BEST MOP FOR LAMINATE FLOORS: 2023 Reviews of 11 Top Picks


Regular cleaning can keep laminate floors clean and shining like new, but there is one key tip to remember while cleaning this type of floor: excessive wetness should be avoided. Excessive moisture can cause a laminate floor base to bulge or warp, destroying the smooth finish. So let’s look at the best mop for laminate floors and pets in 2023.

The best mop for laminate floors and pets in 2023 should be just moist, not wet. A good mop is also gentle. Although laminate is scratch-resistant, vigorous scrubbing can harm the surface and dull the luster.

Mop For Laminate Floors

Mops are the best way to remove debris from laminate floors without damaging or dulling them. There are a variety of mops available today, and not all of them are designed to be laminate floor mops.

We will examine a variety of options to identify the best mop for laminate floors and will do so in your home in 2023 to remove the guesswork from determining which is the best mop for laminate flooring.

Why Do You Need a Mop for Your Laminate Floors?

Mops are the best way to remove dirt and grime from your floor without harming or scratching it, and high-traffic areas, such as foyers and corridors, should be mopped at least once a week.

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To clean your laminate floor, avoid using an overly damp mop. Oversaturating your floor can result in permanent damage such as discoloration, delamination, and swelling.

When it comes to cleaning laminate floors, a moist mop is your best friend; it gets the job done without oversaturating your floor and potentially ruining it. Mops are simple to use and gentle on your floor, removing all the dust and dirt that might otherwise gather and damage your floor’s beautiful resin covering.

Types of Mops for Laminate Floors

Different varieties of mops have advantages and disadvantages, and some are better suited for deep cleaning than others. The sort of mop you choose will be significantly influenced by the layout of your home, your cleaning requirements, and your budget. If you use cleaning sprays on your floors, for example, it is best to use mops that come with a refillable spray bottle connected.

The following are the several sorts of mops that can be used on laminate floors:

#1. Microfiber Mops

Cotton string mops are softer, more absorbent, and less durable than microfiber mops. Microfiber mops can be used and washed at least 150 times before losing the majority of their soft texture and absorbency.

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Microfiber mops may also be used dry as dust mops and are the best choice for laminate floors due to their extremely absorbent quality, which reduces the amount of liquid left behind as you mop.

#2. Dust Mops

Dust mops with rectangular heads are ideal for mild cleaning and dusting. They easily catch dust particles, leaving your floor clean and debris-free. They are simple to use and maintain, requiring only a few swipes with your mop, and they can be used dry, which is ideal for laminate floors.

#3. Spray Mops

Spray mops are simple to use and have a nozzle that releases a cleaning solution. A trigger or a button can easily control the spraying mechanism. Spray mops dampen your floors without oversaturating them, giving them a pristine appearance, and they work well on difficult stains.

#4. Steam Mops

If you need to conduct some serious cleaning, steam mops are a good option. All you need to do is fill up the water reservoir and plug the mop into a power outlet to get started. Steam floors are simple to use and remove 99 percent of the bacteria that can cause illness in children and pets. There is some dispute about using steam mops on laminate floors, but when used appropriately, they may be really useful.

Best Mop For Laminate Floors 2023

Here is a list of the best mop for laminate floors in 2023 that you can use on your laminate floors to keep them looking lovely for a longer period of time.

#1. Turbo Microfiber Floor Mop

If you care about the environment, you might want to pick this Turbo mop for your laminate floors. You can launder reusable microfiber mop pads in the washing machine over and over again.

 #2. Professional Laminate Microfiber Mop

This product comes with a range of microfiber mop pads. Pet hair can be removed using a dry dust pad. The electrostatic charge is excellent for drawing and trapping hair as well as removing grime.

#3. Light ‘n’ Easy Steam Mop

With a steam mop, you don’t need to use any chemicals or liquid cleaning solutions on your floors. Because there are no residual harsh chemicals, this may be a safer solution for children and pets. Keep kids away from the mop while you’re using it since the steam is hot.

