The majority of life insurance eligibility is determined by your current health and medical history. If you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, you may believe that you are ineligible for life insurance or that your premium will be prohibitively expensive. People with well-controlled diabetes, on the other hand, can usually qualify for life insurance and find a rate that fits their budget. When shopping for life insurance as a diabetic, selecting the right provider is critical. The best life insurance companies for diabetics in 2023 provide low rates, a variety of policy options, and living benefit riders. See which of the best life insurance companies we recommend for people who have type 1 or type 2 diabetics, as well as talk about Term and Whole life insurance for diabetics.

Life Insurance Options for Diabetics

According to Fidelity Life, people with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetics have several life insurance options.

  • If you have Type 1 diabetes, your pancreas produces little to no insulin, a hormone that regulates blood glucose levels. Diabetes type 1 is also referred to as insulin-dependent diabetes or juvenile diabetes.
  • In Type 2 diabetes, the most common type of the disease, your body fails to regulate insulin properly. Adult-onset diabetes is another name for type 2 diabetes.

Life Insurance For Diabetics Type 1

Also known as juvenile diabetes, Type 1 diabetes tends to develop in children, teens, or young adults. In this type of diabetes, the pancreas either does not produce insulin or produces very little insulin. This type of diabetes is less common, affecting only 5-10% of all diabetics.

A family history of Type 1 diabetes, such as having a parent or sibling with the disease, can increase your risk. Type 1 diabetes requires insulin in the form of a pill or a shot. While Type 1 diabetes cannot be cured, a healthy diet and lifestyle can help you avoid complications and manage it.

Because Type 1 diabetes appears when people are younger and requires regular medication to control, it can be more difficult for people with Type 1 diabetes to obtain life insurance than people with Type 2 diabetes. A healthy lifestyle, on the other hand, can help you expand your options. According to Fidelity Life, people with mild or moderate diabetes can purchase term or permanent life insurance.

Life Insurance For Diabetics Type 2

Type 2 diabetes affects approximately 90-95% of diabetics in the United States. Type 2 diabetes develops most often in people over the age of 45, but more kids and young adults are beginning to develop the disease. This type of diabetes is caused by insulin resistance, in which your cells do not respond normally to insulin, resulting in blood sugar spikes.

Being overweight, being over the age of 45, and being physically inactive are all risk factors for Type 2 diabetes. Your ethnicity and family history may also put you at risk. Pre-diabetes is the precursor to type 2 diabetes, and it affects one in every three adults in the United States (over 88 million).

When it comes to life insurance for Type 2 diabetics, you have more options than for Type 1 diabetics because you can control it with medication rather than insulin. Type 2 diabetes is thought to be easier to manage.

However, risk factors for Type 2 diabetes, such as obesity, can affect life insurance eligibility. When you have Type 2 diabetes, you are more likely to develop co-occurring conditions like heart disease, kidney disease, and dementia, which can affect your life insurance options and rates.

Best Life Insurance for Diabetics

The best diabetic life insurance companies have evaluated and provided life insurance coverage to diabetics with all types of medical histories, including those with diabetes. Some provide coverage or limits that address specific financial concerns shared by diabetics, whereas others may only provide diabetics with guaranteed-issue policies with no underwriting requirements. The following are a few of the best insurance companies for diabetics to consider for policy options in 2023.

Keep in mind that the type of policy you want and the amount of coverage you require will determine the best life insurance for you and your medical condition. It is beneficial to investigate and compare all of your options before deciding on the best life insurance policy for you.

  • John Hancock Life Insurance: Best Overall
  • Banner: Best Term for Type 2 Diabetics
  • Mutual of Omaha: Best for No-Med-Exam
  • Pacific Life Insurance: Best For Fewest Complaints

#1. John Hancock Life Insurance: BEST OVERALL

Based on our analysis of 90 life insurance providers, we determined that John Hancock is the best overall life insurance company for diabetics. People with type 1 or type 2 diabetes can get life insurance with a variety of unique benefits and a potential discount of up to 25% through the company’s Aspire program. Furthermore, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, John Hancock has an A+ (Superior) rating from AM Best for financial strength and has received very few complaints over the last three years (NAIC).


