Housewarming Gifts For Men: 47 Top Picks In 2023

Housewarming Gifts For Men
Housewarming Gifts For Men

Shopping for the perfect present is difficult enough—you want to make sure it matches the recipient’s style and personality. But, more significantly, when buying a housewarming present, you want it to be something practical. Kitchen essentials, candles, and coasters are always safe bets to give to a host, but if you’re looking for more creative housewarming gift ideas—especially if you’re searching for the best DIY housewarming gifts ideas for the good men in your life—this list has you covered.

Whether you want to match his interests (there are plenty of options for sports fans, TV and movie buffs, musicians, craft beer lovers, and aspiring home chefs) or you just want to give him something stylish he’ll love to decorate his apartment with, these are some of the best DIY housewarming gifts ideas for any good men.

Best Housewarming Gifts for Men

He’s got a new place and it will definitely be a reason for celebration. Take the time to select a housewarming present that is not only utilitarian but also fits his taste and style. Choose a housewarming present that will be appreciated by the entire family and will also impress his guests. Here are some of the best DIY housewarming gifts for good men:

#1. State cutting board

It includes laser-engraved artwork that highlights all the state’s beautiful vistas and locales, from Atlanta to Savannah; Rome to Athens; and the Okefenokee Swamp to Chattahoochee Forest.

#2. Housewarming candleholder

This solid beech-wood double and triple tea light house warming candleholders can be personalized with a couple’s initial names, a year, and the house number and street name. These wooden candle holders are ideal for homemade housewarming or anniversary gifts for men.

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#3. Cocktail mixology shaker set 

A new home necessitates new gatherings and festivities. Consider him experiencing the rich flavor of his favorite, freshly prepared cocktail in the comfort of his own home. This stunning cocktail mixology shaker set allows you to do just that.

#4. Ash with a class-folding cigar ashtray set

This Folding Wood Cigar Ash Tray Set is an ideal housewarming gift for any cigar enthusiast. It’s made of walnut wood and comes with a matching set of stainless steel cigar accessories, including a guillotine cutter, lighter, cigar bed, and stainless steel ash reservoir.

#5. The grill master 

Consider a beautiful sunny day with your friends, with each of you taking turns at the grill. Isn’t it true that this dream scene would be even better if everyone’s grilling tools matched? This practical gift is ideal for a housewarming present.

#6. Meridia electric wine opener set  

This Meridia Electric Wine Opener Set is a wine opener kit that automatically removes corks in 7 seconds! The wine foil cutter makes it simple to remove seals, while the wine stopper keeps the wine fresh. This powerful and rechargeable cordless wine opener packed in a quality box is one of the greatest DIY housewarming gifts for men!

#7. Top-quality Damascus steel knives

Send your man a housewarming gift that will have him in a meat-chopping frenzy with these top-quality Damascus steel knives designed to fulfill his cutting needs. Of course, only meats, vegetables, seafood, or anything else that can be eaten should be sliced.

#8. Golden tool

Living alone or relocating to a new home may appear glamorous and exciting, but it is not without its obstacles. Along the road, there will be a lot of installing and fixing, and you may equip your man by giving him this Tool’s Gold as a housewarming gift. The personalized box includes all of his equipment, from a hammer and wrench to pliers and drill bits.

#9. Superbike clock

A house will be more of a home if it has a clock that reminds its owner how valuable time is. With its macho style, this Super Bike Clock elevates the use of a wall clock. It is made of vinyl and features a motorcycle design as well as a kph meter in the center to add to the road trip atmosphere. He only needs one AA battery to make his man cave even cooler.

#10. Personalized guitar beach towel

Men use towels practically anywhere they can think of, including the beach, the bathroom, and even the living room. So, send this Personalized Guitar Beach Towel to your guitar or music fanatic guy and let him cover or dry himself in style. This towel is printed on one side only and is comprised of 52 percent cotton and 48 percent polyester. The non-printed side is made of terry fabric, which makes the towel more absorbent.

Good Housewarming Gifts For Men

Our gift selection offers the best items to outfit your friend’s new room, whether they are moving into a new house or are first-time home buyers. If you’ve been invited to a housewarming party or are simply searching for something new for a friend’s new home, we found some wonderful best DIY housewarming gifts ideas for good men.

