Best Renters Insurance Reddit 2023:Is it worth it?

Renters Insurance policy agreement and key from apartments.

There is a lot to which renters insurance reddit can do to properties and items of the insured. As much as you guard your property in a rented apartment, insurance helps to cover the unexpected incidents,I mean no one knows when there will be a break-in or accident but since the deed is done, it has to be fixed and if such place is not covered by renters insurance, it becomes your own expense.

Renter insurances are plenty across the world and in the article, we will help shed light on Renters insurance, Best renters insurance Reddit 2023, and of course assists in answering your questions.

What is Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance is a policy used by tenants for coverage of individual properties, and items from losses, damages and destruction. It is way cheaper than the policy of a landlord/lady as it also makes provision for liability insurance.

This insurance is done by the owner of the house but is not held accountable for the properties of renters. There is a clear difference between property insurance and renters insurance, Property insurance covers just the structure itself, not your properties or items, while the renter’s insurance covers the items in your dwelling.

What does Renters Insurance Cover?

If I obtain renters insurance for my apartment, what coverage does it give? Well, below are the three fundamental coverage by renters insurance;

•Individual belongings

•Extra living costs


#1.Individual belongings

Whatever item that you own in your rented apartment is covered by this insurance. If any of these; electrical malfunctions, fire outbreaks, plumbing issues, break-ins and other kinds of hazards occur in your rented dwelling, renters insurance covers the losses of properties in the process. Belonging like; Television, sofas, kitchen appliances, clothing and many more. If you are a landlord, it will be good to learn about how to get insurance to pay for roof replacement.

#2.Extra living costs

This is very rare but also a great advantage of renters insurance. In this case,if your dwelling is getting dangerous or unhealthy to stay in due to a hazard that occurred, Money is paid to get a short time housing and your feeding and living expenses till your apartment is fit to move back in. 

If there was a fire outbreak in a building and your room is shattered in pieces, and it starts to get uncomfortable, provision is made for your expenses till the room is worked on.


We all at one point had accidents that affected another show that no one is above mistakes and that is why this insurance helps renters in many ways.

If you get sued for damage or injury you caused to another, this policy covers your costs like case bails, and legal costs ranging from about  $100,000 to $300,000, any cost higher than that can not be covered by a renters insurance policy.

Benefits of renters insurance?

Below are some of the benefits of renters insurance;

•It is the cheapest to obtain an insurance policy which is about  $159 per year. It is very affordable for everyone even broke college students housing.

•Personal belongings losses are covered when you are around or when you travel.

•House owners require it from renters. Proof of payment is shown to the house manager or owner if around before renting it.

•It entails a liability policy.

•Extra cost of living is taken care of when accidents occur in the apartment.

You might feel there is no point getting the insurance policy because you don’t feel you possess anything of value, that might be true but what happens when your room gets flooded and the little you have is in ruins? I guess you can call it valuables then.No matter how little, get the renters insurance not for now only but for what might come.

How does renters insurance work?

Insurance generally is known to cover expenses when there are accidents, damages and many unexpected issues.

Renters Insurance is basically meant for those who rent places, it helps to cover the loss of personal properties while using that apartment.

It is also a great advantage for house owners as they will not be held accountable for any personal property. It runs for a year and renews as you continue to make use of rented dwellings.

There is a limit to which the insurance can help, for example, if the cost is more than $300,000 for liability coverage, no help will be rendered except if you go for the umbrella policy option.

How to get renters insurance Reddit

To get a renters insurance here is a step-by-step guide to obtaining one;

•First, build a home inventory for your belongings even to the least in that apartment and save.

•Indicate the level of coverage you want.

•Begin shopping and see if you are eligible for any discount.

Best renters insurance Reddit

Quit looking for insurances that you can’t trust or don’t give the best coverage for your properties. Reddit points out the best renters insurance just for you. They are;

•Progressive renters insurance

•Geico renters insurance

•State farm renters insurance

•Lemonade renters insurance

•Nationwide renters insurance

Progressive renters insurance

The progressive insurance company was first established in 1937 by Joseph. M.Lewis and Jack Green in Ohio. It first started with insuring automobiles in the United States before opening new doors for other policies including the renter’s insurance policy.

It is quite expensive compared to other corporations with about $18 per month and $220 per year. Aside from covering your personal belongings and liability insurance, this policy covers any medical costs like emergency care, medications, hospital bills and so on.This coverage is purchased at about $1,000 at the least.

This also helps in tackling replacement expenses coverage, if items are lost, damaged or stolen, the exact value of property in cash will be paid or the item is bought and replaced in your dwelling.

These are the available renter’s insurance discounts in progress;

•Full payment discount: only for full advance payment of the policy.

•Bundling discount: this is granted when the purchase of car and renters insurance is from progressive cooperation.

•Safe community discount: only for communities with full security for 24 hours.

Though it may be on the high side, Progressive renters insurance sure does meet their client’s expectations and even more.

Geico renters insurance

Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) partners with other insurance agencies to give coverage to renters. Where you live or dwell depends on the insurer you get matched with by GEICO.

The insurance covers identity fraud, business liability, extra costs for expensive jewellery and items, and refrigerated items I.e items that get spoiled during perils or in the cause of fixing problems like blackouts. For risky states or locations, GEICO offers coverage for earthquakes and other related hazards.