  • Aspire program is designed specifically for diabetics.
  • Diabetes management tools are discounted.
  • There are policy discounts available.


  • Aspire is not available in every country.
  • No online quotes


Banner is an excellent choice for life insurance for diabetics who have type 2 diabetes. People with well-controlled type 2 diabetes may be able to purchase a term life insurance or universal life insurance policy through Banner’s standard plus underwriting class. However, type 2 diabetics who have complications or an A1C of more than 10% are likely to be denied. While Banner has fewer policy options than some of its competitors, it is an excellent option for a term-life policy. In fact, it is one of our top recommendations for the best term life insurance companies.


  • Type 2 diabetics may be eligible for the standard plus rate class.
  • Stacking coverage with term riders is an option.
  • Maximum term lengths of 40 years


  • Policy options are limited.

#3. Mutual of Omaha: BEST FOR NO-MED-EXAM

If you are at least 45 years old, Mutual of Omaha offers simplified and guaranteed-issue, no-medical-exam life insurance. This type of coverage is often referred to as final expense insurance or burial insurance. In fact, Mutual of Omaha is our top choice for the best burial insurance companies in 2023. Diabetics who have been unable to obtain coverage elsewhere may be able to obtain coverage through this type of policy. Furthermore, some policies include no-cost accelerated benefits for chronic and terminal illnesses.


  • Diabetics can get guaranteed-issue coverage.
  • Some policies include multiple riders for free living expenses.
  • A good selection of optional riders is available.
  • There are online quotes and applications available.


  • You must be 45 years old, to purchase guaranteed-issue coverage.

#4. Pacific Life Insurance: BEST FOR FEWEST COMPLAINTS

Pacific Life has the fewest complaints among our best life insurance companies for diabetics and the second-fewest complaints of the 90 life insurance providers in our database. This indicates that Pacific Life’s customer service and claim handling are generally well-liked by policyholders. In addition, the company came in fourth place in the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Individual Life Insurance Study.

Diabetics who are unsure about the type of policy they want should look into Pacific Life, which has a large selection and an excellent reputation for customer service. Pacific Life, unlike some of the other providers we looked at, offers term life, whole life, universal life, indexed universal life, and variable universal life insurance.


  • Our top-ranked providers have the fewest complaints.
  • Well-ranked for customer satisfaction.
  • Various policies are available.
  • Term and permanent policies have high issue ages.


  • I’m unable to obtain a quote online.

Other Best Life Insurance Options For Diabetics

#1. Permanent life insurance for diabetics

Permanent life insurance is more expensive than term life insurance. Also, Permanent life insurance, such as whole life insurance or universal life insurance, pays out a death benefit to beneficiaries and also allows for the accumulation of cash value within the policy. The cash value can be used to supplement retirement income or to pay medical bills. Permanent life insurance covers you for the rest of your life, as long as you pay the required premiums.

#2. Guaranteed issue life insurance

You cannot be denied coverage with guaranteed issue life insurance, and there is no medical exam. If you are unable to obtain a traditional policy due to severe diabetes, guaranteed issue life insurance may be a last-resort option.

Another thing to consider is that guaranteed issue policies have graduated death benefits. If you die within the first few years of the policy, your beneficiaries will not receive the full death benefit. Instead, they will receive a sum equal to the premiums you paid, plus interest.

Before you buy this type of policy, consult with a life insurance agent to see if you would be turned down for other policies. Guaranteed-issue life insurance is typically costly in relation to the amount of coverage provided.

#3. Group life insurance

It’s also a good idea to make the most of any group life insurance provided by your employer. This type of life insurance covers all employees collectively, but no employees are required to reveal their medical history. Death benefits for group life insurance are typically low, often a year’s salary or a lump sum. Increase your coverage if you can without having to prove “insurability.”

Whole Life Insurance For Diabetics

Whole life insurance is a popular type of coverage for diabetics. Many people can benefit from permanent life insurance that also offers cash value growth over time. There are numerous applications for purchasing the best whole life insurance for diabetes, as it is a very versatile type of insurance product. Some people prefer the idea of a cash-value policy, while others prefer a whole-life policy to cover burial costs and other end-of-life expenses.