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#1. Food and beverage smoker

The ideal complement for adding a smoky scent and flavor to your culinary and mixology creations! In less than a minute, the stylishly simple Gramercy Kitchen Co. smoke infuser machine adds the ideal finishing touch to your meal or drinks. Our handheld smoke infuser is designed to be the ideal size for smoking your dishes and drinks with cool INDOOR smoke, improving your gourmet cooking abilities. It’s likely to become his favorite cooking tool.

#2. Gift set for coffee

This coffee gift set is an excellent way to start the day. The box includes eight whole bean coffee bags and a French press. The coffee is USDA organic, and each batch is hand-roasted with Uganda whole coffee beans.

#3. Sandwich maker for breakfast

That’s when Hamilton Beach’s Breakfast Sandwich Maker comes in handy. It’s all about making a quick and easy breakfast sandwich. Simply select your bread and add on the fixings of your choice: eggs, cheese, precooked meat, or other goodies. Your precisely built breakfast sandwich is ready to consume in five minutes or less. You can make your breakfast sandwich with an almost limitless number of fresh ingredients.

#4. Sonos speakers

Small but powerful speaker for music streaming and more. With Play:1, you can get rich, room-filling sound and control it with the Sonos app. The small size allows it to fit into almost any place. Place it on your kitchen counter or on your workplace bookcase.

#5. Set of cocktail shakers

Make a statement with your barware! This kit includes everything you need to serve a variety of tasty cocktails to friends and family. It’s a must-have for your next get-together. The ultra-sleek Parisian shaker has a modern body made of strong stainless steel that can handle even the most intense mixing and shaking!

#6. Clean dirty dishwasher magnets.

Tired of wondering whether your dishes are filthy or clean? Eureka! When the dishes are done, simply swipe the indicator to tell the rest of the family. Our dishwasher magnet has a robust sliding mechanism with bold and clear writing that can be read from a distance, making this magnetic sign extremely handy!

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#7. House slippers

Put these on to keep your feet warm and comfortable. These moc-style slippers are constructed of odor-resistant fabric. The closed-back design ensures that the slippers stay on your feet while you walk, which is especially useful when climbing stairs or going downstairs. Your feet can breathe thanks to the cotton knit upper and moisture-wicking terry inner. The entire slipper is machine washable, making it simple to remove perspiration, grime, or stains.

#8. Work apron

Whether you’re working in the yard or the kitchen, this apron has you covered. This simple, traditional apron is made for durability and convenience. It has one leather chest pocket as well as three lower canvas pockets, two vertical and one kangaroo style. There is a leather loop on either side for professional looks such as a hammer, wine key, bottle opener, and so on. Pockets with double stitching will not lose shape over time.

#9. Gerber multi-pliers

The Needlenose Multi-plier has everything you need to tackle challenging tasks and tricky situations, thanks to its industrial strength, easy handling, and remarkable adaptability.

It features sturdy construction with 12 stainless steel tools that are larger and more durable than typical, as well as Gerber’s patented Saf.T.Plus component locking mechanism and the ease of quick, wrist-flick deployment.

#10. Electric wine bottle opener

Remove the cork from your favorite wines and spirits fast and easily. It can open up to 30 bottles per charge. With an elegant black mat finish – an eye-catching addition to any room.

Ideas for Housewarming Gifts for Men

When an old friend invites you to his housewarming party, the most difficult challenge you may face is finding a party gift that he would appreciate. It may be difficult to obtain something he will treasure, yet arriving empty-handed is impolite. Good DIY housewarming gifts for men can be difficult to find, so here are some wonderful gift ideas to help you buy housewarming gifts for men.

#1. Globe Decanter

It is a globe whiskey decanter with a stand, ideal for individuals who enjoy displaying their favorite spirit. A stunning piece of glassware that is both beautiful and useful. Whiskey enthusiasts will like this glass globe-shaped carafe, which allows you to relish the flavor of your favorite libation.

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#2. Dartboard

The basic dartboard is a classic gift for men. Dartboards are made from self-healing sisal bristle fibers to last longer. Darts are provided, however additional darts can be purchased. Serious players can benefit from more professional dart sets with scoreboard fixtures.

#3. Surveillance camera

They are ideal for new homeowners if they admire high-tech security cameras. There are many different types of surveillance cameras to pick from, so you can find one that fits your budget. Most PoE cameras include additional security features. You can acquire built-in speakers or screens for dogs, so your friend can talk to their owners at home.