It cost about $12 monthly and about $145 yearly.

State farm renters insurance

State farms also offer top insurance coverage for not only autos but rental insurance. The rental insurance for this is approximately $15 monthly and the maximum coverage limit is $35,000 per person. 

Deductibles are also used in this insurance when you file a claim, for example, if the cost of repairing your damaged television is $3000, if your deductible is $500, you will pay $500 and the remaining $2500 is covered by insurance. If it is hard to decide on the deductible to use, you can reach out to your agency to help you to avoid problems.

State farm insurance offers inflation coverage, as the price of items increases there is a lift in your insurance coverage and you are paid the exact amount it cost for replacement or repair at the present time.

Lemonade renters insurance Reddit

Lemonade renters are known to have a  top performance of 4.0 stars, It is one of the best renters insurance by NerdWallet’s rating and it is very cheap. It is very available in Arizona, California, Arkansas, Washington DC and other 27 States.

You can get renters insurance at Lemonade for as little as $5 per month and as time goes on you upgrade as you wish.

Another juicy benefit of lemonade renters insurance is that any amount left after paying claims in a year will be diverted to customers’ needs or causes. They don’t only give insurance for renters but for landlords, cooperatives, pets and life insurance. 

Whatever sales occur, it is done on their app and not any other website or sales agent. The Digital approach is embraced by Lemonade offering claims, quotes and all payments to customers through the app and a strong website. It allows you to top up your basic policy with extra coverage and double benefits.

The insurance covers;

•Medical expenses

•Overall liability (Personal, business)

•Personal belongings

•Extra coverage for costly items with no deductible.

Discount is made available in the Lemonade renters policy if you purchase another lemonade insurance and your home is fully protected and secured.

Nationwide renters insurance

This so far is the best renters insurance with a 5.0 rating out of 5. It is accessible in about 47 states but with limited coverage in Mexico and some other locations.

No other insurance policy offers credit card coverage except Nationwide’s policy. The average cost of this insurance is about $20 monthly with other benefits like additional theft expenses.

Nationwide insurance like other insurances covers;

•Earthquake coverage

•Identity fraud guard

•Water backup

•Building alterations I.e if any change is made to your rented apartment, you get settled by Nationwide.

•loss of personal belongings

•Additional valuable costs

Discounts are also made available at Nationwide:

•If you haven’t made claims lately, you are eligible for the Claims-free discount.

•Another is the bundling discount just like that of progressive insurance. You can buy another insurance policy Nationwide and become eligible for this.

•If you have any protective devices in your places like a smoke checker, fire extinguisher and alarms, then the protective devices discount is for you.

Note when filing a claim, do it as soon as possible, give full details of damage with pictorial evidence and be careful not to compound the damage. This quickens your settlement for replacement or repair.

Renters’ insurance deductibles Reddit

What does Reddit have to say about deductibles for renters insurance? Be well informed that deductible is any amount of money you pay while filing a claim and there are several deductible packages depending on your insurance and coverage.

Deductibles vary from one insurance to another and know that the lower your deductible, the less money from your pocket. Generally for almost all insurances, the deductible is about $500 or $1000 but there are other alternatives fit for your pocket.

State farmer’s renter’s insurance deductible can be up to $2,000, Lemonade renters insurance gives a $0 deductible for clients and many more.

Things you should note when choosing deductibles for your renter’s insurance;

•Your financial health, do not pick deductibles that you will later regret when you file a claim.

•Check the deductible plan available in your insurance policy.

•The larger your deductible, the lower your payment on premiums for an insurance policy.

What Are Two Reasons People Typically Do Not Get Renters Insurance?

Many tenants do not buy renter’s insurance because they do not believe it is necessary or believe they are covered by their landlord’s policy.

Is It Worth Getting Tenants Insurance?

If you are a tenant, obtaining renters insurance will shield you from a large bill if the unexpected occurs and your items are destroyed or stolen.

Does Getting Renters Insurance Affect Your Credit Score?

When you apply for insurance, insurance firms will examine your credit, but this will have no effect on your credit score because it is considered a soft inquiry.

Why Is Lemonade Renters Insurance So Cheap?

The company collects consumer premiums and deposits them in a central fund, which is subsequently used to pay out claims to other customers. Lemonade can offer coverage at a lesser cost than other insurers since it is not pocketing excess premiums as revenue.

FAQs about the best renters insurance Reddit 2023

Why is renters insurance important?

Renters Insurance secures your properties from destruction, damages and loss and offers liability where needed. Also, landlords require renters’ insurance before renting out an apartment. It saves you from unnecessary expenses and unexpected costs and encourages personal savings

How many renters insurances do I need?

It varies depending on the cooperation offering but generally, renters insurance offers about $100,000 which is quite convenient for renters

How much is renters insurance?

Average cost of renters insurance in a month is about $14 and over $160 per annum with a non-zero deductible.


As much as you need insurance for life and health, you also need insurance for your properties. It is a very smart decision to make.No one can say what will happen in the next three days except the supernatural, so to avoid regret it’s best to obtain renters insurance. There is no excuse for not having one, as we have shown you the best renters insurance in 2022, read through and pick your best.

To answer the question, if it is worth it? Of course, it is worth it, your belongings, even the things you call less valuable in your house are insured. There is payment for repair and restocking if any loss occurs by your insurance, not the house owner.

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