FUMIGATION COST: Cost of Fumigating a House In 2023

Fumigation Cost

Maybe you think you have termites, or maybe you’ve seen one too many cockroaches or spiders. In these cases, consider hiring a professional pest control service to rid your home of unwanted visitors. We’ll go over some national average fumigation cost to assist you in selecting a company that fits within your budget, termite fumigation cost, house fumigation cost, and fumigation costs for bed bugs right here in this blog post.

It’s one thing to stomp a few ants, but it’s quite another to rid your home of an infestation. When you notice more than a few insects around your home, it’s time to call a pest control company. These businesses have the technology, materials, and know-how to deal with major pest infestations.

We’ll present some average treatment prices and compare pricing based on the type of pest you’re dealing with to help you understand how much pest control costs.

What Is Fumigation?

Fumigation is a pest control treatment that uses gaseous pesticides to kill termites in your home’s structure. The procedure is typically carried out in four steps:

  • A large plastic or rubber tent is used to cover and seal your home. This aids in the concentration of gaseous pesticides and prevents their release into the environment.
  • Fumigants are used to begin the eradication process in your home.
  • For days, the gas pesticides are sealed within your tented home, eliminating infestations throughout.
  • The tent has been removed, and your home has been ventilated. You can return to your home once the air quality has been tested and determined to be safe.
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Tented fumigation are rarely required for residential properties. Traditional pest control treatment methods, on the other hand, aren’t always effective at getting rid of pests in your home. For example, carpenter ants and termites can burrow into your home’s foundation and can only be removed through fumigation.

If you suspect your home has a termite infestation, you should immediately contact a pest control company. These businesses provide effective and efficient treatments that address the problem in a timely manner. If you suspect you have a termite problem, here are a few warning signs to look for:

  • Pencil-thick mud tunnels in the foundation or crawl space of your home, a telltale sign of subterranean termites.
  • Damp wood that has been covered in dried mud or dirt
  • Floors, ceilings, or walls that bulge
  • Pinholes made of sawdust

Termite Fumigation Cost

The fumigation cost of termite treatment is determined by the size of the home, its construction, the treatment method used, and whether or not there is any damage to repair. In some areas, fumigation for a termite infestation can cost $1,000-$2,000 for a single-family cost. In general, the cost is proportional to the size of the structure being treated. Chemical treatment for a 1,250-square-foot house could cost between $1,350 and $2,500.

The cost of bait extermination for a 1,250-square-foot house starts at around $1,500. For a house of that size, fumigation treatment that includes tenting the home and applying lethal gas may cost between $1,200 and $2,500. Exterminators may charge fumigation fees based on the cubic feet (total volume) or square feet of the home (total area). The termite fumigation cost of heat extermination and tenting for a 1,250-square-foot house is around $1,250. The cost of electro-gun and microwave treatment for localized infestations is slightly more than $1,100.

Annual termite inspections are a good way to protect your home. If you sign a contract for annual inspections, it will cost between $200 and $400 per year for chemicals, and $400 per year if the structure was baited.

Termite Infestation Symptoms

Aside from seeing swarms of termites inside a house, another telltale sign of an infestation is rotting or dry wood that falls apart when disturbed or punctured with a screwdriver. Termites travel through tunnels in the soil, as well as tunnels in wood. Termites can burrow under slab foundations, inside timbers, and through masonry openings, so locating them requires expertise and specialized equipment. Furthermore,termites are so good at hiding that a termite inspection before purchasing a home does not guarantee that there are no termites present; rather, it simply informs the homeowner whether the inspector saw termites during that visit.

Termite Inspection Cost

When you get a termite inspection before treating a home, the extermination company usually does it for free. However, if you get an inspection as part of the home-buying process, the termite fumigation inspection will be an additional cost, and you can expect to pay around $100 for this service.

House Fumigation Cost

Because of the labor, equipment, and time required to perform the treatment, full-house fumigation is one of the most expensive pest control treatments. The average house fumigation cost of this service is between $2,000 and $8,000, or about $1–$4 per square foot of your home.

