The first step if you want to handle the job yourself is to learn how to move a pool table slate without taking it apart. The table must be nearly completely disassembled, and a healthy amount of muscle power is required to move the pieces that will not come apart. While you may wish to take on the massive task of having to move a pool table with a handful of friends, you should seriously consider hiring professionals.

You could do it by yourself. All you need are some strong pals and a handy, organized guy with good construction skills. at the very least three Perhaps four or five. Pool tables are hefty, seriously. The main piece is built entirely of rock!

Also, keep in mind that taking it apart is far more difficult than it appears. It’s not a dining table with legs to unscrew and leaves to remove. Removing the felt from the slate is a challenging task that may result in hair loss. Putting it back on is the same.

One of the most difficult items to move is a pool table slate. It’s big, hefty, and wide, but it’s also surprisingly fragile. Both you and the pool table may be at risk if you take the do-it-yourself approach. Many individuals make the mistake of treating it like a dresser or sofa, enlisting the help of many friends and then bending it every which way to fit through the doorway.

If you want to know how to move a pool table slate without taking it apart, follow the instructions below. Thoroughly and attentively read.

How to Move a Pool Table Slate

A pool table can be 7 to 9 feet long and weigh 700 pounds or more. It is one of the largest and heaviest pieces of furniture you can purchase. A pool table with a slate top, for example, can weigh 1,000 pounds. It takes planning, the correct moving supplies, and a lot of muscle to move a pool table without professional assistance.

Continue reading to learn how to move a pool table to your new home, how to move a pool table across a room, and how to move a pool table without taking it apart.

Safety Recommendation: It is not recommended that you move a pool table by yourself. increased risk of injury and table damage.

Tools Required:

  • A cordless drill equipped with suitable-sized sockets/bits
  • Sharpie or other permanent markers
  • a slotted screwdriver with a thin blade
  • A pair of diametrical cutters/dikes
  • Big Magnet (optional)
  • A strong friend or family member (or two) who is willing to assist
  • A van or pickup truck

Step One: Remove the Rails

The pool table’s head should be noted. This is normally where the nameplate is and where you set your cue ball to break. Remove each bolt from behind the rails as you work your way around the table. Take care to gather the washers and bolts and store them in a small box or bag. Remove the staples or tacks that hold the leather baskets to the slate’s underside.

Rails are often joined in two U-shaped sections. Lift the connecting rails gently and flip them over so that the bottom of the rails is facing up, with the assistance of your buddy. Mark the rails at the head, head left, head right, foot, and so on. Remove the bolts that hold the pockets in place. Place them in the pockets with the other hardware or screw them back in.

Step 2: Remove the Felt

Removing the billiard cloth with care will often save you money on refelting. There are a few ways to remove the fabric, but the best is the most time-consuming. It takes time and effort to remove the staples one by one. That is why you enlist help. Taking your time prevents shredding the fabric and leaves staples protruding out of the slate liner, leaving your hands free for carrying.

With the screwdriver, work around the perimeter. Remove each staple with pliers after prying it off. After you’re finished, a magnet can help you pick up any loose staples that get stuck in the carpet. Fold the felt neat and secure it with hardware to prevent it from becoming misplaced.

Step 3: Remove the Slates

The slate is screwed into the frame in three sections. The seams are usually sealed with beeswax, but they can also be puttied. Draw an arc over the three slates and, if not already done, mark the headpiece. Remove all slate screws, even those that have been hidden with wax or putty.

Start by separating the end slates by moving them apart a few inches. Because some slates are dowelled, raising them without separating them can cause the dowels to break. Scrape any wax or putty from the seams. Mark with hatch marks where the center slate is in relation to the frame. This guarantees that the slate will return to its original position during setup.

Bring the slate pieces to the truck and put them in the bed, one on top of the other. Nothing should be placed between them. Check the slate’s bottom twice for any shims or other debris. Even little factors can cause the slates to break during transport. Every item must be entirely flat. One person on each side of the slate piece should lift it off. Wax-sealed seams are easily separated. Seams sealed with putty should be handled with extreme caution because pulling them apart could chip the slate.

Step 4: Load the  Frame, Rails, and Parts

The manageable part will be the table’s frame. To get through a doorway or around a tight corner, turn it on its side. In some cases, legs can and should be taken off the main frame, but most of the time, they can be moved without being broken.

Load the pool table frame into the truck and strap it down for the move. Wrap rails in moving blankets or towels to avoid scratches before loading the truck. Remember to load pockets, hardware, and felt. Most people keep these goods in the truck cab, but you can leave them in the bed if you choose. Don’t forget your cue sticks, balls, and rack!

Step 5: Drive to your new location and unload your belongings.

When you get to your destination, start by unloading your frame. To begin the setup procedure, go back to steps four and three.

How to Move a Pool Table Without Taking it Apart

You might be able to move the pool table within your home without taking it apart. However, disassembly may be required when moving the pool table slate to another floor of the house; in this case, be sure you have all of the equipment necessary to remove and safely move each part of the pool table slate.