#4. Smart pot

The smart pot is a useful gift that keeps on giving to a busy man who enjoys fresh herbs in his cooking but doesn’t have time to garden. The intelligent vessel waters plants and has lighting designed to encourage plant growth.

#5. Charging station

A charging dock is one of the most useful housewarming gifts. A charging station for smartphones, watches, and tablets. The charging station conceals electrical cords, ensuring that it is constantly neat. Organizers keep items in place and may charge numerous gadgets at the same time.

#6. Cooking equipment

From sous vide immersion circulators to portable blenders. Cooking tools are the ideal housewarming present for folks who enjoy spending time in the kitchen. Consider tools with multiple functions and those that are readily cleaned.

#7. Picture frames

Memory frames are considerate gifts for men that demonstrate this. Picture frames come in a variety of materials, including mahogany and metal.

#8. Aromatherapy diffusers

Diffusers make an excellent housewarming present because homes should smell inviting. Electric oil diffusers provide aroma while eliminating odors such as dirty clothes.

#9. First-aid cabinet

A well-stocked medicine cabinet will come in handy for the new homeowner. Bandages, splinter probes, and tweezers are always useful at the most inconvenient moments.

#10. Secret safe

A hidden safe or high-quality deposit box is a useful gift for him. Some safes resemble books or cans, while others resemble plastic houseplants. Cash, documents, and other valuables can be hidden in the strongbox by your friend.

DIY Housewarming Gifts For Men

Ready to manufacture and deliver a gift that will impress the new homeowners in your life? Ahead, we’re sharing our best DIY housewarming gifts ideas for men that you can make from a good heart.

#1. Knit potholders

These kitchen accessories are ideal for a new homeowner who is currently assembling their housewares collection. Begin by casting on 24 stitches and deciding on the width and placement of the stripes, which are made with cotton twill tape.

#2. Tea-filled candles

If the new homeowner in your life enjoys tea, utilize the cherished beverage to encourage another house necessity: a candle.

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#3. Geometric area rug

Outfitting a new house may be difficult, especially when it comes to arranging furniture and getting the rest of the décor to suit perfectly. This is where a good rug comes in.

#4. Monogram mugs

Make customized mugs for your loved ones. Our marbleized design incorporates initials. You can use the same monogram design or go a step further and include someone’s entire name or a meaningful quote.

#5. Gift set

Consider these trendy takes on gift baskets to be tailored coziness. They’re loaded with high-end hot beverage supplies.

#6. DIY housewarming gift basket

DIY gift baskets make fantastic housewarming gifts, and let me tell you, there is nothing nicer to this Southern girl than throwing a few of my favorite things into a basket and giving my beloved friends a gift.

#7. Batter bowl DIY baking gift basket

This homemade present idea is ideal for anyone and any occasion. Even folks who don’t know how to cook or bake appear to enjoy culinary treats! This would be a great thank-you gift, housewarming gift, birthday gift, Christmas present, or anything else!


Moving into a new home is an exciting time, especially for first-time buyers. Receiving a meaningful gift from loved ones who are thinking of them throughout this critical period will be that much more wonderful when they are unpacking all of their boxes and settling in. Whether the new homeowners in your life enjoy cooking or want to plant the most beautiful garden in the neighborhood, we’ve compiled a list of the best DIY housewarming gifts ideas for the good men in your life to help them perfect their space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you give someone who just moved into a new house?

  • A gift certificate to a neighboring restaurant (preferably one that delivers)
  • A beautiful candle.
  • Baked goods that are fresh.
  • Flowers in a lovely vase
  • It’s a plant.
  • A good set of food storage containers.
  • A warm blanket.
  • A personalized reminder of their previous residence.

How much should you spend on housewarming gift?

Anything between $20 and $50

While fantastic housewarming presents come in many price ranges, budget between $20 and $50. If that is more than you can afford, consider teaming up on a present with others who know the new homeowner or are invited to the party.

When should you give a housewarming gift?

According to Meier, the conventional timeline for presenting a housewarming gift is between the first three and six months following move-in. “Always bring a present to a housewarming party,” she advises.

What do you put in a housewarming hamper?

As previously stated, I chose a housewarming basket theme, so I instantly thought of kitchen supplies. Cooking utensils, seasonings, tea towels, oils, and any other products found in a kitchen would be ideal for this basket.

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