Slime has become one of the most sought-after children’s toys in recent years, and for good reason. (Can you imagine combining a science experiment, an art project, and something otherworldly? Yes, please.) But, slime can be a total nuisance for parents— especially when it gets all over that pricey, upholstered sofa, or area rug. Don’t worry, assistance is on the way. We’re sharing simple (and effective) methods for getting dried slime out of fabric and carpet without using vinegar to make cleaning slime a fun family activity—yes, even for the adults who have to clean up afterward. You’re only a few steps away from a clean house.

Before You Start

The easiest way to tackle a slime stain is to first pick up as much of the sticky substance as you can. This will make cleaning the spot easier in the first place. As the slime sits, it will also prevent deeper stains from appearing on the carpet.

What You’ll Require

  • Paint scraper: While a butter knife from your kitchen drawer will suffice, a paint scraper has a larger surface area and is thus more effective at removing the slime from your carpet. Make sure the tool you use isn’t too sharp to ruin your carpet.
  • White distilled vinegar: When mixed with water, white distilled vinegar is an effective way to remove slime from your carpet without causing damage to its texture or color.
  • Scrubbing brush: Make sure your scrubbing brush has a handle for easy gripping, as well as plastic bristles—not metal. This aids in the removal of the deep, dried-in bits of slime from the carpet without causing it any damage.
  • OxyClean spot treatment: This spot treatment is extremely effective at removing stains from the carpet, including the colored dye left behind by slime. It has an oxygen-based, water-activated formula. Use a clean cloth to dab the powder onto the carpet after dissolving it in water. Simply wear gloves and perform a spot-check first.
  • Vacuum: After removing as much slime as possible from the carpet, a final vacuum will lift any residue remaining within the carpet’s deeper layers and restore its thick and lush appearance.

How to Get Dried Slime Out of Carpet

While slime is a cool and entertaining product, it is not so much fun when it gets on your carpet. Don’t worry, though; depending on what you have on hand, there are several ways to remove dried slime from a carpet or rug. Restoring your carpet to its original condition only takes a few minutes and a few simple steps.

Step 1: Removing the Slime

#1. Remove any extra slime by scraping it off.

If your carpet has a large blob of slime, you should get rid of as much of it as you can. Scoop the excess away with a spoon or a knife, working from the outside to the center.

#2. Vacuum the area.

You can reach the stain by using your vacuum to help remove the slime. To remove as much of the dried slime as possible, vacuum the area in various directions. You can use an upright vacuum or a handheld model. To avoid clogging the vacuum, make sure the slime is completely dry before vacuuming.

#3. Pick a cleaning solution.

To remove dried slime and stains from the carpet, you can use vinegar, rubbing alcohol, goo remover, citrus solvents, and WD-40. Choose whatever you have on hand, or go to your local hardware store or superstore and purchase the product of your choice.

#4. Put on gloves and test the cleaner on a small area.

Wear gloves to protect your hands from the chemicals and dye in the slime. Before treating the stain, test the solution on an inconspicuous area.

Step 2: Treating the Stain

#1. Apply the cleaning solution to the carpet. 

Rubbing alcohol, distilled white vinegar, and WD-40 can all be applied directly to the carpet without damaging the backing. Make sure to cover the entire area. If you’re using a citrus solvent or goo remover, pour it onto a towel and rub it into the carpet. Just enough product should be used to wet the slime and stain. This prevents the product from penetrating the carpet backing and dissolving it.

#2. Allow the solution to soak for 10 to 15 minutes.

Allowing the cleaning solution time to soften dried slime and penetrate the carpet fibers will help remove the color.

#3. Wipe away the slime and stains with an old towel. 

After 10 to 15 minutes, wipe away the slime and stain with an old kitchen towel or a paper towel. You shouldn’t have to scrub very hard! When you’re done, throw out the towel. Repeat the procedure if stubborn spots remain.

#4. Rinse the affected area with hot water.

Wet an old towel with hot water and wring out the excess. Remove the cleaning solution and any remaining slime from the carpet by blotting it with a towel.

#5. Let the carpet dry after removing any excess liquid.

To absorb as much liquid as possible, press a dry towel into the carpet. Allow the area to air dry completely after that.

How to Get Dried Slime Out of Carpet Without Vinegar

Mattel Toy invented slime in 1976, but it only became popular in 2016 when a group of Thai teenagers started the slime video phenomenon. Slime helps to boost creativity and curiosity among children about sensory play. Your kids may spill slime on your carpet as they play with it. If you don’t remove your carpet correctly, you risk damaging the fabric.

But you don’t have to worry about cleaning them anymore because this guide shows you how to remove dried slime from the carpet without vinegar.

Method 1: Make use of ice cubes

You must first freeze the newly spilled slime to remove it. For this, use ice cubes. For 10-15 minutes, apply an ice pack to the slime on your carpet. When the slime freezes, remove it with your hand or a spoon. Allow the carpet to dry if you noticed water seeping through it as a result of the ice pack. To remove any remaining debris, vacuum the carpet once more.

 this is one of the most effective ways to remove slime from the carpet Without the use of vinegar. The carpet is not stained as a result of it. Furthermore, the fabric of your carpet remains unaffected.

