How to Clean Toaster Oven.
How to Clean Toaster Oven.

One of the most convenient and adaptable kitchen gadgets is the toaster oven. It can cook little quantities of practically anything you could prepare in an oven, making them ideal for a small apartment or hostel. They are excellent for warming food as well (they often do a better job than microwaves at evenly heating some foods). They can also be used to toast bread, of course. However, with time, grease, food splatters, and crumbs can accumulate in toaster ovens and even start a fire. But don’t worry; you can have yours like new in a few minutes. Continue reading to find out the proper technique to clean a toaster oven, as well as its trays, glass, air fryer, and pan.

How to Clean Toaster Oven.

If you love using toaster ovens, you already know how very useful and adaptable this little kitchen equipment can be. These adaptable small ovens can roast a chicken, reheat leftovers from the previous evening, and make bacon for the morning. While a toaster oven doesn’t handle heavy-duty cooking like a full oven, it nonetheless accumulates grease and buildup on occasion. Everyone should be aware of how to clean a toaster oven, as well as how to clean the oven trays, glass, pan, and air fryer.

Even though the manufacturer probably provided you with a book on how to clean a toaster oven, if you’re like many of us, it’s likely long since disappeared and you have no idea where to look. For this reason, we created a guide to teach you how to properly clean both the interior and outside of your favorite small kitchen gadget. Add your toaster oven to your list of routine kitchen cleaning tasks, and then let’s get cleaning.

How To Clean Toaster Oven Trays

It’s crucial to clean your toaster oven from top to bottom, including the crumb tray and toaster oven trays. The crumb tray is found in a chamber at the toaster’s base in pop-up toasters. Similar rules apply to toaster ovens, which feature trays for crumbs beneath the toasting tray.

This article will show you how to quickly and easily clean the toaster oven trays. Using easy-to-make, homemade cleaning solutions, you can eliminate food residue, grease splatters that have baked on, and crumbs.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning the Toaster Oven Tray-what you’ll require
Hand soap
Flour and hot water (optional)
Pastry tool
Dry tissue

 Step 1:  Take the tray out of the toaster oven.
The cooled tray needs to be taken out of the toaster oven first. In addition to being dangerous, washing a heated tray can cause the tray’s material to deform from thermal shock. Only once it has cooled do you clean the toaster oven tray.

Step 2: Remove the oil and crumbs
Over the trash container, shake out the crumbs. To get rid of crumbs that are glued on, use a pastry brush. Use flour to absorb the oils from trays that have an oily residue, whether from fried food or butter, then tap the flour out over the trash can.

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Step 3: Soak in soapy water
Add a few tablespoons of dish soap to the sink’s hot or warm water to make a soapy water solution. To get rid of any oils and soften any dried-up food residue, soak the pan in soapy water. Give the toaster oven tray at least five minutes to soak.

Step 4: Scrub
After the baked-on food stains have loosened, cleanse the toaster oven pan with a sponge or scrub brush. Clean the edges and both sides of the tray. After getting rid of all the stains, rinse the tray and pat it dry with a towel. Let it air dry entirely on the dish rack.

 Step 5: Clean the heating elements 
Cleaning the heating components at the same time you clean the toaster oven pan is an intelligent idea. Grab a wet cloth and dunk it in a weak soapy solution. Use the towel to clean the oven’s glass door, interior walls, and cooled heating element. To thoroughly clean the toaster oven’s bottom of all crumbs, use the pastry brush.

Step 6: Let everything dry
Before putting the tray back into the toaster oven, let everything to dry. Before using your toaster oven, make sure it is totally dry to avoid electric shocks. While you wait for the tray to dry, it would be a good idea to thoroughly clean your oven.

How to Clean Toaster Oven Glass

 Have you ever used your oven’s self-cleaning cycle only to discover that the window is still stained and dirty? Although it may give you some solace to know that many other people have the same kitchen annoyances, you are probably more concerned with learning how to remove the greasy oven door tracks. happy news-you can accomplish it with the help of our advice.

How to Clean Glass Oven Door on the Outside

The outside of your toaster oven glass is the simplest to clean. Starting here, we’ll go to the more difficult assignments.

  • Your oven door should be cleaned by spraying the cleaner on it.
  • Wipe the cleanser and gunk off the surface using downward motions and a microfiber cloth.
  • Repeat as necessary.
  • Remove any spots from the glass by buffing it with a dry microfiber cloth.

How to Clean Your Oven Window on the Inside

The interior of your oven door can be a little trickier to clean. For weeks, months, or perhaps even years, the grease you’ll be removing has been baking on the glass.

