fastest growing cities in florida

Cities in every state had cumulative population gains over the course of the decade. However, when growth rates are compared year to year, cities across the country follow a similar pattern. Since 2010, growth in small, medium, and big cities has all been dropping. Some of the larger cities—those with populations greater than one million—have actually suffered a decline in the overall population, rather than simply slower population growth. Our case study in this article is Florida, as we’ll be seeing some of the fastest-growing cities in Florida as of 2022

The Fastest Growing Cities In Florida

fastest growing cities in florida

If you’re looking for a solitary vacation destination in the United States, a trip to Florida will provide you with unforgettable experiences.

Come to Key West, Florida, if you’re looking for a low-cost honeymoon vacation in the United States. This spans more than 100 miles, with a stunning perspective of the island and a clear blue sky on top. The palm trees and clear water make this an ideal fantasy location for a couple or a lone visit.

If you have a dog and don’t want to leave him or her at home, dog-friendly Florida beaches are ideal for weekend getaways. These are some of Florida’s fastest-growing cities:

#1. Fruitland Park

Population: 7,848 people.

Fruitland Park, located 25 miles from the Atlantic Coast and 50 miles from Orlando, is one of the fastest-growing municipalities in the United States, according to the US Census Bureau.

Calvin Lee and another guy, Major Orlando P Rooks, were the first to establish this lake nation. This region is well-known for its citrus plantations and tall trees. This location is extremely safe, with a crime rate of less than 50%.

Fruitland Park, which has a tranquil existence and is away from city disturbance, is a good place to settle down. You can purchase a property starting at $ 228,200.

#2. Clermont

Population: 35,209 

Population as of 2010: 26,141

Clermont is located in Lake County, west of Orlando. This area has numerous lovely Florida lakes and rolling hills. Hiking or bicycling up hills provides a great perspective of Lake Minneola.

It was founded in 1884 and has since been regarded as one of the nicest locations to live. The overall crime rate is less than 20%, making it safe to establish a family. This location strikes the ideal balance between a healthy environment and population growth.

You may easily buy a beautiful property with a beautiful view worth $ 23,300.

#3. Ocoee 

Population: 46,305 

Population as of 2010: 34,134

Ocoee is another rapidly growing community in Orange County, Florida, United States of America. It has a total size of 15.7 square miles and is about 30 minutes walk from Disneyworld.

You can come here and advance your profession as well as your family at a very low cost. This town was created in 1886 and has a crime rate that is 21% lower than the national average. As a result, the crime rate is low, and you have a good chance of starting a family here.

It provides an excellent new Orlando suburban neighborhood. The primary and secondary schools are excellent, and the community has a promising future. A house can be purchased for as little as $242,200.

#4. Fort Lauderdale

Population: 180,000 

Population as of 2010: 167,000

Fort Lauderdale is located 23 miles north of Miami and in the southeast corner of Florida. It is one of Florida’s fastest-growing metropolitan areas. The technology and business sectors are thriving and producing new work opportunities.

This area boasts excellent schools and institutions, and people are investing in real estate, with almost 4,000 homes built. This location is a tad pricey, but you may definitely begin planning and purchasing a property.

#5. St. Cloud 

Population: 51,158 

Population as of 2010: 33,742

Living in Florida has both advantages and disadvantages. Thousands of people from neighboring states are flocking to Florida because of its affordability, laid-back culture, and prospects for progress. St. Cloud, a tranquil, quiet, but rapidly rising Florida city located south of Orlando and Kissimmee, is one such example. You may walk up to this location about 30 minutes from Orlando International Airport.

This location was established in 1909 and is considered to be one of the safest and most hospitable in Florida. The crime rate in this neighborhood is only 19.18 percent. It boasts three large, pure lakes and numerous recognized communities.

If you want to live in an affordable and rapidly rising economy, purchase a home here and start a family. This location is surrounded by many trees and lovely parks. A house can be purchased for as little as $ 197,500.

#6. Winter Garden 

Population: 43,648 people.

Population as of 2010: 31480 

Winter Garden is the fastest growing small community in Florida, located 14 miles west of Downtown Orlando in Orange County. This location has seen an increase in the number of job opportunities during 2018.

This area is ideal for beginning a family, but the crime rate is 11 percent higher. This location was established in 1908 by young professionals who settled here. Winter Garden has helped the local economy and provides an excellent educational resource.

You may buy a house because this area is very reasonable, with prices starting at $313,600.

#7. Nocatee

Population: 13,266

Population as of 2010: 3516 

Nocatee is the finest upcoming city in Florida, located in the northwestern part of St. Johns County. This location features an excellent school, recreational facilities, eateries, and a tranquil atmosphere.