House fumigation cost vary depending on several factors, including the size of your home and the type of pest infestation you’re dealing with. Here’s a breakdown of how much you can expect to pay based on the square footage of your home.

House Fumigation Cost by Square Footage of Your Home

Square FootageTermite Treatment Cost
1,000 square feet$1,000–$4,000
1,500 square feet$1,500–$6,000
2,000 square feet$2,000–$8,000
2,500 square feet$2,500–$10,000
3,000 square feet$3,000–$12,000
3,500 square feet$3,500–$14,000

Fumigation Cost for Termite

When it comes to hiring a fumigation company, you have a few options. You have the option of hiring for a one-time or ongoing service. The termite fumigation cost for a single visit ranges between $250 and $600. This cost is much higher than an ongoing visit because the technician must conduct an investigation in order to diagnose the problem and then provide treatment during the same visit.

However, there are times when the entire treatment cannot be completed in a single visit. If you require multiple treatments for your pest control problem, the initial visit may be less expensive—between $150 and $300. The professional will begin by assessing the problem during this visit. They will locate the nest and the entry point, as well as assess the scope of the problem.

They will then devise a strategy to eliminate pests from your home. These follow-up visits will most likely be less expensive: pest control prices for quarterly visits range from $100 to $300, while monthly visits range from $45 to $75.

Pest control prices can vary depending on the type of pest you have in your home. Prices for pest control for some of the more common pests you may have in your home vary. Keep in mind that these are average prices that can vary depending on the severity of your infestation.

How Much Does Fumigation Cost?

Professional fumigation companies are far more expensive than a fogger bomb, but they will be well worth the cost once the infestation problem has been eliminated. In Florida, Command Pest Control charges $1,200 to $2,500 for a 1,260-square-foot home and $2,200 to $3,800 for homes larger than 2,500 square feet. This price will vary depending on where you live.

When selecting a dependable exterminator to perform tent fumigation, look for licensed and certified exterminators. Western Exterminator describes a certified company’s tent fumigation process: the property is enclosed with a tent, and specific amounts of fumigant are released. The fumigant enters the home, penetrating deep into the structure and difficult-to-reach areas such as attics.

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When the extermination is finished, the tent will be thoroughly aerated, and the house will be cleaned and aired out. You may discover that tent fumigation is also effective against other pests in your home, such as roaches and spiders. You may return home once the company has determined that it is safe to do so.

Fumigation Cost for Bed Bugs

Professional fumigation cost for bed bugs for most homeowners ranges between $917 and $1,917. Homeowners can expect to pay around $308 for an infestation that is limited to one room. An infestation of the entire house could cost up to $5,267 in fumigation for bed bugs.

The overall fumigation cost for bed bugs will be determined by the size of the infested area, the type of bed bug treatment used, and the severity of the infestation. If you discover a bed bug in your home, contact a professional exterminator immediately. The longer you wait, the more you will have to pay.

How Much Does Fumigation for Bed Bugs Cost?

Bed bugs are not only one of the most difficult pests to eradicate; they also enjoy snacking on your blood. When you have a bed bug infestation, you want these bloodsuckers gone as soon as possible — and for good. But how much will it cost you to reclaim your peace of mind?

  • Typical Range: $917 to $1,917
  • Low End: $308
  • High End: $5,267

The average cost of fumigation for bed bugs listed above should help you estimate how much bed bug treatment in your home will cost. Remember that many factors, such as the extent of the bed bug infestation and the type of treatment required, can affect the total cost.

Bed bug control costs $917 to $1,917 on average for homeowners. If the infestation is minor, you may only have to pay $308. If your home is infested with bed bugs, you could pay as much as $5,267 to treat the entire property. Treatment costs can reach $50,000 in extreme cases.

Bed bug exterminators typically charge by the room, total square footage, or a flat fee. Some exterminators charge a separate fee for each subsequent visit. Others, as part of a package treatment plan, include all follow-up visits in the initial cost.