  • Open the door and use a damp microfiber cloth to remove any stray dirt particles.
  • Baking soda should be poured into the bowl.
  • To create a paste, gradually add water to the baking soda. It ought to be comparable to shaving cream in texture.
  • On the interior of the oven glass, spread the paste.
  • Allow this to rest for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Use a damp microfiber cloth to remove the paste.
  • Use the razor blade to carefully scrape away any remaining crud that has clung to the surface. To avoid scratching the glass, utilize the flat edge rather than the corner.
  • As necessary, repeat steps 1 through 7.
  • Remove any streaks on the glass by buffing it with a dry microfiber cloth.

How to Clean Between the Glass on Your Oven Door

The exterior window is spotless, and the inside glass of the toaster oven is clean. But why is there a clump of obtrusive filth in the middle? It is possible to clean the interior of that glass, but you will need to put on your apron and get a few tools.

Check the screws holding your oven together by opening the door and examining them. Star screws are frequently used in ovens, so before you begin, you might want to stop by the hardware shop to buy a star screwdriver.
On the kitchen floor where you intend to work, spread out your towel.
To learn how to remove the oven door, go to your oven’s handbook.
Request assistance from your assistant in removing the door. (Those items weigh more than you might imagine. Don’t attempt to do this alone and exercise caution.)
With the inside window facing up, place the door on the towel or sheet.
From the door, remove the screws. Depending on the model you have in your home, there are normally two above the window and possibly two at the base of the oven door.
Lay the two sides of the door adjacent to one another after separating it. Each door half’s innermost glass should be looking upward.
Follow the directions in the section above titled “How to Clean Your Oven Window on the Inside.”
Replace the oven door after reassembly, with the aid of your assistant.

How To Clean Toaster Oven, Air Fryer

In order to avoid flavor blending across recipes, most air fryers should typically be cleaned after each usage. The accumulation of food and residue in the air fryer basket and on the internal walls can be avoided by making it a practice to clean your countertop air fryer oven after each usage.

On the inside or outside of the air fryer, avoiding using cleaning products, abrasive cleaners, or metal scouring pads is recommended. Instead, give everything a thorough cleaning by soaking them in warm, soapy water to remove dirt before cleaning the mesh on the air fryer basket, as well as the pans and racks, with a soft bristle brush.

Additionally, your dishwasher might be able to thoroughly clean several components of your air fryer. For easy cleanup, KitchenAid® countertop ovens with air frying come with a detachable air fryer basket that fits in your dishwasher.

How to Clean Toaster Oven Pan

The toaster oven’s little pan, which tucks neatly beneath the grill, is made to collect any crumbs, spills, and drips from food items that slide in and out of the device. You can be posing a fire risk if you let food scraps, greasy blotches, and cheese globs accumulate on the toaster oven pan’s surface.

Regularly cleaning the little pan will save you time and effort later on when the toaster oven becomes so dirty that it interferes with functioning. As soon as the grease spill happens, remove the pan and scrub it vigorously to remove any baked-on grease.

After every usage, completely remove the pan and give it a thorough cleaning with a damp cloth or sponge dipped in a little amount of mild liquid dish soap. To get rid of any stray crumbs or oily drips, scrub the bottom of the toaster oven with the damp, soapy sponge. Before using the toaster oven, thoroughly wipe away any soapy residue with a moist, clean cloth and let the pan air dry.


In conclusion, your toaster oven will survive longer if you know how to clean it thoroughly. And the quality of your food will improve.

After each use, remove any leftover food and trash. Every week, perform a deeper clean with baking soda or Bar Keeper’s Friend. It’s quick and simple, taking about 30 minutes.
Invest in a toaster oven that is non-stick and has a removable crumb tray for cleaning. You’ll save time and effort by doing this.


How do you get burnt on grease out of a toaster oven tray?

The same technique you would use to clean your primary kitchen oven may be used to remove baked-on grease from a toaster oven. Make a paste out of baking soda and water, apply it to the trouble spot, and let sit for the night. If any trouble spots are left after wiping with a rag, spritz them with a vinegar-and-water solution.

What is the fastest way to remove grease from oven?

To make a homemade cleaner, combine two parts baking soda, one part hydrogen peroxide, and one part dish soap. Grease can be removed more successfully using soap and hydrogen peroxide than with simply baking soda and water. This technique might be more effective if the interior of your oven is covered in oily dirt and grime.

Can You Steam Clean a Toaster Oven?

Some toaster ovens that clean themselves use steam to clean the inside. Toaster oven parts could be melted if you use a handheld steamer, therefore avoid doing so.

When cleaning, you can use a little steam, but be careful. This technique involves heating up a 1:1 mixture of distilled white vinegar and water. When it reaches a rolling boil, pour it into a bowl and put it in the toaster oven.

After locking the door, let it alone for an hour. After that, clean the toaster oven’s interior. Heat and steam ought to have loosened the filth and made it simpler to remove.

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