A Guide to Sewer Scope Inspection 2023: Overview and Importance


As a prospective homeowner, a home buyer, or a resident, you’re keen to make sure that the big features of your new home are intact. Meanwhile, you give a wink to one stubble that may break your home.

You might be jeopardizing the well-being of yourself and that of your family by being ignorant or forgetful to do the sewer scope inspection on your new apartment. The aftermath may range from dire health issues to heavy debit account on repairs or overall reinstalling of your sewer line system

3mins read from now, you’ll be familiarized with the sewer scope inspection: everything you need to know and why you need a sewer scope inspection. However, before we delve into vital details, let’s understand the subject matter; Sewer Scope

This article aims at providing both homeowners and the professional home inspector with complete knowledge of the sewer scope inspection: all you need to know

Pay attention to the step by step home inspection guide_for the home inspector

What is Sewer Scope?

Most clearly speaking, sewer scope is a scan that is done on the pipeline network that connects a home to the septic tank, HOA tap, or city tank which checks for damages, backups, blockages, or distortions in the sewer line.

It is done with a special device called the sewer scope camera or pipe inspection camera also called the plumber’s camera.

The sewer scope camera is a high-resolution camera with a rear light that is fixed in the front-end of a 9mm wide-160ft length cable which is controlled from the command module.

The camera’s cable is inserted into the sewer line of an apartment. Then, It is navigated by a professional home inspector who receives feedback on the monitor at the control module. He then relates the details gathered from the inspection to the homeowner. also, he makes suggestions for a solution to problems

The home inspector enlightens the homeowner on the current situation or future condition of the house. It’s now on the willingness of the homeowner whether to carry out the purchase of the apartment or fall back to safety.

To disembark in this case is a brilliant decision. Consequently, signing the deal leaves you with the daunting responsibility of repairs or reinstallation. However, either choice is preferred_overlooking_may lead to some health devastating diseases also spending more than intended.


Before delving into why you need a sewer scope inspection and its importance, understand that Sewer Scope inspection is the process of scanning the sewer line of an apartment with the plumber’s camera for debris or inconsistency in the flow lines

How to scope the Sewer for the home Inspector:

There are two phases to a successful sewer home inspection, as an inspector, you should be able to deliver competently in these areas.

Pre-Scope Activities

Before sewer scoping, the home inspector should state his intentions, scoping procedures, and scoping pattern to the homeowner in a written form.

This will make the property owner have foreknowledge of the sewer inspection proceedings. This written information from the home inspector to the homeowner is called; seller’s notice.

A seller’s notice explains concisely the pattern of scope that Will be carried out, how it will be done and where it will be done. It’s also a request to the homeowner for permission to a certain location in the scope area (e.g whether to clean out the toilet or not)

On arrival at the scope area, you should locate the main cover(.I.e. the grand opening access to the sewer lines). After you’ve confirmed the location of your scope access, it’s time you determine the right tools to employ in the operation.

It’s of vital importance to inform the residents not to use the water facilities like the showers, water cistern, drains, sinks, and any other facilities that use the sewer lines.

The  Scope Protocol

To commence the sewer scoping, you should flush throughout the sewer lines. It’s an important practice to keep your camera moist and dirt free, It also keeps the camera afloat making navigation easier.

What To Make Sure Of Before Putting The Sewer Camera In The Sewer Line:

  • Place a cloth of rest around the work spot to avoid messing up the area with dirt and contaminating the soil with debris spilling
  • All the necessary materials and tools for the work should be set up at the spot where the scope will be done, to avoid scattered work tools and confusion in procedures that may paint you as unqualified and unprofessional
  • It’s Important to take photoshoot or video coverage of the work location
  • The camera should be inspected and checked for faults like cracked up devices loosed heads as is can cause damage to the camera and result in an unpaid job
  • Remove your camera head from the cleanout and set up the needed cable connections, then test-run the camera for effective delivery

When the above protocols are competently carried out, Insert the camera in the sewer line and begin to scan. Follow this procedure:

  • Pause at a point of defect for like 5 to 10 seconds this will enable you to document vital details for the homeowner. During the scanning process do not force navigation at any obstacle point.
  • Turn off the water When the camera reaches the end of the sewer that belongs to the homeowner, do not trespass on another homeowner’s property. Always remember never to enter the septic tank, city tap, or many backflow devices

After an accomplished scoping, it’s time for the camera retrieval.

  • Gently pull back the camera while on record. In this case, you’ll pick up data you might have missed during the insertion
  • Scan the work area once again at the successful pull of the camera, this will help check for any strange Development during insertion.
  • Clean your camera head and equipment before packaging. Ensure that you always check your camera head and clean your equipment before and after every scan.

Importance of Sewer Scope Inspection- Why you need it!

As stated earlier, the importance of imploring the future-saving sewer inspection can’t be overemphasized. It exceeds loss reduction and saving money to saving lives. However, in a nutshell…

  • It eliminates extensive damage to the foundation of the house and the collapse of its overall structure
  • Reduces high range expenses for total installation of a new pipeline
  • Dismisses health issues by bacteria infection, fungi, molds, and viruses caused by dampness and mold as a result of backups
  • A home without irritating greens on the wall
  • You live a happy and healthy life

The importance of the sewer scope inspection is key to a happy living, negligence to do the needful sets you up for a regretful future.

