condo home inspection? There isn’t a single answer. The length of time it takes to do an inspection is determined by the house’s condition and age, the inspector’s experience, and the accessibility of its systems. Some older properties with concrete walls or inconveniently positioned HVAC systems may take longer to inspect than others; typical homes take about 2-3 hours to inspect.

Home inspections are an important aspect of the home buying process, whether you’re a buyer or a seller. Even though they are not required by law, they are frequently necessary to take a mortgage and to complete offer contracts. Both buyers and sellers can make preparations ahead of time to ensure that home inspections run successfully, such as having the essential papers on hand and ensuring that the house is accessible.

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Following a home inspection, price negotiations and new terms depending on the information revealed during the inspection may occur. You might be wondering how long it takes to complete a condo home inspection, but regardless of how inconvenient they are, they are an important component of homebuying that any buyer or seller should take advantage of. In the long term, it may save both parties time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attend the inspection?

Absolutely. Clients are encouraged to come. The inspection serves as a one-on-one lesson on home ownership.

How much does a home inspection cost?

Our home inspection costs begin at just over $500 for a single-family home and just over $300 for a condo.

1. Is It Okay to Perform the Inspection Myself?

It is not a good idea to inspect your own possible home. Home inspectors are trained to check for items that you might overlook. Unless you are a professional home inspector, you should hire one. A licensed inspector is required by some jurisdictions or financial institutions to complete the inspection.

What Is Covered Under This Inspection?

Home inspections are not all the same, and each state has its own home inspection legal criteria. This does not guarantee that the inspector you select will do an automatic inspection of those products. Before you call the inspectors on your list, make sure you’re familiar with the state’s inspection regulations.

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