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#4. Black Diamond Stoneworks Mop

Using a mop that is too short may cause back strain. This is particularly true if you are tall. If this describes you, you’ll be glad to know that this mop includes a comfortable adjustable handle that extends up to 60 inches.

#5. Bona Multi-Surface Microfiber Mop

This solution can be used to clean everything from hardwood to tiles. No stone is left uncovered thanks to the 360-degree swivel. Furthermore, at 1.4 pounds, this mop is lightweight for effortless cleaning. Furthermore, the handle is adjustable up to 60 inches. Talk about awesome features!

#6. Oshang Microfiber Mop and Bucket

We’ve already mentioned that using a moist mop to deep clean laminate floors works wonderfully. However, you don’t want to oversaturate your surface.

#7. O-Cedar ProMist Max Spray Mop

Buff your laminate floor to restore its natural gloss using the integrated spray feature. The one-touch bottle release makes filling with your own cleaning solution quick and easy.

The Best Mop For Laminate Floors

The best way to clean laminate flooring is with a delicate, slightly damp mop. The best mop for laminate floors and pets in 2023 leaves no moisture behind and is nonabrasive to protect the smooth outer layer of the surface. With these considerations in mind, the top options below are gentle and quick to dry, ensuring that laminate floors are clean and streak-free.

#1. Microfiber Wholesale 18″ Professional Mop

This microfiber mop’s extra-wide 18-inch swivel head allows it to quickly tackle massive cleaning chores. With each swipe, the wide frame covers more surface area, and the 360-degree rotating head allows the mop to swerve around furniture.

#2. Bona Microfiber Floor Mop

The Bona Microfiber Floor Mop has a large mophead that measures 16.5 inches across to quickly mop hard surfaces. The metal telescoping handle may be extended up to 60 inches to tackle additional cleaning tasks.

#3. Nellie’s Wow Mop

Mopping is made easier with an electric mop. The Nellie’s Wow Mop is cordless and lightweight, combining the benefits of an electric mop with a simple design. Simply plug the mop into a wall socket for roughly 3 hours to charge using the provided charging wire. Each charge can last up to 50 minutes, giving you plenty of time to scrub floors all at once.


#4. Oshang Flat Floor Mop and Bucket Set

Keeping the mophead clean while mopping keeps dirty water from spreading all over the floor. This microfiber mop and bucket combo has a wringer and a mop-cleaning mechanism. For washing laminate floors, this convenient design keeps the mop clean and relatively dry.

#5. O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop

A spray mop replaces the need for a cumbersome mop pail or spray bottle. With its dual-sided mop head, the O-Cedar ProMist Max ups the convenience factor.

#6. O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

O-spin Cedar’s mop kit contains a soft microfiber strip mop as well as a bucket with a spin-wringing mechanism. For hands-free operation, the built-in wringer is controlled by a foot pedal. There’s no need to stoop or bend to use or wring the mop; the extensible handle adjusts from 24 to 51 inches to accommodate people of various heights.

#7. O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Flip Mop

The O-Cedar Dual-Action Flip Mop has a dual-sided design that allows it to gently dust and mop flooring. The dusting pad on one side is made of thick chenille strands that capture dust, hair, and fur. The other side is equipped with a microfiber mopping pad. To remove entrenched filth and grime from floors, the pad has mild scrubbing strips.

#8. Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Kit

A stronger cleaning mop may be required in messy households. Rubbermaid’s spray mop with a microfiber mop pad and a separate non-scratch scrubber can tackle daily, light messes as well as stuck-on filth.

What Is the Best Mop for Laminate Floors?

A microfiber mop pad is the best mop for laminate floors. Microfiber not only absorbs filth and grime, but it may also kill up to 99 percent of germs with just water. Furthermore, microfiber mop pads are machine washable.

We’ve selected five microfiber standouts that will safely and effectively clean your laminate floors. Personal choice will determine the best mop for you, but these are all safe bets.

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Tips: Buy extra mop pads so you always have a clean one on hand for each area or multiple for large rooms.