Whether you’re concerned about money or something substantial about the sewer scope inspection, the benefits are conclusive on health. Some regrettable situations that may occur due to negligence or ignorance of the subject matter in a nutshell speak volumes

  • You spend more than your budget
  • A Complete root out and reinstallation of the entire sewer network
  • Life-threatening health issues/ disease outbreak
  • Unhealthy living and unhappy lifestyle
  • Eventual death


Health Issues Related to Damage Sewer Line

Clogged sewer lines cause backups and damps in the home, and consequently, a damp area serves as an excellent breeding ground for harmful microbes like bacteria, fungi, and other biohazards which cause illnesses.

Sewage backup carries infections in high concentrations which when hosted by the human body will birth some serious health complications. in a state of prolonged ignorance, it can lead to a loss of life.

Possible Health Impairments And Symptoms


Pneumonitis is simply “inflammation of lung tissue” it comes with devastating discomforts like ash cough, difficulty in breathing with weight loss, and acute fatigue as a result of loss of appetite 

Allergic Rhinitis(Hay Fever)

Allergic rhinitis aka hay fever is an allergic reaction to alleges caused by molds, it’s noticed by sneezing, itchy nose, congestion, and sore throat

Eczema also called Atopic dermatitis

Eczema Sometimes accompanies asthma with itchy and red skin on any part of the body, too bad eczema has no known cure.


Chest tightness of pains accompanied by shortness of breath. To some people, they experience ridiculous wheezing when exhaling from distressed sleep. In a general occurrence, whining and coughs are hyped by colds and viruses.

Weakened Immune System

The longevity of the human body abandons the ability of the immune system to protect it from foreign bodies, otherwise, the Life expectancy of the victim is a thimble full

Heightened stress levels and lots of tummy troubles. trouble are sure indicators of a weakened immune system. In most cases, wounds are slow to heal and The person is vulnerable to diseases

Mold spores

Devastating to people with respiratory issues. They cause eye and skin irritation also worsen respiratory problems

Harmful gasses

Backup in sewer lines produces dangerous gasses like chlorine, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, methane,  hydrogen sulfide, and sulfur dioxide. These get rid of oxygen in the home, which causes difficulty in breathing, and can lead to death.

Symptoms and Causative Organisms

  • parasites. Sewage host organisms like giardia lamblia and roundworms. An infected person may experience diarrhea, nausea, stomach each and fever
  • Bacteria. It causes illnesses like E-coli, typhoid fever, salmonella, cholera. Bacteria infection is noticeable by fever, cramps, vomiting, and mostly headache, fatigue. 

The cost of prevention is cheaper than cure

It costs less to dissolve a pending inconvenience with sewer inspection than solve a full-blown sewer line hassle. The sewer line inspection cost depends on apartment type, the quantity of work, home size, or pipeline complexity.

You’ll get your residential home scoped out anywhere between $100 and $199. The estimated cost to have your commercial property scanned falls around $299 to $700 on the low end. In high-end commercial cleaning, expect a cleanout of around $1,200.

However, the cost for sewer scoping is nothing compared with a total razed-down; rip-out and rebuild sewer network.

According to Forbes, the least amount to repair a damaged pipeline system is $500. It’ll intrigue you to know that “Pipe bursting repair costs $100 to $200 per foot”_homeguidedotcom; calculate that

Contact the nearest sewer scope rentals in the neighborhood when you notice any of these signs in your home

Sewer lines damages and blockages in homes don’t happen unannounced, it has forerunners which if you’re paying attention to, you’ll get information that things aren’t cool underground. It’s of dire consequence not to detect these 5 watches 5 warning hints_inl

  • Molds
  • Slow drain
  • Unusual Green patches on the wall
  • Insect infestation
  • Foundation issues (structure distortion and odors)
  • Damp wall
  • Sinkholes in the compound
  • Flooding inbadassesor damage
  • Yard flooding
  • Foul smell from drains and sewer odors

Causes of Sewer line problems in a nutshell

These 5 badasses are guilty of all the sewer line issues in the world

  • Settlings. Over time, due to bad ground, the sewer pipe may sag which makes the sewage begin to suspend at a spot resulting in a clogged sewer line
  • Root. Tree roots travel deep in the soil at the smell of water, it can crack through the pipe to feed off the water. This leads to pipe leakage or backups.
  • Ground shifting. some natural occurrences like earthquakes or seismic events can cause misalignment in the sewer line
  • Unprofessional installation. Improperly fitted curves and broken connections are the main cause of sewer line problems.
  • Poor quality/outdated pipe. Houses before the 1960s were Underland with clay pipes or concrete lines, these pipes disintegrate over time causing the absolute collapse of the sewer line system

If you’re living in a house built before 1960, you need the sewer scope inspection to be on the safe side.


As a homeowner or a scope inspector, it’s valuable to know and utilize the sewer scope inspection for maximum benefits. As a property owner, you don’t need a second thought to contact the nearest sewer scope rental next door.

The amount that you would have used for a total repair or battling a severe health impairment as a result of dampness and mold should be fragmented to scope your sewer and relieve yourself of the hassle.

You have at least twice the amount you used in purchasing the sewer scope camera within a year.

As a sewer scope inspector, assume that you purchase the sewer camera for $300; being good at what you do you’re sure to have floods of patronage in Seattle.

The sewer scope in Seattle at the lowest pricing is $100. Let’s say 50 patronages at $100 in one year. Do the math: $100×50=$5000. How much did you purchase that sewer camera again? It’s a very lucrative venture. 



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