8 Banks That Let You Overdraft Right Away


We never knowingly engage in overdrafts, neither do we plan for them nor will we ever voluntarily do so. However, given the nature of life and the nature of bills, they are occasionally unavoidable.

Although we don’t like instant overdrafts, having a backup plan is still beneficial when we’re short on money. So that you can access the cash straight away, it’s vital to know which online banks permit rapid overdrafts.

In our content, we will let you know banks that let you overdraft immediately, banks with best overdraft, and banks that let you overdraft without direct deposit.

What is Bank Overdraft?

Bank overdraft is a sort of financial instrument which is offered to some customers by the bank in the form of an extended credit capacity, which kicks in whenever the account’s principal balance approaches zero.

In other terms, a bank overdraft is a type of unsecured credit utilized mostly to meet short-term liquidity needs.

Based on their relationship with the bank, banks grant credit limits to their consumers. The bank assesses separate interest and fees for account non-maintenance. Banks may have different interest rates for their overdraft facilities.

An overdraft happens when a bank authorizes a transaction even if there isn’t enough money in the account to cover it. In essence, it’s a financial institution credit line that is extended when an account balance reaches zero.

The overdraft feature enables the account holder to make withdrawals even when there aren’t any funds in the account or not enough to cover the withdrawal’s cost.

In essence, an overdraft is when a bank permits a customer to borrow a certain amount of money. 

  • When an account doesn’t have enough money to cover a withdrawal but the bank nevertheless approves the transaction, overdraft results.
  • Even when there is not enough money, the consumer can still pay their bills thanks to an overdraft.
  • Similar to any other loan, an overdraft entails interest payments from the account holder as well as a one-time insufficient funds cost.
  • When a customer’s account balance reaches zero, several banks offer overdraft protection; this prevents insufficient funds charges but frequently entails interest and other fees.

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8 Banks That Let You Overdraft Right Away

You can get overdrafts from numerous banks, but not all of them will approve them right away, and many of them demand excessive interest rates. The following banks offer quick and inexpensive overdrafts.

We list eight banks that let you overdraft immediately. 

  • PNC Bank
  • Bank of America
  • Chime
  • TD Bank
  • Chase
  • BB&T Bank
  • SunTrust Bank
  • Wells Fargo

#1. PNC Bank

Overdrafts are approved by PNC Bank on a case-by-case basis. Even if you signed up for overdraft protection, PNC won’t always approve them. This means that you cannot always expect to withdraw an additional $30 from the ATM.

PNC Bank provides overdraft protection for check transactions, automatic bill payments, and payments from your checking account that require your bank account number, albeit approval is not assured.

PNC levies an overdraft cost of $36 and a maximum of $144, or four overdraft fees per day, regardless of whether your overdraft was approved or denied. You may also be charged up to $98 ($7 per day for 14 days) if your account is flagged for more than five days in a row.

#2. Bank of America

Checking account overdrafts, regular debit transactions, bills, and Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions are all covered by Bank of America (BOA). In contrast to the banks previously mentioned, it also covers routine debit transactions and ATM withdrawals, giving you better access to extra money almost whenever you need it.

The bank overdraft limit at Bank of America is four, and there is a $35 overdraft fee for overdrafts that are greater than one dollar. Overdrafts that are less than one dollar are exempt from fees. Bank of America, however, has the right to impose multiple fees, including:

  • If you have overdraft protection, you will only pay a $12 transfer fee rather than the standard $35 price.
  • For each declined overdraft transaction, a $35 NSF/returned item fee will be assessed.

#3. Chime

This is a bank with best overdraft, a bank overdraft limit of up to $200 is provided by Chime’s SpotMe program without incurring any overdraft fees. Qualifying Chime members won’t have to be concerned about overdraft costs when they need more money, unlike traditional overdraft protection.

You must open a bank account with Chime and have received deposits totaling $200 during the previous 34 days in order to be eligible for the SpotMe program. You can keep using SpotMe as long as you actively lose your Chime account.

#4. TD Bank

TD also has a $10 minimum overdraft spend requirement before any fees are assessed, similar to Bank of America. You won’t be charged the regular $35 overdraft fee for any overspend below that amount.

Additionally, TD Bank granted overdrafts on a case-by-case basis. This includes one-time ATM withdrawals, debit charges, bank accounts, recurring payments, and ACH transactions.

#5. Chase

Chase provides the following three overdraft services:

  • Checks and automated bills are covered by Standard Overdraft Practice. Your account will be charged a $34 fee if it goes overdrawn by more than $50 each day. You won’t be required to pay the cost if not.
  • Your checking account is connected to backup savings account through overdraft protection. Money is moved from your linked savings account to meet the expense if your checking account is unable to do so. You might be given permission for one-time debit transactions if you choose this option.
  • The Standard Overdraft Practice and Debit Card Coverage both function similarly and charge the same fees. However, this option also allows for the approval of standard debit transactions.

#6. BB & T Bank

You are permitted six overdrafts each day at BB&T Bank. They do, however, charge higher overdraft costs. If you exceed your limit, the bank will charge a maximum of $216 per day and $36 for each transaction.

Additionally, BB&T often denies requests for daily ATM and debit card withdrawals unless you choose the service.

#7. SunTrust Bank

In the event that money are deposited or returned before the daily cutoff, SunTrust waives overdraft fees. You may be charged up to $36 for each transaction, and approval varies from case to case.

