33+ Best Gifts For Realtors In 2023

33+ Best Gifts For Realtors In 2023
33+ Best Gifts For Realtors In 2023

If you’ve recently bought or sold a home with the assistance of a professional real estate agent, you know how valuable they were throughout this major life event. Perhaps they sold your home faster than you expected or were able to get you a higher price in the challenging market of late 2022. If you were a buyer and interest rates were going up, your agent may have helped you look into great options that would meet your family’s needs the best. Here are some great ideas for the best 33+ closing gifts as well as Christmas gifts for clients and buyers for Realtors in 2023 to help you say thank you.

Closing Gifts for Realtors

After closing, you are not required to give realtors Christmas gifts. Gifts at closing are uncommon for realtors and other real estate agents. It’s not that their clients don’t appreciate their efforts; it’s just that most home sellers and buyers are too busy moving after closing to think about closing gifts from realtors.

Many realtors are delighted when clients send them gifts after closing because it is unexpected; however, it is greatly appreciated. If you’re looking for 33+ closing gifts and Christmas gifts for clients and buyers for Realtors in 2023 that will show how much you appreciate them, you don’t need to look any further. Here are our top 33+ closing gifts and Christmas gifts for clients and buyers for realtors in 2023.

#1. Referrals and reviews

Real estate agents do not become one-hit wonders and go out of business quickly because they receive referrals and reviews from satisfied clients. The backbone of an agent’s business is referrals. Agents may be scratching in the dirt for clients if they do not receive referrals.

#2.  Gourmet gift baskets

Busy agents may not have time to sit down and eat regularly. Food will likely be put on the back burner during a hectic day. Gourmet gift baskets contain a variety of delectable treats such as nuts, crackers, cheese, cookies, fruit, candy, chocolate, baked goods, and other items.

#3. Gift certificates

Gift certificates are the ideal all-purpose present. They come in almost any denomination and can be purchased from online stores or retail outlets such as department stores, bookstores, gas stations, or local restaurants. Restaurants are excellent options because not every agent has someone cook dinner for them.

#4. Flowers

Flowers make excellent gifts, especially when they arrive unexpectedly. There are many choices, from seasonal bouquets in unique vases to exotic plants like bonsai or miniature palm trees. Best of all, most orders can be delivered on the same day.

#5. Condiments and spice sets

Quality spices, herbs, and specialty condiments, such as Caribbean hot sauces or barbecue sauces, make excellent closing gifts because they are both useful and unique. Traditional grocery-store brands will never compare to your gift after your agent samples fresh, high-quality gourmet spices.

#6. Tea or wine?

If realtors enjoy wine tasting and fine wines, bottles of wine make thoughtful, perfect closing gifts. Ports, Chateauneuf-du-Pape from the French Southern Rhone, California Cabernet, Italian Pinot Grigio, and Australian Shiraz are all excellent choices. Consider tea or coffee gift sets if they don’t drink alcohol.

#7. Trinkets and jewelry

It is not necessary to give a diamond tennis bracelet or anything extravagant, but pins, brooches, charms, or sliders are appropriate. Cufflinks, key chains, and money clips are all options. Valets and jewelry boxes also make excellent gifts.

#8. Digital Photo Frames

Digital picture frames have the onboard memory that can store dozens of digital photographs and display them in a slideshow. They can be great additions to someone’s desk or hallway table because they are either battery-powered or use a plug-in adapter.

#9. Custom engraved gifts

A wide range of items suitable for realtors closing gifts can be engraved or monogrammed. There are so many things you can make, like candle sets, pens, desk clocks, and coffee mugs. If you want to make the gift even more personal, include a thank-you note that says how grateful you are for their help.

#10. Collectibles

If you know that your real estate agent is passionate about a certain hobby or interest, you can show that you care by giving them a figurine, sculpture, print, or another item that shows that passion or interest. This shows that you were thoughtful and interested in what they liked to do outside of work.