3 ways to move a pool table without taking it apart

#1. Make use of dollies

You might be able to move it using dollies if the pool table doesn’t need to be disassembled. Four dollies, one for each table leg, are needed. We also strongly advise you to practice with two to four people who can assist you in maintaining an even balance on the dollies while moving.

The pool table can be rolled to a new space or room on the same floor if the doors and hallways are big enough. To prevent the pool table from rolling, make sure the dolly is fastened in place while loading it.

#2. Make use of lifts for pool tables.

Instead of using a dolly, you can use a pool table lift to move the slate. The purpose of these lifts is to assist in the movement of pool tables. Simply position them beneath the pool table’s center and raise the table off the ground with the lever. It is simple to move the table from one location to another, thanks to the wheels at the lift’s base.

#3. Make use of furniture sliders

You may attach furniture sliders to the bottom of each leg and gently glide the pool table across the room if you only need to move it a short distance.

Moving a Pool Table Yourself vs. Professional Movers

It may be less expensive to move your pool table. Professionals, on the other hand, know how to move this extremely heavy piece of furniture without breaking it or endangering themselves. It is incredibly tough to move a pool table by yourself. Your pool table may be dropped and broken, the slates may shatter when being unscrewed, and you and your workers may suffer injuries. Making sure you work safely is one of the most essential aspects of learning how to move a pool table.

  • Arrange for at least four to five persons to assist you.
  • Attach lifting straps to the table’s heavier components.
  • Ensure that everyone who assists wears slip-resistant shoes.
  • Use additional caution when loading the slates. Because the slates are incredibly heavy, preventing them from falling during a lift may be difficult to impossible.
  • Use tie-down straps after loading all of the pool table’s components into the vehicle.

You can move your pool table with help if you take it apart correctly, make sure all of its parts are safe, and load it correctly. You may get all the tools you need to move your pool table and other items without making an initial investment.

Hire a Professional to Move Your Pool Table

This cannot be overstated. Pool table movement is best left to the specialists. Even removing some parts is challenging, especially after moving so much other furniture throughout the day.

A specialist will look for breaks in the joints and fissures in the wood that you might not see. They will often include new felt in the pricing so that you do not have to reuse the same felt. Of course, because they do it every day, they are the best suited to level the playing field.

A pool table’s future usability may be impacted by all the minor details involved in dismantling and transporting it. Do you want to be shooting uphill at an 8-ball game when you could have simply paid the pros to move the pool table?

You might take the middle road and move the pool table apart yourself before hiring pros to attach new felt and re-level the slate at your new location. These are the most detailed parts of the procedure.

Overall, this is the most complicated way to move a piece of furniture, unless it is an antique or historical item. Professionals are not only a good answer; if you are not the handiest person available, they are most likely the only solution. So, what are you holding out for? Don’t put your back and muscles at risk; hire a professional mover to disassemble and move your pool table.

Can I move a pool table by myself?

Yes, however, pool tables cannot be moved as a whole. The legs, felt, rails, and slate will need to be disassembled and then reassembled in the new location of your pool table. A pool table can be moved using furniture sliders, sometimes without being disassembled and with assistance.

Can you move a pool table without professionals?

Yes, but before moving your pool table yourself, you should still consult with a professional pool table mover. Tables can be damaged in these situations if they are not properly supported.

How do you move a pool table without disassembly?

Tips for how to move a pool table without taking it apart

  • Make use of dollies.
  • Utilize pool table lifts.
  • Make use of furniture sliders.

Is moving a pool table hard?

Yes. In addition to being one of the heaviest items a person can own, a pool table also requires a lengthy and tedious dismantling process for moving. Up to 1,000 pounds can be put on a pool table. They are particularly tough to move because of their size and weight.

How much does a 4×8 slate pool table weigh?

1,000 Pounds

6-Foot Table – 500 Pounds is the average weight of a slate bed pool table. 7-Foot Table – 700 Pounds. 8-Foot Table – 1,000 Pounds

What is the easiest way to move a pool table?

Having someone else move the pool table is the most convenient option. It is also the most expensive option, but it is worthwhile.


In order to move a pool table slate without disassembling it, it is best to seek professional assistance. This reduces the possibility of harm, damage, and inconvenience. It is recommended to play it safe and leave it to the professionals because moving a pool table this way is not for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to move a 7ft pool table?

The average cost to move a pool table is $550. If you’re moving your complete home, expect to pay this in addition to other moving expenses.

How heavy is a pool table?

May weigh between 320 and 1000 pounds (145-545 kg). The standard wood bed pool tables weigh roughly 320 lbs, while the standard slate bed pool tables weigh closer to 1000 lbs.

How do you haul a slate pool table?

Detach the frame, wrap it and place it in the back of the truck. Wrap the tails and legs and set them on top of the frame. Any chip or dent in the slate can have a major impact on how the pool table works after being reassembled. The slate must be wrapped tightly along with all other parts.

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