Method 2: Make use of a common carpet cleaner

You are free to use any good carpet cleaner to remove dried slime from your carpet. Amazon sells a good carpet cleaning solution. Apply any regular carpet cleaner to the targeted area of the carpet. Give the cleaner 5 minutes to sit on the carpet. Scrub the slime with a sponge that has been soaked in warm water. Circularly scrub it. While scrubbing, you may notice some blue stains. They will go away after rinsing, so don’t be concerned about them.

Wash the sponge after gentle scrubbing. To clean your carpet, re-dip it in warm water. Use a vacuum cleaner on the carpet to dry and remove any remaining residues.

Method 3: Use dish soap

Using dish soap, you can also remove dried slime from the carpet. Fill a spray bottle halfway with warm water and two teaspoons of dish soap. Spray this solution on the slime and let it sit for a few minutes. Re-spray this solution over the stain after 4-5 minutes. Use a rag or a sponge to dab the sprayed area.

After removing all of the slime and stains, re-dab them with warm water. Allow the treated area to dry naturally, or use a vacuum.

Method 4: Make use of club soda

To try this method, you must remove as much of the slime as possible with a butter knife. After scraping the slime, vacuum the leftover particles. Then, squirt club soda on the stain. Blot the excess soda water with a cloth after 5 minutes.

If necessary, scrub the stain with the green sourcing side of the sponge after blotting. Removed slime fragments should be cleaned with a dry cloth.

Tips for Getting Slime Dried Out of your Carpet

  • As with all spills and stains, the sooner you deal with them, the better.
  • Dried slime is easier to pick up than wet slime, but it can take several days for slime to dry out. If your carpet is light or even neutral in color, letting the slime sit for that long could result in a stubborn stain underneath. For the best results, address the problem as soon as you notice it.
  • Blot the area rather than wipe it. Wiping your carpet, especially when frantically attempting to remove a stain, can damage the fibers and exacerbate the issue.

How Do You Get Dried Slime Out of Fabrics?

Kids spread slime all over, including on curtains, clothes, and other fabrics when they play with it. Removing slime from fabrics is not difficult. Here are the two most effective yet simple methods for removing slime from fabrics.

Method 1: Make use of vinegar

Vinegar is one of the most effective ingredients for removing clothing slime. Furthermore, it is a tried-and-true ingredient for removing fabric slime. It is preferable to remove slime when it is fresh; otherwise, dried slime is much more difficult to remove than fresh slime.

To begin, use your fingers or a cloth to remove as much slime as possible. Pour some vinegar directly over the slime using a bottle of vinegar. To avoid a sloppy mess, do it in the sink or a container. Start by scrubbing the slime with a scrub brush. The vinegar will dissolve the slime along with scrubbing.

Rinse your cloth thoroughly after removing the slime. You can rinse it with your hands or a washing machine; the choice is entirely yours.

Method 2: Make Use of Dish Soap

If you don’t have vinegar at home, try this second method of removing slime from your fabric. With your hands, remove as much slime from the fabric as you can. Then pour a generous amount of dish soap over the slime. Scrub the slime with your hands while holding the fabric under a steady stream of water.

The slime will come off the cloth easily. Never wash slimed clothing in the washing machine, or you will get slime chunks on your other clothes.

How do you remove dried slime?

To make a paste, combine baking soda and vinegar. Apply this to the dried slime in layers and let it sit until the paste dries. When the homemade paste has dried, clean it up with a paper towel and warm water.

How do you get hard slime out of carpet without vinegar?

Using dish soap: combine 2 teaspoons of liquid dish soap with 2 cups of warm water in a spray bottle. Spray it on the stain and wait 2-4 minutes. Spray the stain again and dab up the slime particles with a sponge or rag. After the stain and slime have been removed, dab it with warm water one last time and let it air dry.

Does hot water get slime out of the carpet?

Yes. To soften the slime, soak and wring a cleaning rag in warm water before gently blotting it. Use a plucking motion with a damp cloth to remove slime from carpet fibers and avoid rubbing the slime deeper into the carpet.

Does rubbing alcohol get slime out of the carpet?

Yes. Make rubbing alcohol and warm water mixture by combining 1/3 water and 2/3 rubbing alcohol. Blot the area dry with a white cotton towel after the slime pieces have been removed. Wiping the area could potentially ruin the fibers of your carpet, so avoid doing so!

Does Salt remove slime?

Yes. Because salt has an abrasive property, it is used to remove slime. Scrub the salt off the catfish! The salt grains can remove the slimy film.

What can you do with hardened slime?

Add more water as needed, until your hard or broken slime begins to soften and reform into a cohesive ball. This is how to turn overactivated slime into jiggly slime. It may take a few minutes, but be patient!


Don’t worry if you’re wondering how to get dried slime out of the carpet. Your carpet will be slime-free in no time if you follow a few easy steps and use a few common household items. Forget expensive cleaning solutions or tools that damage your carpet – all it takes to remove dried slime from the carpet is a solution of white vinegar and water, as well as a gentle scrubbing brush and a clean cloth or towel. Mix some OxyClean powder with water and dab until the color is removed to remove difficult stains, such as colored dye from slime.

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