Clients Gifts For Realtors

While tailoring realtors gifts to different clients is a common best practice, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel with each person you work with. Keep a list of realtors’ gifts for clients on hand. Consider the following client gifts for realtors:

#11. Custom engraved tumbler

The first thing on our list of client gifts for realtors is this tumbler that has been engraved just for them. It’s critical to stay hydrated when you’re constantly on the move, as these professionals are! Alternatively, caffeinate

#12. Key to our home engraved cutting board

If your clients like to cook, grill, and have parties, they will love this bamboo cutting board with an antique key design that you can engrave for them. This multi-functional piece can be used for kitchen prep, serving cheese and hors d’oeuvres, or as a decorative piece on a shelf or kitchen counter.

#13. Home sweet home indoor-outdoor doormat

A doormat is likely to be one of the first home purchases your clients make, either outside in front of their door or inside in their foyer or hallway. It’s a useful present that will remind them of your assistance in finding them a home every time they see it.

#14. Home address customized garden stone

With this custom garden stone, you can provide your clients with a one-of-a-kind way to display their new home address. Select the text color and icon to be displayed within the design, as well as their address, street name, and other information. If you don’t want to include their names, simply write “welcome” at the top of the page.

#15. Vintage real estate agent plaque

Choose this vintage-style real estate agent plaque for a special keepsake gift that your realtor or real estate agent will treasure for years to come. It is handcrafted in the United States and measures 23.75′′ x 11′′ x 1′′, not including the 3.75′′-tall hanging name board.

#16. Real estate agent locket

If you’re looking for thoughtful client gifts for stylish realtors, look no further than Lola Bella Gifts’ delicate crystal real estate agent necklace.

#17. Customized business card holder

Finding excellent gifts for real estate agents does not have to be difficult. When it comes from the heart, even a simple office staple like a business card holder can mean a lot.

#18. “New home smell” candle

Candles are another excellent way to create a peaceful and calm environment at work or home. This amusing New Home Smell Candle does the job with a sense of humor and a dash of style.

#19. Real estate agent’s adult coloring book

It is beneficial to think outside the box when selecting gifts for realtors. If your agent has a sense of humor, something like this cute adult coloring book might be a good fit.

#20. Coffee is for closers” mug

This nerdy Coffee is for Closers Real Estate Agent Coffee Mug is another fun gift idea for the real estate agent in your life. This mug is simple yet appealing and can be used for everyday coffee drinking, as a pen holder, or as another piece of office décor.

Gifts For Realtors From Buyers

Buyers’ best gifts for realtors are those that are personalized and one-of-a-kind. Personalized gifts will stand out in the minds of your clients and leave a lasting impression. Here is a list of gifts for realtors from buyers.

#21. Ring video doorbell

Smart doorbells are an ideal technological addition to a new home. The Ring Video Doorbell is a small and inexpensive doorbell that provides your client with security, protection, and peace of mind.

#22. Roomba

The ultimate in convenience is a Roomba robot vacuum. This gift is ideal for clients who have small children or pets, as messes are unavoidable. With a Roomba, you can save them the stress of cleaning.

#23. Personalized return address stamp

A custom return address stamp is the perfect gift to help your client celebrate their new home. This is an especially thoughtful gift during the holiday season when your client will be sending cards and blessings to all of their friends and family.

#24. Hello Fresh gift card

Meal kit delivery services have grown in popularity in recent years as a convenient way for busy people to prepare healthy meals quickly and easily. A Hello Fresh gift card is ideal for clients who are new to cooking, want to make more time for it or want to be inspired to use their new kitchen.

#25. Artisan charcuterie & wine tray

With this artisan charcuterie and wine tray, you can put a new spin on the traditional gift basket. To help your client celebrate their dream home, give them a luxurious housewarming gift of cheeses, crackers, wines, dips, and other gourmet foods.

#26. Coffee sample pack

Is your client a coffee expert? Give them this coffee sample pack so they can wake up with energy in their new home every morning. This coffee sampler includes a variety of flavors so they can find their new favorite.

#27. French trio wine gift basket

A bottle of wine is a traditional choice for a real estate closing gift. This French Wine Trio Basket includes two red wines, one white wine, and chocolate treats to go with them.