Read on to learn more about the best mops for this popular floor type.

  • Microfiber Wholesale 18′′ Professional Mop (best overall)
  • Bona Microfiber Floor Mop (best value for money)
  • Nellie’s Wow Mop (Upgrade pick)
  • Oshang Flat Floor Mop and Bucket Set (best flat)
  • O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop (best spray)
  • The O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop (best spin)
  • O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Flip Mop (best wet and dry)
  • Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Kit

Best Laminate Mop for Floors and Pets

Can pets scratch laminate floors? Because of their nature and design, laminate flooring products are long-lasting and can tolerate scratches from even the largest pets. However, scratches do occur from time to time, and if they do, you’ll want to use the best laminate mop for floors to repair or mend what the pets have done to the flooring. This buying guide reviewed the best laminate mops for flooring and pets in 2023. 

#1. O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

The O-cedar microfiber spin mop is the first item on our list. Its deep-cleaning microfibre solution, which helps eliminate any bacteria, filth, or germs that may be present on the floor, may remove more than 99 percent of the bacteria with only water.

#2. BISSELL Steam Mop

For a more advanced mop for pet owners, consider the Bissel steam mop. The unit is capable of killing 99 percent of the germs and bacteria that your pets may bring into the house. Because steam kills bacteria, it eliminates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals.

 #3. Swiffer WetJet Spray Mop Cleaner

The Swiffer floor spray mop is another great option if you’re tired of cleaning up after your pet. The mop is noted for leaving floors sparkling clean; its dual-nozzle sprayer can break down and dissolve dirt, sludge, and grime.

#4. Eyliden Floor Cleaning Mop

If you’re looking for the best mop for laminate floors for pet pets in 2023 that’s not only dependable but also simple to use, consider the Eyliden mop, which has a self-squeezing mechanism. This feature eliminates the need for you to come into contact with unclean water when cleaning.

#5. Domi Patrol Spray Mop for Floor Cleaning

Finally, the Domi patrol spray mop includes a 360-degree cleaning capability that makes cleaning tight and small spots a breeze. The mop’s microfibers easily remove dirt, filth, and other debris from the floor. Furthermore, this mop has a scraper for quickly scraping out debris and hair from the microfiber cloth.


With so many different types of mops available, choosing the best mop for laminate floors and pets in 2023 for your floor might be tough. Dust mops are ideal for mild cleaning and debris removal, while steam mops are ideal for deep cleaning and disinfection. Because steam and many microfiber mops simply utilize water, they are the best option if you don’t want to use any cleaning solutions.

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The type of mop you use will be determined by the sort of cleaning required and the regions to be cleaned. Mops with extending swivel mechanisms are ideal for cleaning difficult-to-reach locations, while aluminum mops are more durable and lightweight, making cleaning easier.

We hope that our comprehensive list of the best mop for laminate floors and pets in 2023 assists you in determining the best mop for laminate flooring, as well as your specific cleaning needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are spin mops good for laminate floors?

Best Laminate Floor Spin Mop

The bucket’s spin mechanism conveniently separates the majority of the water from the mop fibers. This allows you to deep clean your floors without destroying the laminate. This O-Cedar mop thoroughly cleans your floors and can eradicate 99 percent of microorganisms with just water.

What is the best way to clean laminated flooring?

Choose a mop with a washable, reusable microfiber head, such as Bona’s, or one with disposable pads, such as a Swiffer. Spray a laminate floor cleaner (see below) sparingly to avoid oversaturating the floor, then wipe with a mop. Polish or wax a laminate floor to avoid damage.

Will Swiffer ruin laminate floors?

Running a Swiffer Sweeper with a dry, untreated pad across the floor on a daily basis can pick up dust without damaging the laminate. However, detergent-treated dry mop pads can leave a thin coating of film behind.

Is Mop and Glo good for laminate floors?

Mop and Glo is a multisurface floor cleanser that is suitable for most types of flooring. However, if your laminate flooring has a high-gloss coating, the buildup of Mop and Glo may cause the surface to dull with time.

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