Nocatee, comprised of 20 communities, is one of the fastest developing cities in north Florida. This location is ideal for retirees because it is both inexpensive and peaceful. It is only a few minutes’ drive from St. Augustine, and their goal to embrace “Smart Growth” has given them a larger vision to expand hugely.

If you start saving and investing properly, you will be able to afford the cost of living and a magnificent home in Nocatee. The value of this medium-sized residence is $ 549,000.

#8. Parkland

Population: 31,454

Population as of 2010: 22,442

Parkland, located in Broward County near Fort Lauderdale, is the fastest growing city in central Florida. This location has a distinct theme of keeping a traffic-light-free zone.

This charming location was formed in 1963, and it has grown ever since because of its beautiful surroundings. Parkland’s crime rate is 77% lower than the national average.

This area is a little pricey, and you will need to take out a loan to buy a home here. This location is in high demand and will likely sell out quickly. The price of a medium house begins at $611,800.

#9. Doral

Population: 59,972.

Population as of 2010: 41,148 

Doral is the place to be if you want to live in one of Miami’s fastest expanding cities. This location has lately improved its value due to new projects.

The Downtown Doral and CityPlace initiatives have attracted several tech businesses, including the Miami Herald and Carnival Corporation, creating a plethora of career prospects for Doral residents. This location was established in 1962 and has had a 4% crime rate since then.

Doral is well-known for its exciting nightlife and excellent job prospects. If you want to live in South Florida, this is the place to be. You may buy a house for $394,900.

#10. Palm Springs 

Population: 24,843 people 

Population as of 2010: 18,668

Palm Springs is a gorgeous area in the Fort Lauderdale suburbs.

This community was established in 1957, and people have been migrating in and settling here ever since. There are numerous recreation places in this area where you may spend time with your family and friends.

It has a crime rate of 44.65 percent, which is higher than the national average.

You can rent a property that is within your budget and spend only $1,186 per month for a gorgeous view and roof.

Reasons for Florida’s Fastest Growing Cities

The greatest rising communities in Florida contain all of the pull factors that have drawn people and accelerated migration over time. Economic expansion, development, and a higher standard of living, as well as housing, markets, better employment possibilities, education, and personal circumstances, compel people to reside in that particular geographical area.

Aside from the aforementioned draw factors, there are several causes for Florida’s fastest expanding areas. They are as follows:

#1. Low Cost of Living

Did you know that Florida does not levy a personal income tax on its citizens? Houses, living costs, education, and health care are all relatively affordable.

#2. Climate conditions that are favorable

The temperature of Florida is far from extreme heat or cold, making it appealing to anyone looking to relocate. It features pleasant summers and moderate winters.

#3. Unbeatable beach life

The best beach towns in Florida are Key Biscayne, Apalachicola, and Caladesi Island State Park, where you may spend hours sunbathing on the beach. There are also some popular nudist beaches in Florida.

#4. Outdoor Recreation

Theme parks, amusement parks, Disney World, and golf courses will constantly keep you active and outside.

What County In Florida Is Growing The Fastest?

Polk County is Florida’s fastest-growing county and the fifth fastest-growing in the United States. The idea of securing more affordable property to build reachable homes is drawing developers from Tampa and Orlando.

What City In Florida Has The Best Job Growth Over The Next 10 Years?

Orlando, Florida, is the greatest city for job growth, with a 9.2% rise in jobs from 2021 to 2022, indicating the region’s return to the leisure and hospitality industry.

Why Are So Many Moving To Florida?

New and part-time Floridians are pulled by the same attractions that have brought pioneers and snowbirds for a century: warm weather and waterfront vistas, as well as cheaper taxes and fewer regulations than in other regions of the country.

Is It Worth Moving To Florida Right Now?

Florida is attracting an increasing number of residents, and for good reason! Sunny weather, reasonable real estate, and no state income tax combine to create an appealing zone where both young professionals and seniors eager to enjoy their golden years may have a good time.

In Conclusion,

With an estimated population of 21.3 million in 2018, Florida has ranked third among the most populous in the country since 2014, only behind California… and Texas. This has increased demand for rental apartments and, as expected, the construction of new multifamily buildings. According to statistics, approximately 72 000 units are currently under construction in the region’s main markets, with nearly 56,000 expected to be delivered next year. But which cities are growing the fastest? We’ve outlined them in this chapter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the newest town in Florida?

Minto Communities is developing the 39th and newest city in Westlake, Florida. Westlake is a master-planned city that spans 3,800 acres and will house around 4,500 people.

What is the safest city to live in Florida?

Sweetwater, a neighborhood of over 20,000 people in Miami-Dade County, is known as “Little Managua” because of its large concentration of Nicaraguan Americans, and it is the safest city to live in Florida.

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