When it comes to daily debit card transactions and ATM withdrawals, SunTrust is somewhat lax. Additionally, if your overdraft is less than $5, overdraft costs are also eliminated.

#8. Wells Fargo

PNC Bank and Wells Fargo both operate in a way that disapproves of overdraft ATM and debit transactions. However, the bank doesn’t charge a fee if an overdraft is turned down, unlike PNC.

Instead, it makes individual exceptions to authorize checks and recurring bills. The overdraft fee that the bank generally levies is $15, and it can only be applied twice each working day. For returns due to insufficient funds (NSF), there is an additional cost of $35 that may be imposed up to three times each business day.

You’ll pay an extra $12.50 as a transfer fee if the bank chooses to fill your overdraft using funds from a connected bank account. If the money is deducted from your credit card, you will also have to pay interest.

List of Banks That Let You Overdraft At ATM

  • Associated Bank
  • Bank of America
  • BBV Compass Bank
  • BMO Harris Bank
  • Capital One 360 Bank
  • Charles Schwab Bank
  • Chase Bank
  • Citi Bank
  • Citizen’s Bank
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • HSBC Bank
  • KeyBank
  • M&T Bank
  • PNC Bank
  • Regions Bank
  • Santander Bank
  • TD Bank
  • Truist Bank
  • Union Bank
  • USAA
  • U.S Bank
  • Wells Fargo
  • Woodforest Bank

Online Banks That Let You Overdraft Instantly

Capital one 360 Bank

This is an online checking account that has no minimum balance requirements and offers interest. Capital One has provided rapid overdrafts without additional fees to its users since the start of 2022; this is a terrific alternative because you also get an account with no monthly maintenance fees, minimum deposits, or balance limitations.

You get access to their huge ATM network and receive an APY of 0.10 percent. Longtime provider of overdraft services, Capital One has chosen to do away with surcharges up until this point. It is known as bank with best overdraft.

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Ally Bank

Ally Bank is a full sevice bank that provides competitive rates, low fees, no minimums, and round-the-clock customer support. Besides, Ally Bank is the digital-only banking division of Ally Financial Inc., which was established in 2009 and has its headquarters in Sandy, Utah. Ally Financial Inc. has been around since the 1920s.

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Axos Bank

You are able to overdraw your Essential Checking, First Checking, or Rewards Checking account with this 100% online bank. It might be connected to another account or credit line. Its lack of overdraft fees is one of its many advantages.

Axos Bank, a pioneer in digital banking, provides a wide array of cutting-edge financial services and products.

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Bank of America

Your overdrafts are immediately available. Additionally, you can link your checking account to second savings, checking, or credit card account as part of its optional overdraft protection service.

You can more easily cover overdrafts in this manner. Depending on the transfers or transactions you are conducting, Bank of America does charge fees.

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Chase Bank

 This is an online bank where you can securely manage all of your Chase accounts, check statements, keep an eye on activity, pay bills, and transfer money. Visit the Banking Education Center for more information.

Your overdrafts are instantly approved, just like at the other institutions mentioned above. Additionally, it offers a protection feature that enables you to connect the account to a savings account so that your overdrafts are covered.

However, if you have a Chase Secure Checking account, that feature is not available to you. abolition of overdraft transfer costs.

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Banks that let you Overdraft Right away without direct deposit

Here is the list of banks that let you overdraft without direct deposit

  • Capital One 360 Bank: This bank let  you overdraft without direct deposits, monthly maintenance fees, or balance requirements. Account holders receive an annual percentage yield of 0.10 percent and free use of 70,000+ Capital One, MoneyPass, and Allpoint ATMs.
  • Ally Bank There are no overdraft fees, monthly maintenance fees, direct deposit restrictions, or balance requirements for the Ally Interest Checking Account. On balances under $15,000 and over $15,000, account holders get 0.10 percent annual percentage yield (APY) and 0.25 percent, respectively. There are more than 43,000 Allpoint ATMs in its free ATM network.

How Soon Can You Overdraft a New Bank Account?

Overdraft protection is available at any moment. However, most banks will not allow you to overdraft right away. To avoid fraud risk, many banks will need you to wait for 7 to 30 days before you can access overdrafts, especially on new accounts.


We advise against developing a habit of overdrawing your account. However, when you’re short on money, it’s simple to believe that an overdraft is your only choice. And the major banks want you to believe that.

Regular overdrafts can be an expensive solution, which we probably don’t need to mention. especially if there are several overdrafts in a single day.

However, there are less expensive options available if you need quick cash. Keep in mind that there are alternatives to legacy banks to overdraw your account without incurring fees.

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FAQs about 8 Banks that let you overdraft right away

What banks let you overdraft right away?

PNC Bank
Bank of America
TD Bank
BB&T Bank
SunTrust Bank
Wells Fargo
Bank of Huntington
Fifth Third Bank

What Banks Offer Overdraft line of credit?

Capital one 360 Bank
Fulton Bank
First United Bank
Huntington Bank

Are there banks that let you overdraft without direct deposit?

Your capacity to overdraw at the majority of traditional banks depends on a variety of variables, including:
Age of your account, your common equilibrium and in addition to other considerations (which could include a direct transfer), whether you have a linked savings account.



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