Average Cost for Pest Control

Below, we look at average pest control pricing by service and pest type.

Average Cost by Service Type

According to HomeAdvisor, the cost of a one-time pest control visit ranges between $300 and $550. This cost is generally higher than regular visits because the technician will need to investigate, diagnose, and treat the problem all at once.

Unfortunately, not all pest control can be done in a single visit. You may need to repeat treatments to get rid of the problem in your home. If a technician determines that multiple treatments are required to address your pest problem, the initial visit will typically cost between $150 and $300. During the initial visit, a technician will identify the problem, locate the nest or site of the most severe infestation, develop a pest management plan, and begin spraying or trap-laying.

Periodic visits to maintain the plan typically cost $40 to $70 and can be scheduled monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly, depending on your pest control needs. Expect to pay between $100 and $300 per treatment if you choose a quarterly plan. Annual pest control services for small infestations or yearly inspections typically cost between $300 and $500, which is comparable to a single-visit treatment.

Finally, due to the equipment and labor required to perform the service, full-house fumigation is one of the most expensive pest control treatments. Fumigation fees range from $2,000 to $8,000, or $1 to $4 per square foot of your home.

Factors Influencing Fumigation Cost

The wide variation in average pest control costs mentioned above is due to a number of factors, including:

  • Service type: Depending on your pest problem, you may require chemical sprays, bait traps, fumigation, or other services, each of which has a different price tag.
  • Service frequency: The more frequently you visit, the less each one will cost you.
  • Location: If your home is in a remote or difficult-to-access location, a technician will most likely charge a bit more to cover travel expenses.
  • Pest type: Because some pests are easier to treat than others, pricing structures vary.
  • Treatment type: Environmentally friendly products are typically more expensive than chemical treatments.
  • Size of infestation: Infestations that are larger and more deeply rooted will cost more than smaller infestations.
  • Property size: Because many pest control and prevention strategies involve encircling the home, larger homes will cost more to treat.

Pest Control Companies with the Lowest Prices

We recommend the following pest control companies because of their national reach, extensive services, and cost-effective treatment options. All of these companies provide free estimates, so request one from each before making a final decision.

Terminix is the best overall.

Terminix has over 300 locations nationwide and specializes in termite control and bed bug removal. Also, Terminix treats a variety of common household pests, including cockroaches, mice, ants, and non-dangerous spiders, in addition to termites and bed bugs. Customers have access to 24/7 support as well as the industry’s strongest termite guarantee. They also install attic insulation and inspects crawl spaces to prevent pest and moisture damage. More Information: Terminix Pest Control Evaluation

Orkin is the best option for emergency service.

If you call before 2 p.m., you can get same-day service from Orkin, which has the experience and resources to provide top-notch pest control services across the country. The company takes pride in the ongoing training of its technicians, which enables the company to treat all types of infestations efficiently. Orkin provides attic insulation, moisture treatment, and lawn treatments in addition to all common types of pest control. More Information: Orkin Pest Control Evaluation

Aptive is the most adaptable.

Aptive is a rising pest control company that has recently won a number of awards and is ranked as one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Best Companies in America. The Four-Seasons Protection Plan, the company’s standard annual plan, includes five treatment visits and re-service appointments as needed. The plan is tailored to your specific pest problem. More Information: Review of Aptive Pest Control

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should fumigation last?

How long does it take to fumigate a house? Fumigation can take anywhere from six hours to a week, depending on the type of infestation, dosage, temperature, structure size, and other factors.

How is fumigation done in the house?

A pest control company will place a large tent over the top of your home and seal it shut during home fumigation. They’ll then release the gas inside your home called sulfuryl fluoride, which can get into every crack and crevice and kill the pests we just mentioned.

Can I sleep in my house after fumigation?

The answer is between 24 and 72 hours.

You’d have to stay away from your house for 24 to 72 hours after the fumigation.

What is the best chemical for fumigation?

Fumigation with formaldehyde vapor is the most well-known and widely used method because it is the most cost-effective.

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