For whatever reason, many misconceptions about diabetes and whole life insurance persist. People frequently ask, “Can a diabetic get whole life insurance?” Yes! If you have a type of diabetes, you may be eligible for whole life insurance. Diabetes is NOT an automatic reason for a reduction in coverage.

Whole life insurance is an excellent safety net that you can purchase to ensure that your loved ones have the funds they require in the event that you die. When you apply for whole life insurance for type 2 diabetics, the insurance company will consider dozens of different factors when reviewing your application, which will determine your final rates. When a life insurance company reviews your complete health profile, your Diabetes history will be one of many determining factors.

Term Life Insurance For Diabetics

Diabetics with well-controlled diabetes may benefit from term life insurance. Term life insurance protects you for a set period of time, typically ranging from 10 to 30 years. It is the most affordable and flexible type of insurance, making it a natural fit for the majority of people. To determine your eligibility, you may be required to take a medical exam, which includes a review of your medical information and health history. An agent can assist you in weighing your options: Some companies may be better choices for people with diabetes than others.

How Much Is Best Life Insurance for Diabetics?

The cost of life insurance for Type 1 diabetics

According to Guy Baker, founder and managing director of the Wealth Teams Alliance wealth advisory firm, someone with Type 1 diabetes will likely struggle to qualify for life insurance, let alone find affordable coverage. This is due, in part, to the fact that someone with Type 1 diabetes must always control the disease with shots or pills.

Your life insurance premium will be determined by several factors, including your age, blood sugar levels, diet, exercise, medication, and whether your diabetes is affecting other organs.

The cost of life insurance for Type 2 diabetics

Meanwhile, Baker claims that diabetics with Type 2 diabetes are “much more likely to be insurable.” Why? Type 2 diabetes is generally easier to manage than Type 1, in part because people with Type 2 diabetes still produce insulin.

While you may be able to obtain life insurance, be prepared for the quotes. According to a Policygenius study, having Type 2 diabetes “significantly affects” the cost of life insurance. Furthermore, younger applicants with Type 2 diabetes will see higher quote increases than older applicants.

Can Someone With Diabetics Get Life Insurance?

While diabetes is a preexisting condition, diabetics can still obtain life insurance. Type 2 diabetes, on the other hand, is usually easier to qualify for coverage.

Type 2 diabetes is frequently diagnosed later in life and is treatable. Furthermore, Type 1 diabetes, on the other hand, is more difficult to treat. As a result, people with type 1 diabetes typically pay higher premiums for coverage than those with type 2.

Many life insurance companies require proof that your diabetes is well-managed and that you are under the care of a physician in order to approve you for life insurance as a diabetic. It will not only help you qualify for coverage, but it may also lower your rate.

Type 2 diabetics are eligible for life insurance. Type 2 diabetics, on average, have an easier time obtaining coverage than type 1 diabetics. This is because type 2 diabetes can be managed more easily through lifestyle changes such as weight loss and medication, whereas type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that can last a lifetime.

Furthermore, studies have shown that people with type 1 diabetes typically have a shorter lifespan than type 2 diabetics, making it more difficult to qualify for life insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do diabetics pay more for life insurance?

As a result, people with type 1 diabetes typically pay higher premiums for coverage than those with type 2. Many life insurance companies require proof that your diabetes is well-managed and that you are under the care of a physician in order to approve you for life insurance as a diabetic.

Can you get whole life insurance with type 1 diabetes?

You can still qualify for whole life insurance if you have diabetes, though some insurers may not offer you whole coverage if you have type 1 diabetes or other health issues.

Can you get life insurance with pre existing conditions?

Pre-existing conditions can make getting life insurance more difficult and expensive, but even if you have a chronic or terminal health problem, you can probably find a policy that you qualify for if you shop around.

What disqualifies you from getting life insurance?

Their reasons could range from a serious medical condition (such as heart disease) or poor results from your life insurance medical exam to nonmedical factors such as bankruptcy, a criminal record, a positive drug test, or even a risky hobby.

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