Christmas Gifts For Realtors

We’ve compiled a list of 33+ closing gifts, Christmas gifts for clients and buyers for realtors in 2023, and some of our favorite holiday realtor gifts. From sweet chocolate treats to celebratory champagne toasts to holiday gift towers and little somethings for your golfing buddies, this list of the best gifts for realtors for Christmas under $100 is organized from least expensive to most expensive.

#28. Spiritual gift

This lovely gift book is about joy, gratitude, appreciation, kindness, and love, not religious beliefs. May You Be Blessed is full of heartwarming stories, beautiful photos, and ideas that can change your life. It’s the perfect book for a new start in a new home!

#29. Holiday cheer!

Send warm holiday greetings with this cheerful reindeer nutcracker in a keepsake box.

#30. Personalized Christmas ornament

Christmas is the ideal time to express how much your real estate agent means to you and your family. Ornaments are a classic holiday gift that your agent will appreciate year after year.

#31. Holiday welcome doormats

During this and every holiday season, assist your client in creating a warm welcome for friends and family, whether indoors or outdoors.

#32. Ultimate beer lover gift

Our favorite beer enthusiast’s present is no longer available. Please allow us a few weeks to find a suitable replacement. If you have any suggestions, please share them with us.

#33. It’s game on!

A new home should be for mom, dad, and the kids, so why not make every day special for them with this one-of-a-kind and entertaining gift set? This gift is filled to the brim with days’ worth of great family fun and tons of delicious treats, and it makes an excellent housewarming gift for the entire family.

That brings us to the end of our list of 33+ closing gifts as well as Christmas gifts for clients and buyers for Realtors in 2023. We hope you found the ideal gift for your agent on our list, or at the very least some ideas to help you in your search.

Is it proper etiquette to get your realtor a gift?

There are no rules prohibiting you from giving a gift to your realtor, but it is not expected. The only exception is when the value of the gift exceeds $15,000, in which case gift taxes apply.

What a good present for a realtor!

Best Realtor Gifts in 2022:

  • Power bank on the go
  • A customized cross pen
  • Distance measurement with a laser
  • Professional lens set
  • Keurig K-café coffee maker, latte maker, and cappuccino maker
  • Realtor superhero mug
  • Bluetooth speaker JBL Flip 4
  • Foot massager Shiatsu

How do you thank your real estate agent?

Dear [real estate agent or REALTOR® name], Thank you so much for your assistance with the purchase and sale of our home. We appreciated your patience and expertise in making the process simple and easy to understand for us. Your advice was invaluable to us, and I don’t believe we could have done it without you.

How much should I spend on a client gift to my realtor?

However, some experts believe that a budget should be established based on the gross commission of the sale. A good rule of thumb is to spend 1-5% of the gross commission income for that deal on a closing gift for a client.

How much should you spend on a closing gift?

Your market determines how much money you spend on a closing gift first. As a general rule, spend between 1 and 5% of your gross commission.

Should you get your realtor a Christmas gift?

A realtor gift is neither required nor expected. You can, however, purchase a gift to express your gratitude for everything your real estate agent did to help you buy or sell your home.


33+ closing gifts for Realtors in 2023, as well as Christmas gifts for clients and buyers, are an important part of the closing process and should not be overlooked. Don’t be concerned if you’re a new agent who can’t afford any extravagant gifts. Give your client a small gift if you can afford it, as this will leave a better impression than nothing at all.

These 33+ closing gifts and Christmas gifts for clients and buyers for Realtors in 2023 are a great way to help your client celebrate living in their new dream home. With these thoughtful gifts, you will put a smile on their face, and they will remember you as the one who helped them start their new chapter!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good gift for a realtor?

The best gift for a realtor depends on your realtor’s needs, preferences, and personality. Consider realtor-specific items (like personalized signs, business card holders, or mugs), products that can assist them with showings or sales (like planners or laser measuring tools), or non-related items that correspond to a specific interest that your realtor has shared with you.

Can realtors accept gifts from clients?

Yes, while it is not required to give your realtor anything, they are permitted to accept gifts. If you decide to buy a gift for your realtor, don’t forget to leave a positive review on their website as well. One of the best gifts you can give is to refer your realtor to friends and family.

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